What if the leaks of Nino winning in the movie are real?

What if the leaks of Nino winning in the movie are real?

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Nino a shit and a loser
Yotsubest a cute and a bride

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We wish.

Miku will win. Promo posters hints it by putting Miku in the center.

Imagine the meltdown from Yotsubafags if the anime director didn't adapt Yotsuba route.

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I'll be happy with either Miku or Nino but I'm not expecting it since they're releasing a game so people can enjoy their favorite quint's route. This game means the movie will do Yotsuba route and the game will cover the others.

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If they do a game with alternative routes then they better skip Yotsuba's, since she always has a movie route.

Their eyes are scaring me.

They might or might not but it doesn't really matter.

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>Yotsuba gets a movie ending PLUS game ending
>The other 4 only get a game ending

FUCK nino

only the manga is canon

A non-canon media can do nothing except make alternative endings.

does anyone else feel like this thread was posted as bait by or for THK and other schizos with a grudge?

It's not bait.
>leaks said Nino and Miku would win (IDK how?)
>the Yotsuba win would be established to be manga canon only

winning deez nuts you stupid whore

They won't ever let Nino win unless there's some "everyone wins" release. Ichika is in the same boat.
Either Yotsuba wins to be faithful. Miku wins for her popularity, or Itsuki wins because it's inoffensive.

fake leaks

>Miku wins for her popularity
I thought Nino surpassed Miku in popularity?

Even if I don't like Nino doing that is based

It's over.

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Giving Ninotards hope again with these fake leaks only to destroy it in their sobbing faces when the movie is out is too sadistic, but by all means, continue.

It's so fake that they didn't know there was a movie for the end.

fake and gay
however i'd love they've made 5 endings for a movie, that'd satisfy all fans
maybe 4, nobody cares about bitchika

We don't talk about Nino, no, no, no
We don't talk about Nino, but

It was my wedding day (It was our wedding day)
We were getting ready
And there was some dead butterflies (They are dead the butterflies)
Nino walks in with a mischievous grin (Thunder)
You telling this story or am I? (I'm sorry, Yotsuba, go on)

Nino says, "Love you forever" (He said no way fag!)
In doing so, her tears were great (Itsuki, get the umbrella)
Married and BTFO her (What a joyous day, but anyway)

We don't talk about Nino, no, no, no (We don't talk about Nino, no)
We don't talk about Ninog (too)

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No matter what happens
this board will be unusable for days

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Grew to live in fear of Nino scheming or seducing
I can always hear her sort of muttering and mumbling
I associate her with the sound of seething fags (fags, fags, fags)
Has a simple gift when she cook, so maddening
Always left Itsuki in the kitchen salivating
Yelling all those nonsenses that we couldn't understand
Do you understand?
We five sisters can not get along with our dad
When she calls your name, she's pro'lly with a black
Dude, she drugs your tea and throws you to the street (Hey)

We don't talk about Nino, no, no, no (We don't talk about Nino, no)
We don't talk about Ninog (too)

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I was actually waiting for someone to do this, so thanks.

>2nofags are calling their delusions "leaks" now.
lmao even

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Where? Not the falseflagging OP, I hope.

No I mean these threads always go the same way with the same shitpists the "nunubros" schizo and the yots spam

Every thread is a Nino thread.

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>she consumes their thoughts
It can't be helped.

The game takes place during their post-graduation trip, which means that it most likely follows an original ending where Fuuts did not confess to anyone during the school festival. Otherwise, he would literally be breaking up with Yotsuba if you enter any other girl's route and that's not something anybody has the balls to write.

>yet another coping thread
It'll still be Yotsuba and you n*nofags will still be mad and retarded.

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The game should have new content that fleshes out each girl, but it will likely follow up to the final festival because it can't stray from the main story that it is adapting.
>breaking up
How do you figure? The reason Fuutarou gave could apply to any quint because of the vagueness, so could have chosen any among the five at the end of the final festival.

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I kneel

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Ninope a shit

We love Nino here.

How did Nino become the meme girl of this series, what about the other losers?

Mikufags, Itsukifags and Ichikafags moved on after the manga ended.
Ninokeks insist on being the seethers and copers of the fanbase, making a show of themselves almost daily for over two years.

Negi literally admited that he wrote her to be a joke comic relief character. It's only natural that we laugh at her.

What meme? Nino is just more popular, that's all.

You just don't understand. We tsunderefags just love too deeply to simply let go.

THK doesn't care about the others because his autism is focused on hating Nino. He won't stop obsessing Nino and half the time he's falseflagging Ninofags while simultaneously shitting on her. It goes into the "biggest loser" narrative he creates and forces. Point in case

>source: my ass

>What if the leaks of Nino winning in the movie are real?
Mikufags aka anti Nino will kill himself

Yotsubafags are so insecure, they can't stand that people weren't happy with Yotsuba end.

Weird, "tsunderefags" didn't give a fuck about Shitno until she flip flopped her personality towards Fuutarou.

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>tsundere didn't become most popular until the tsundere developed and went dere
Wow, like most tsundere ever.

Why mention “him”? We were having a somewhat civil thread up until this point, but now that you brought “him” up (if “he” even exists), the thread is bound to be derailed and deleted; I just can’t understand your thought process.

Tsundere fans split votes between Itsuki and Nino. Combined, they almost beat Miku.

In the butt!

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He's literally the first post desuarchive.org/_/search/image/3fnQqucIe_NnpfTgdTvQ2A/

I liked her from the start actually. I even started reading it for her because I liked her design the most.

>falseflag thread
>bound to be derailed and deleted

>Why mention “him”?
He's a schizo. Tsunderes became boring 10 years ago and he still doesn't get that it's easily the worst archetype in existence and that hating it is perfectly normal.

Ok, so it’s definitely the same guy from multiple threads, but I seriously doubt it’s “him”. Now, let’s forget about this and actually discuss the movie

>like clockwork
Case in point.

>discuss something that isn't out

Kek no. Eriri remained the least popular saekano for the entirety of the series. Also only the bitchiest and most insufferable tsunderes start off behind every other girl. They usually don't drop below second or third place at worst.
Nino going from dead last to second most popular after one event is textbook bandwagoning effect.

>They won't ever let Nino win
>Miku wins for her popularity,
>yet another Nino haters coping thread
Mikufags, Itsukifags and Ichikafags, Ninofags moved on after the manga ended.
But only anti Nino user coping and seething here every threads about Nino character since 3 years ~ Nino is the winner of this story. She impacted the world and she is not the winner. