Its officially the 1 year anniversary of DanDaDan. What are your thoughts on this hit series so far?

Its officially the 1 year anniversary of DanDaDan. What are your thoughts on this hit series so far?

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It's decent, but feels like it got overhyped near the beginning. Or maybe it was just that interesting in the beginning, but didn't really stay at that level.

Chainsaw Man better

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only became big because it's associated with fujimoto, so all the underage kids and bandwagoners jumped onto it because of the cult following

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it's fun

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I like that it seemed to start as what it would be like for two different /x/ posters to meet and both be right. The characters are all mostly fun and interesting. Personally not a fan of Jiji and it's lost some momentum for me. Art is great.

It's one if the few series I look forward too every week. Fun fights, good setting and great characters. Can't really ask for more

I've resolved to stop shitposting so I'll just give my honest straightforward opinion.
I think it's very uninteresting. The designs are okay but the fights are very uninspired. The characters are very shallow and unlikable. The series lives and dies on its "bizarreness" but I could just read Jojo if I wanted some cerebral ideas actually somewhat explored. Overall it's a dropped at chapter 10-20 kinda series.
I don't think it deserves the success it has had (aka selling more than 17 current series in WSJ haha)

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It's being carried hard by its art but that's not necessarily a bad thing for manga. I find it harder to connect with the characters in DanDaDan compared to other flashy manga like Chainsaw Man and I wonder if that will keep it from becoming a true hit. I don't see any people drawing fanart for this series like they did other Jump/Jump+ series like Takopi, CSM, etc.

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Verh formulaic. Always the same joke. Boring mc and main girl. It got stale so fast.

It's good fun but I don't feel like a lot of the plot elements are important. The plotline that's really holding everything together has just been the momo okarun romance, everything else feels secondary and only serves to advance that plotline. It gives me the impression that a romcom with crazy action scenes is all there is to the story.

Started from some months, I like.

It's only popular due to its main heroine hot as fuck design, prove me wrong.
Pro tip:you can't.

i like it and art is mostly great, but i hope the author manages to fix his sameface issue

been reading since chapter 1. The art (besides the same faces) is fantastic and overall I think the manga is a ton of fun with great action. And the best part is it's consistent as fuck with only one break in the past year

Overall though i think it's main plot is a little on the weak side, Okarun and Momo's romance is cute but i don't think it's really something that can carry the entire plot since it's so transparently obvious they'll get together and I don't see much being introduced that could significantly shape up their dynamic. Aira exists but she's a total meme and wasn't even the focus of her volume cover.

I think the series needs some more overarching plot points that don't necessarily get solved within their arc but it's still fairly young so I'm not too worried yet.

it is pedo bait of the highest order and for Japan that means a lot. It is not sexy like 16 year old Lucy Heartfilia with her giant boobs and thighs, it's sexy and inadequate like Musume no Tomodachi where the growing parts of a teenager are drawn erotically.

so it's a great manga? Ok, thanks

What's with the influx of people calling shonen pedoshit as if they don't know what the word shonen means

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>but didn't really stay at that level.
??? its selling better than ever

its actual pedos lashing out over their twitter cry emote threads getting deleted

>What are your thoughts on this hit series so far?
I don't know, we are still in the set up chapters

Mindless fun. I enjoy reading it, but it's tropey with shallow characters. It reminds me of CSM if they removed the intelligence and of couse kino.

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CSM is actually overrated desu

beep beep

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Overused jokes, some of them just HURR DURR RANDOM GIBBERISH OR FUNNY FACE unfunny ones, and one of the most disgusting cases of sameface i've seen
And yet, it keep itself as interesting and entertaining as any other action shonen, through good scenery and choreography, good character development and a decent story about bizarre and hostile encounters with ghosts or ayys.
So its has potential to be really good. Ignore the auto-shitters and NTR schizos. The only tolerable shitposter is the momo panties user

So yeah, 8/10, i'm digging it and i hope it keeps escalating and staying great.

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Yeah I know, and the fanbase sickens me deeply. I still think it's very fun and original compared to the creatively bankrupt mire of modern manga.

jiji shouldve won and taken momo home with him

It's a fun, comfy series to follow

I often find myself embarrassed on the behalf of the author. Fighting a big mouthed turbo granny is funny? Main character losing his balls, lol so random? No, it's fucking gay. Samefaces and midget anatomy made by a man that I would bet a thousand yen has never had sex.

see you next week

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It's fun. This and Kaiju no. 8 I expect to get big anime adaptations that will make them very popular. Every fangirl is gonna think Ayase is them once they see her.

it still borrows tons of stuff from other series, it didn't really break any new mold

>Kaiju no. 8
Actual soulless manga

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it's fine at what it is. chill.

nice opinion top smash player

I’m not talking about sales, I’m talking about how I feel. I was greatly enjoying it in the beginning, it was hyped up as something amazing. And it was pretty good for a while, now it’s less amazing for me. Still decent.

blocks your path

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Kaijou 8 is not kino, it's just a shitty flick

lord, where does the time go

fuck off retard


i couldve sworn jiji had orange hair

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Fun characters, great backgrounds and alien/ghost designs, meh story, kinda funny, cute as fuck romance, very bad sameface.

turbo granny

>meh story
but we are not there yet

I don't see the appeal and main guy design is lame. Cute girl.

Very good at the beginning, lots of promise that so far have gone nowhere. Still fun but the characters are hurt by the author seeming to fixate too much on romcom archetypes at the expense of backstories and internal conflicts beyond romance. World overall is too focused on being "crazy and random" with the end result being boring for the long run.

turbo titties


his first design sure but his hair changed and it made him look better

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I love it. MCs have nice chemistry and I appreciate the absurdity.

>mfw one drop of hot water is all it takes to make him possessed again

based. cold water is where its at

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It's had 50 chapters to get there.