Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Chapter 57 is out, dumping.

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>Gawain may be a girl
I hope so.

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Probably a cousin or something.

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are they still milking this? god damn


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I think this page has already confirmed

Isnt that Arthur's/Lancelot's love interest?

How do? That page looks like Guinevere from Lancelot’s dream and not Gawain out of the armor.

Probably Pellegarde

Who will die?
Meliodas, Nasies, Gawain or Elizabeth?

Nobody, someone will be sealed


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Who will be the traitor?

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Someone other than Chion. He's too obvious.

>suns all over the place

100% Escanor's reincarnation.

Gawain in lore had similar powers to escanor.

Chances are he has the same abilities with a twist

>Gawain could be Escanor
>But Gawain could also be a girl
Hmmm...If Gawain is a girl but still loves Merlin...Oof for the Escachads...Genderbending another famous figure seems like a total Nakaba move.

I figured Bartra was the one that prophesized the knights.

Bartra got really fucking old.
Seeing him like this is sadder than if he had died between series'


What are the chances of Mordred being shoved into the story somehow despite not being born yet?

Atleast Batra is the only parent of Elizabeth that got to see his grandchildren. That's way more successful than all the other of Elizabeth's reincarnation Parents.

>revealing the mind reading ability
So that faggot traitor knows about it and still stirs shit?

>that top left panel
these are your saviors of the world

>tingle and blush

Thanks for weekly dump OP-tan.
My weekly highlight.
Nice chapter, Nakaba sure enjoys writing and drawing this, Gawains armor is top tier design.

Well, Nasiens had a tad too emotional page there so I would bet on her dying.
But it will probably just end in some "the knights were forced to go separate ways" and we will have to wait another few chapters to reassemble.

Merlin still loves Meliodas, but he's a man.
Loving a FemScanor is totally different and she can give her full love.
Genius move, Nakaba

escanorchads.....we won

Hot girl, who's this?

handsome lad

I know this gets said alot, but still, I always love the way Nakaba draws fully armored characters.

For real Lance has got to be the traitor, this Chino shit is a huge red herring. Lance was right there reading everyone's minds. Arthur probably got to him in the 6 years he disappeared.

Arthur's bitch

Whelp, meant Chion*

Oh, that seems likely, maybe the other hooded figure is Ironside?

Woman who appeared in Lancelot's dream.

Probabky Guinevere since she's wearing a bridal dress and Arthur is looking for a bride.

Isolde. She is nowhere to be seen and still want to smash Percivals nuts.

She's too pure

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Do I need to read 7ds to understand this story

Theoretically the prophecy does not say someone dies.


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