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Anime announced?

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I thought it was already announced months ago? Also still no studio.

I can't wait for Lulucy's porn art.

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Credible rumor, now it’s official

Have you no soul?
No pornographic imagery shall ever be produced about this series.

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RIP comfy threas

>No pornographic imagery shall ever be produced about this series.
... of the girls

Cast the voice actors

Imagine thinking that R34 isn't absolute. You'll learn the hard way.

I'm looking forward for the doujin.

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>I'm looking forward for the doujin.
Do you enjoy gay porn?

Isn't the author a feminist twitterfag?

Ah, so that leak ended up being true after all. I hope the anime will be good.

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The four main girls voiced by actual kids.
Qifrey by Yuichi Nakamura
Olruggio by Sugita

>The four main girls voiced by actual kids.
No way 4 kids can can do that much voice acting.

Qifrey is an Ishida/Sakurai for me and Olruggio is Sugita/Tsuda/Suwabe.

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Please get a good studio and staff. Like Bones or WIT.

>Isn't the author a feminist twitterfag?

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She also retweet Yaoi fanart of the dads. Extremely based

>No way 4 kids can can do that much voice acting.
You underestimate Japanese's professionalism.

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yikes. dropped.

>I hope the anime will be good.
I'm keeping my xpectations extremely low.

Coco is way older and more mature than Barakamon kids, she's like 12 or 13

Is this the part where that one autist comes in and tries to argue that she's not japanese?

Yes user, don't forget that her manga is also western comic


Yes I know it's not the actual kanji but it looks like it

Qifrey must be Sakurai.

化 isn't that similar to 死.

I fully expect this to get a Blue Period kind of treatment and be given to an awful staff in a studio like Diomedia or something like that. Would love to be wrong though

>RIP comfy threas

>Coco is the one holding it
Uh-oh, Cocobros...

Nice, now the threads are going to be even worse.


Fair point, I mixed it with 花

>Anime is good but will lead to popularity and /pol/ shitposters
>Anime is bad butchering every single panel
Pick your poison

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I've seen Qifrey/Oru and Olruggio/Qifrey/Agott sandwich

Qifrey is Akira Ishida

>I've seen Qifrey/Oru
Make sense...
>Olruggio/Qifrey/Agott sandwich
The what

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Anime by Gohands

Second one, at least that way the manga threats will remain enjoyable

>Kamome Shirahama graduated from the Tokyo University of Fine arts. She is a renowned Illustrator and Mangaka with over 50 credited comic covers she's done for Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and Image comics.

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Don't jinx it.

Japanese artists doing comic for western stuff is not weird at all. Dorohedo and Utrap artist both did it.

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There's at least one fan really into it.
Anime by Ex Arm Director.

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The anime was announced ages ago

No it was a leak. Now it's official.

....oh. Also congratulating Taylor. I need to erase this from my mind.

They seem pretty chill and generally positive.



So she's a race traitor, basically.

/Pol/ when they find out Japanese people aren't like in their strawmen it's always funny

lmao even

Problem is when they start putting that shit in their manga.

jp fans have been saying this years ago, i can't imagine their reaction if they get another seiyuu to voice qifrey's

It wouldn't be a problem as long it's another popular one that can pull off the role. Sakurai can do Beldaruit too.

You only read Isekai right?

Yeah it's either Sakurai or Ishida Akira for Qifrey and Beldaruit. I'm fine with anyone as long as they can pull off a good performance

So how much do you think it'll cover? I'm hoping it ends on chapter 40. Seems like a good spot plus the anime only rage will be glorious.

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>no info about the studio
So it'll be a 2023 release at the earliest