Can we have an Sasha (the manga character) thread? With only cute sfw images, of course

can we have an Sasha (the manga character) thread? With only cute sfw images, of course

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does the manga acknowledge her past?

I dont know, its not translated :(

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Post more

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>an Sasha

the author's fanbox has her actively getting fucked in the manga universe user...

The first S is silent

Slut thread

dont refer like that to my wife

isn't that an au of an au or something? the guy just can't control himself

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How did Sasha-chan lose her virginity in the first place? Was she the girl in that one image set of schoolgirls getting railed?

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fuck my wife is soo cute, when it will get fully translated/finished? :baw:

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What did the author mean by this, really?

>fuck my wife
So does everybody

>fuck my wife
Don't mind if I do.

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He just says au so spergs and normalfags don't freak out much

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why is she sad? >:(

yeah im just sayin if you want to court spergs and normalfags with a romcom then it's counterproductive regardless of whatever caveats are on it, shoulda just followed his heart from the start

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me on the left

sasha is getting boobies nowdays..;-(

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I was not expecting this to get a SFW adaptation, but it's not too farfetched for those who don't know the origins.

a few of the early ones were translated

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me on the left again

she is at his place and he is drawing her in the new story

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she wants to get boffed by him so bad.

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the guy is so autistic, it's painful to watch

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dawm that boy is dense

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Sasha is a good girl

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who reads hentai manga
depends on which Sasha you mean. there are 2 diff Sashas in two diff univrses

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Sasha actually is Alexandra. Sasha is both used for boys and girls.

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>the guy is so autistic
thats why I like it, I can self-insert

Imagine the _____

My used goods wife Sasha...

there are 2 different universes. in the hentai universe she was a U-14 idol model and had a fat jap boyfriend. in the school Sasha universe she is a virgin.

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need slutloliwife

no panties story continued

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it's hotter this way

>in the school Sasha universe she is a virgin.

can't we find some scantilator and pay them to translate the short stories?

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No thank you

mmmh school uniform

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Sashachang has 200k fans!

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She seems evil enough (had to be a russian) to NTR you.

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I need a Sasha gf

I got banned for 3 days for wanting a Sasha thread.

>in the school Sasha universe she is a virgin.
what is even the point then, I could just read Takagi-san instead if that was the case

It's not lewd.

Reading Sasha makes me feel like I'm about to be cucked at any given moment. Makes me nervous.

Should've gotten a perma

the point is for haguhagu to try to make money in the mainstream and I fully support him. doing hentai lori manga in japan is tough nowdays

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Sasha is a really nice girl who is sex friends with everyone
No need to be nervous, she just likes to have fun

>in the school Sasha universe she is a virgin.

yeah but I hope the doujins are canon still, they're just not shown in the manga cuz sfw but she's still a turboslut, just doesn't fuck onscreen this time

Whats soo funny?

You can't get cucked by Sasha because Sasha doesn't belong to you, she only belongs to herself and whoever she is sharing herself with at the time.

canceled because she was wearing a Z shirt in one her streams

>200k followers for a series about a tiny russian girl getting fucked in all her holes by fat sweaty old men
[email protected]

they are 2 different universes as HaguHagu has explained.

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I read that in yakov smirnoff's voice.

You're mentally ill and in denial if you think hagu is capable of drawing a story that doesn't devolve into all the girls being turbo cock addicted sluts, doubly so since Sasha is already displaying slutty behavior in the canon manga here