I just want to know how you people unironically enjoyed this

I just want to know how you people unironically enjoyed this.

It was literally just End of Evangelion but for retards

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You don't need to know. Just go to bed.

And you'll never make me watch it either.

It’s 10 in the morning

I wonder if Anno actually thought all the action scenes looked good or if he was just doing some more boring meta shit

It gave me closure
But yes, it is eoe for dummies

Yeah but I haven’t slept in days.

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For me it gave me the opposite of closure. I found it an agitating and upsetting experience. I was more at peace prior to the film’s release.

I got plenty of closure from the ending of CSM. In fact I was close to full.

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should have watched them all drunk like i did so you don't really remember any of the rebuilds but remember enough to never watch them again

go to sleep schozochad

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100% agreed. I was completely satisfied with both episode 26 and EoE but now I have to worry about this other shit and how bad it fucked up the characters. The entire rebuild series is a hollow shell of NGE

Because it’s mindless feel good anime consumer crap with a mix of pseudo intellectualism, literally everything needed to appeal to stupid people

EoE didn't have based trad breeding propaganda for the first 25% of the movie. OK Anno, ok, I'll have many Japanese children. Just cool it.

But isn't that just regular NGE?

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There's nothing more to say. 3.0+1.0 perfectly conveyed Anno is over Eva now and Eva always meant a big part of his life and feelings for him. And for me too.
This hit me very hard. After I finished watching it the realization was huge, it was time to move on. I will always love Eva, but it's a thing in the past now.

The rebuilds in general are Eva but for retards

Move on? Who dug the thing up to parade it around for another 15 years? Who helped shove it down culture’s throat for an additional 15 years? Who kept dragging the thing out for 15 years? Closure? Over it? Come on. Fuck that guy. I believe a goddamn word he says.


Yeah when japanese teachers and animators all watch eva as an official or unofficial part of the curriculum, the best thing to say at the end is move on, right?

EoE was great because alongside its meta narrative, it was also a coherent story with a clear and well though out character journey for Shinji. All 3.0 + 1.0 has is its meta elements and thats why it feels like a much lesser product.

Anno told the same thing once again in the rebuilds because he thought no one had gotten it. It's that simple

I just find the notion itself cynical since End of Eva is a perfectly fine point to move on from. This fucking decade and a half of hemming and hawing was unnecessary.

I couldn't even finish 1.0. Turned it off when Ramiel showed up. The cheap 3D cgi was a huge letdown. And from what I gather it only got worse after this. Hard skip.

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Well he’d better go find another train to stand in front of. From the looks of things, the movie changed nothing.

>Cheap 3D cgi
It's a fucking cube

Maybe I've got a different mindset than a director whose wife babyfied him and put him into a golden cage, but why would I deny myself something I enjoyed and thought of as an interesting experience. It doesn't matter if I'm moving on because I feel guilty for enjoying it, or because I want to forget it and not have it as part of my experience. Either way Anno is a fucking clown.

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NGE is depressing shit whining about teenager insecurity

>it was also a coherent story with a clear and well though out character journey for Shinji
Throwing Shinji's into hell and leaving him into despair.

>All 3.0 + 1.0 has is its meta elements
Shinji's journey is now about getting out of that pit of despair.

And that insecurity is 50% made up in order to create drama, and the other 50% is copied over from every movie and show Anno saw as a kid.

It wasn’t very convincing.

I wouldn't know
I ironically enjoyed it

Well I happen to be an expert on not being convincing.

End of Evangelion (like the original ending) is a rejection of the idea that the imperfect world is an irredeemable hell, you illiterate.

Anno even used his own experience to craft it.

EoE is about Shinji being stuck between a rock and a hard place, both are hell because he's ultimately unable to accept himself, meaning that at the end of the day he'll never get anywhere since he's not trying to get better. This is why 3+1 is spending so much time going over that, Rei's death pushes him to confront his father, confronting his father he realizes he needs to reach out to him with words instead of blows, and later when Mari removes his choker it symbolizes the fact he doesn't need to be shackled by guilt, after all those things, Shinji can finally claim a good ending he never succeeded at getting before.

