Frieren 89

New Frieren chapter is out, dumping:

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>I'd totally fuck you bro
>...I just don't want to
Schlacht btfo

And I forgot page I'm retarded

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So I guess the "counter" to Macht really was a fucking sniper to kill him from far away.

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Is anyone even reading?

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Ufa, but I am confused. Isn't this the manga with the lolibaba and the big tits girl and a gay called Stark?

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Frieren is a maiden.

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>my apologies
Fake demon.

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so this is the power of demon autism

Arakune:I can see people watching.

Even here, childhood friends are doomed to lose

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Wow, he can draw emotions.

In the sense she looks like she did not lost her maidenhead, certainly

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My name is Patrick Bateman, and I am twenty-six years old.

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Don't do it stone. Don't mention the war!

Well fuck. That's a death flag for Denken isn't it

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And in one swifty moment, you must live, dia and know

Oh that was last page. Fun chapter. I wish we see more of the chad of the South

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I can't wait to see another thousand years of Frieren.

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sexo com frieren

>Raise an apprentice
>Teach him everything and be nice to him
>Just so you can kill him when his old
>For the chance to understand and FEEL
Demon autism is on another level.

It's not something to be hyped about but I'm actually liking this arc and marth

Are you people so broken that you need a surge dopamine for everything? I know you said that you still like it, But you're implying that hype would help you enjoy it more.

Oh no, Denken...

Another full arc just to show again that Frieren is 100% correct in her assessment of demons.


I don't get it.
Why's that one battle so important it needs to be erased?

That reminded me of this

>the demons were legitimately terrified of this guy

Fucking humanaboos.

I sort of feel that the main point is that you never should trust psychopaths and narcissists, even if they earn your trust. Like Russians.

>Wins across all timelines except the only one gold autism joins in

>judging a character badly because he doesn't look like an isekai nigger with spikey black hair, ebin dark coat with BELTS, and all that shite
He looks based and suave.

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>Why's that one battle so important it needs to be erased?
If you knew the answer to that then it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it? Just consider what we do know though. 2 or so of the 7 Sages were supposedly killed in that battle, while Schlat and the Hero disappeared. We'll probably find out what actually happened in like 50 chapters from now, so please wait warmly

Betray your childhood friend before they betray you.

Way ahead of you, buddy.

Some possible outcomes here
>Macht kills Dreken and feels something
>Macht kills Dreken but doesn't feel shit
>Macht get killed by Frieren and gang before he was able to reach his conclusion
Anyway I feel like the ending of this arc will turn out to be a waste of time with the usual "I can't understand demons" conclusion.

Dude, just enjoy the story.

Who are you quoting?

Yeah thats probably the reason why he hasnt turned denken into gold. Im more confused about why he turned everyone else into gold anyway, even if he choose denken as the one to get close he can keep trying again if it doesnt work the first time.
Imo is going to end with denken killing macht and then he feeling something.

This is becoming boring.

I hope precognition guy isn't a long term character, although I think he probably will be
It's almost impossible to do that kind of shit right. it makes everything completely meaningless and unrelatable to us normal people that can't see the future

What if the demons are turning the body of the southern hero into a container for the revived / new demon king? Or some secret on that level would be important to conceal.

>Knew the demon king would be killed
>Had to sacrifice himself to stop the hero of the south, meaning he'd probably kill the demon king if he didn't
>Has to obscure something that happened during the fight from Frieren so demons don't get wiped out
Guess we got a mystery now.

Macht doesn't eat humans so Demons are just hunting people because they like it.

Macht is the vegan of the demon world

I already forgot who the Hero of the South was

What's even his power?

Time travel

At least he seems to have the "branching paths" type of precognition, maybe it won't be too bad

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Also precognition, he knew ahead of time that he was going to be surrounded by the sages and die but still went nonetheless to open up a path for Himmel's party to succeed in the future.

keep on posting user, I'm here

W-Woah. What a chad.