Creamy mami

>urusei yatsura gets a million threads
>this show gets next to none

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It didn't hook the local autists.

It's actually good which means it won't get spammed to death

>wanting the throneritter treatment for anything you like
you dont know what you wish for boy

It was a short show compared to UY and the only female character that gets waifu'd is Yu/Creamy (I have NEVER seen people mentioning Megumi). The only way to have active threads here is:
1. being a shitty shonen
2. having a lot of girls in your show/manga

you missed bait

This, also Yea Forums loves to bicker nonstop about who should "win" love triangles. If you love something, it's better off not being on Yea Forums.

It's like japan BIG?

is that the girl from the weird manga reboot that came out recently?

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Yes. I don't get this question, she's the same Megumi of the old anime.

Because it's not rumicshit and so actually contains characters that aren't just clones of other characters. This scares the Yea Forumsutist.

ok post more

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how to summon deren?

put on a pink dress and a qually pink wig and sit on a moldy crt

Why do you fucking newfags actually wish to have the urusei yatsura treatment on series that you like? I can guarantee if you had to deal with "I love my wife yu-chan" every day accompanied by low quality CRT images or mpv screenshots for a year and a half while getting simultaneously raided by /biz/raelis /pol/acks and Yea Forumsartans in addition to reddit you'd want to blow your brains out

It's okay but even though it's very influential there are better magical girl idol singers. Like its successor, Fancy Lala, for one. Literally the thing I ended up liking most about Creamy Mami was Snake Joe's character development.

This. Yea Forums sucks.

but i love my wife yuchan wanchan

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you don't want to know

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that was a wilde night

Too based for Yea Forums.

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First it was Minky Momo now it's Mami? The anime finally got subtitled. I don't have much Mami merch.

Where do you even get minky/mami merch in the states becides redbubble?

for a reason there's a lot of Mami merch came out in recent years.

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Importing it. Not crappy redbubble knock-offs.

>for [some] reason
really mate?

Arigato sensei

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I want to cream her mami, if you know what I mean.

that took longer than I thought

no idea, it has a top tier loli as the MC

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It's good

my point was that there is a reason, nostalgia cash in

nice sound design

Sad too, because this show was fantastic unlike UY which was painful to sit through. But on the other hand due to the premise of the powers only lasting one year, they couldn't really milk it without backing down from that idea and it would've lost its main strength if they did.

They aired this last year on my third world country anime channel. their cast is SMALL and creami mami only sings ONE SONG through the whole show.

No she doesn't user. She gets like 4 or 5 songs.

Honestly user? I don't know. But it looks like this thread might change things.

whoever drew that goofy ass face in the bottom right corner deserves a raise

She has the shoujo feMC plain look with the basic haircut, she looks more of a protagonist than Creamy (Yu).

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I noticed that lolifags on Yea Forums don't discuss anime with loli older than the early 00s.

>he forgot that time they fought an epic battle

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It's actually worth watching.

Commando Mami leading the revolution in Cuba

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What episode does she bathe with a skunk?

This. The UY autism of the past year and a half in particular completely destroyed any interest I have in discussing the show. I can separate the series from its fandom, so it’s still one of my favorite shows to watch, but every time I see a thread for it I’m filled with disgust. I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to get with the remake.

So anybody lamenting their favorite retro series doesn’t get as much attention on Yea Forums should realize that’s a good thing. They’re lucky. Creamy Mami is a good enough show to have active threads if certain autists latched onto it. One of the UY anons used to upload episodes to his stream, but the series got taken down from YT, so I’m left wondering what if.


The worst part was that it didn't have to end up this way. About a year ago everyone was taking about how UY threads were complete garbage since the daily schizo spammer completely ruined any enthusiasm for new threads. There was somewhat of a renaissance with the storytime, but that all ground to a halt once thronritter showed up and started nonstop spamming the threads with extremely repetitive posts and screen caps. I'd go as far to say that he's singlehandedly responsible for destroying the UY threads, thanks in large part to the jannies doing jack shit. There's a reason many of the old anons left. The storytime OP even straight up made his own board because he didn't want to deal with all the bullshit around here.

It's probably going to get a lot worse once the reboot finally comes out. There's no hope for UY on here anymore.

I never watched it but I use a gif of her crying as a reaction image sometimes

Take this one with you, traveller.

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It's because they're casuals.

This quote needs to be more popular

It's more relevant now than ever

I was always surprised by the episode where the deer taught her magic to move things but then she like never used it after, afaik.

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What kind of chemicals were they dumping in the water that resulted in a kid with blue hair?

The cute kind


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Cute delinquent