Dragon Ball Super

Goku has been married to Chi-Chi for decades yet hasn't kissed her once. Why?

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>obsessing over Goku right in the OP

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>is above 6ft
>children are below 5'8
even king vegeta jobbed.

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Compact form makes you stronger

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Kek, I wish I knew.
She probably tried to kiss him then gave up after noticing that he only brushes his teeth once a year.

Kek, insecure as FUCK.

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Cell jrs = Perfect Cell.

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What are you doing?

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This actually bothers me. Like, how were Gohan and Goten even born? Did Chichi literally trick him into spooging into her or something? Did she jerk him off and collect it to shove it up there later? Is there more of Goku's nut just literally chilling in a freezer somewhere?

I forgot to write as powerful 3 times.

why the fuck was raditz evil?
you think hed be like, "oh shid im actualy trying to kill my brother" and leave or some shit

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Infinitely cooler than Raditz and a better villain.

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Super Hero's SSJ looks cool. Too bad it's a worthless dogshit form now.

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Like, for real. Are people actually trying to get some ironic love going for evil palette swap Goku? Fucking Raditz was more of a character. Goddamn, Toriyama was an idiot for never doing anything with that guy.

>he doesn't know about Mystic SSJ

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Would you?

Psycho bitch.

Raditz jobbed to a 2 year old

Based Turlesbro.

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Who won?

>Meanwhile, Chadles.

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He was 4, bitch. Get it right.

Goku is a legit alien. His psychological make-up doesn't really match with that of a human. The story usually uses it for comedic effect but plot-wise its not really that different from "Goku is a psychopath" memes.

Jiren lost.

Bejita Jr., of course. Goku actually left out of embarrassment in the middle of the fight because he knew that his descendants will be there to job in his stead, even after hundreds of years.

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Goku always kisses his wife in Z. SHITper ruined his character.

Shut the FUCK up, Tardkurat.

Jiren lost like a bitch.

Because he's not pussy u6 saiyan

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Sensui won.


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You're the one who made the OP as an excuse to obsess over Vegeta. I'm wise to you, little bitch.

>no u

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Plutia won

>cuck fantasies

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You made the OP, then made the second post just so you could post that. You cannot fool me. I'm smarter than you.

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DBZ would be saved if Krillin killed that bitch.

Not against Vegeta

He married her out of obligation, not out of love.
He will only kiss Bra.

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It's not really different from him not knowing what marriage is or lacking a sense of familial affection (compared to a human). Flanderization, sure but not really out-of-character.

What do they have in common?

CHADhan was holding back on WEAKlin.

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>Not against VegetaAAAAAIIIIIEEEE

Weaker than Beerus
Stronger than Beerus
Saved Beerus' universe

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They all beat the Kissless One.


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Jeice, Burter, Guldo, and Captain Ginyu? They're all members of the invincible CHADforce.

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Goku the kissless


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Not funny, RAT.

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>out of absolutely nowhere

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Gohan? GODKU.
Jobjita? CHADKU.

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Take your meds Shitgetcuck.

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The main character, Son Goku...

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I wish Toriyama kept the more detailed Arale design from the early chapters rather than go full chibi.

Based SameCHADs.

Gohan? SCHOLARhan
Bejita? PRINCEjita
Jiren? CHADren

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Behind her? Yup, that's me.

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And you FAILED.

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>Seething TARDkuRAT

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Based and lucky.

>neppy porn

inCell, don't try to make yourself relevant. Your place is in a HELL.

Goku Kisses Chi-chi ALL the time though.

Why are Tardkurats so insecure?

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Your prince is a fucking BITCH.

>literally CANNOT stop talking about his hero, Son Goku

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>constantly obsess over another man's lips
>W-Why are Gokubros so handsom- I mean so insecure??? AAAIIIIIIEEEEE

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No idea. Why can't they handle the banter. Don't see me crying about their Vegeta obsession constantly.

I'm so jealous, Gokubro...

My superiors...

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No one mentioned Bejita, rat.


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For every Bejitabro that gets out of line, there are 5 Gokubros to put them back in their place.


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>belt-sama TASUKETE

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Chi-chi looks hot in this.

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>"Why are you so obsessed with Goku?"
>kh... i mean... it's banter! haha! c-can't you handle my BANTER?
My hero.
Our hero.
And most importantly, YOUR hero.

Son Goku.

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Why do people still say Goku never lost to Bejita when the man himself admitted losing to him?

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>She's posting her fetishes again

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Keep crying, obsessed bitch.

Why do people still say Bejita has ever defeated Goku when the man himself admitted never having done so?

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For every Chad who mocks Shitku, there are 5 Tardkurats who'll parrot Jirenchads and spam their catchphrases.

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>cuck fantasies
I'm disgusted.

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>Don't see me crying about their Vegeta obsession constantly.
They way it's wordednit like you are asking us not to see you crying kek.