One Piece

Spoilers in a few hours. What are your expectations for Chapter 1046?

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Aren’t we getting a shitty Raizo chapter?

We're getting a kino Raizo chapter


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Nami can extinguish the fires with her rain clouds

>filler chapter and break
we need to end this fucking fight already

I want a Denjiro chapter and not a Raizo chapter

T. Hiyori

Otama sex


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Forgive me anons but I kinda actually want to see more Luffy vs Kaido now. It's pretty amazing. I know it lasted long enough so it could finish at the end of this chapter but I'd be happy if it continues.

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She will decide by herself with her furry harem

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More Oden and the scabbards. Bored of the Luffy fight.

Imagine if Tama actually tame Kaidou for sex

Kaido flashback

Yamato will join the Straw Hats.

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Explain how Kidd also has toon force

That's Luffy using his awakened Toon powers on others

Consider the following.

Eating Tamas millet allows her to control animals. She was able to use it on Speed the centaur girl as well.

Luffy is a zoan, now while it is the human human fruit, it may still qualify. He did eat her millet. This could explain his overwhelming desire to help Tama in all situations.

But he wasn't awakened here

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Post your face when Tama actually will make Kaidou a good boy

Can't you read? They're just stuffed.

Please let us leave Wano already.

Subconsciously using his future awakend powers

i'd be fine if that happens too but apparently it's a raizo chapter.

I don't belive that.


user it only worked on Smile users

Luffy has
>The world's best shipwright
>The world's best navigator
>(Soon to be) The world's best sniper
>(Soon to be) The world's best swordsman
>One of the world's best archeologists
>(Soon to be) The world's best doctor
>A world renowned rockstar
>One of the world's best helmsmen
>The world's best chef
But sure, the fact that Yamato offers nothing new to the table and have no unique skills is no big deal. It's not like every crewmate is exceptionally talented in their respective role

Zeppelin Luffy for Gear 6

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>burns away your chapters

Confirmed by Redon

Chapter title- "Raizo"

Raizo will execute his grand plan. (focus of the Chapter)

There are a few panels of Luffy vs. Kaidou and also Zoro and Sanji.

Raizou's plan is to put out the fire of the whole island

Chapter ends with Kaido


No detailed summary this week

Potentially more details on Wednesday (through 5ch or other sources)

RAWS on Thursday as usual


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another meme chapter that's taylor-made for reddit

I don't want burst your bubble, but technically Yamato can join to stay and protect the ship, she is similar in strength to her father

Then he'll get the best lookout as she has been involved with multiple arcs and has her tragic backstory tied with them

Not a Yamafag but we didn't even know Jimbo is a helmsman before he joined.


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So they'll just keep her around but she'll technically never actually be a part of the series since she doesn't go to any of the islands and just sits on the boat.

Oda's version


I choose a cyanide pill over boichi females any time

I expect Raizo's master plan to completely BTFO Raizo deniers
it'll probably involve Denjiro in some way with I don't know how I fell about

Not a bad choice

this chapter in jap number can be read as denjiro

You are a soulless faggot.

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It was established during the escape from WCI.

Why can't he draw woman? Is he really that repulsed by woman that he refuses to draw them correctly?

cute and canon

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God I wish that was me. He looks so comfy.

>we didn't even know Jimbo is a helmsman before he joined.
What exactly is JInbei doing in this page, can you tell? Might not have directly said he has a specialized helmsman, but it is more of a hint than anything Yamato showed.
Also, Jinbei didn't join until Wano, so Green Room counts.

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Yeah, soon after he officially joined the crew.

She didn't try with Zoans on panel I think.
They just assumed it does not work.
But I'm willing to be proven wrong.

You seething faggots got your wish, less Toonffy and a break next week
I hope you all are happy with yourselves

I don't want to burst your bubble but kids as pirate apprentices have been canon since chapter 19

No problems here.

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there is no actual way they're spending a fucking chapter on Raizo
absolutely zero chance
not even in the slightest

That's a bit better

That's not "knowing he's a helmsman". Many characters take the helm at different times without being helmsmen.

It will be kino just like everything Oda does

I love/hate his art.
Why he draw woman like he hates them?

>no it doesn't count
You guys are really retarded

What the fuck is this trying to express? That Nami is like a sister to Sanji and he is like a mother to Nami?

a bit better cause you can't see the disturbing, creepy dead face summoned from the Necronomicon

Is there an anime character stronger than Monkey D. garp?

And I'm referring to Fist of Love Monkey Destiny Garp with the Ryo Haki Mechanics and Advanced Color of Observation (with the future sight ability) equipped with his Cannonballs and control of the conqueror's color and swimming skills, a complete psychopathic jiji, with Moonkin's DNA implanted in his dick so he can perform heroic figure summoning and insta-donnut making punches as well as being extremely skilled in taijutsu and policing the seas.

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the ship needs a cabin girl to relieve tension and nami and robin are too stuck up to help

More asspulls. More retcons.

But seriously tho even Kalifa's face from the side looks better


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The ships need less crew members to relieve the absolute zero interactions in the ship.







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>Jinbe was at the helm so it was foreshadowed that he would be a helmsman
The absolute reach, cant belive that I'll have to repeat points brought up by Jinbe haters to call your bullshit

I think it will come down to the previous explanation of the animals and Smile fruits not having a will or "devil" to resist it as they just become part animal

Yeah, sure


Raizobros, is it time for /ourguy/ to shine?

what about the epic fight between luffy and katakuri that kept being interrupted by the riveting side story of sanji baking a cake and the little sister tranqing luffy and the gang runs from big mom

>brought up by Jinbe haters
Why would jinbei haters bring up the point that Jinbei was foreshadowed to be the helmsman? Are you retarded?

>The world's best oden impersonator

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user, she don't have a role.
Her dream is shit tier and half of it will be finished when Luffy defeats Kaido (I will travel to be strong enough to defeat my father).
She has no connections to the wide world to bring a advantage to the crew. she was a neet that no one knew about, even allies somehow.
She is the guardian of wano in a arc that proves that zoan DF have wills of their own (and it was already established that they affect their users). so we know what the fruit wants from her.
She don't even have a original design. She is Nami with eyeliner and horns. Even fucking Oda sometimes draws nami instead of her. Fucking Ulti has a more unique design.

Sanji and Zoro will reunite and Zoro will get healed so they can fight alongside Yamato and Momo against Kaido after he defeats Luffy

So you are retarded and illiterate, amazing

Wasn't the argument that Jinbe is the absolute best Helmsman in the universe? Where in this page is that shown at all?

>chapter ends with Kaido
Are you ready for 6-0?

you can't make someone this cute and not make her join

you now remember that Carrot exists