He seemed alright at the end of the manga.

The manga isn't made by Anno, it's Sadamoto's own take and cannot be mixed with the animated continuity.

I’m just saying if shinji having a happy ending is a desperate part of your motivation, we already had that.

Normies ate this shit. Anons who enjoyed this don't exist, they are just shitposters trying to annoy us

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And your post also isn't made by Anno. Opinion discarded.

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It's about Anno's take, his Shinji, which really is himself. Whatever Sadamoto is doing is completely alien to the original because it's lacking its purpose and intentions, it's the equivalent of twin peaks second season after Lynch left, a grotesque imitation.

Thing is, when a story becomes that insular it really stops being a story and degenerates into pontification. It’s an egotistical way to write.

It's the ideal way to write a story if you ask me
It should be personal

It took Anno 13 years, more time on these movies than the original series, just to end up with a 4th wall tableflip of an ending. The only clear thing was that he was sick of and detached from his own creation.

Within limit, Satan. It should be a wider experience than the thoughts and feelings of some guy.

>>move on
Is a fucking blatant lie. You're a retard if you believe this. He's selling you merch first and foremost and he's planning to create new eva projects so it's retention of old fans and attraction to get new fans.

Move on? From Eva? Fuck no , I will never go outside, I will never talk to people, I will never try to understand anyone, I will do only what's good for me

the rebuilds felt like an anime adaptation of a videogame

It was really good
Also Mari's fat tits
Look at these knockers, holy shit they look heavy

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60yo old saggy shit

Are you an idiot and a virgin? 60 year old sag ain't nothing like that.

>Also Mari's fat tits
Nuff said.

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60 yo old saggy shit drawn specially for retarded coomers

>It took Anno 13 years, more time on these movies than the original series
Sadamoto took longer to finish an imitation of the original.
>just to end up with a 4th wall tableflip of an ending
The whole movie is about Shinji overcoming issues he refused to confront up to now. His character's ending doesn't drop out of nowhere, you can see every step of it.

I haven't even watched it yet lmao

Shinji is lucky, I don't think he fully deserved a sex mommy gf in the end, but good for him anyways.

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>"marifag" spamming his shit

don't bother, it's pretty bad

Because the entire film is about realizing you don't have to keep trying to draw blood from the stone; you can just move on and start over. Anno hinted at this years ago with how EoE Rei's blood is still on the moon and there's an infinite number of Kaworu coffins and this was the payoff: Shinji's been trying to "fix" the universe since coming out of the sea and has been failing every time to get something back that he never needed. It's why Gendo goes off the deep end as a parallel and how previous events get remixed or outright removed.

The ending of it was the best way EVA could have ended: by realizing it's become a snake eating its own tail and rather then letting it coil further and further in on itself and its tropes, it chose to finally kill it and move on. Shinji's finally abandoned his cycle of optimism-crisis-failure-hope and started living for himself.

the rebuilds are so stupid

So EoE but retarded.

He stated something like that back in 2007, I think. Describing it as a cycle of highs and lows is pretty accurate. What Anno showed everyone with EoE was that if you want to live as a human then you need the courage to brave this cycle, but it never ever showed our protagonist above it. It really does seem that what Anno wanted with the Rebuilds is to show that there is an end to the cycle of struggle.

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Mari cosplay

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too bad he went about showing it in such a terrible way

It's more like the flipside to EoE. Where as that was about understanding that pain and conflict in life is unavoidable and living without it is basically its own kind of death, Thrice and the Rebuilds as a whole is about overcoming trauma and the cycles that perpetuate it, no matter how damaging that might prove.

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Eva is the greatest work of art humanity produced in the 20th century


Maria fan art by me

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>Because the entire film is about realizing you don't have to keep trying to draw blood from the stone
And sometimes, violence really is the answer.

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You'd have to be really weak to get turned off by a cube

Big bonkers so juicy

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Rebuilds are masterpieces ahead of their time like EoE was.

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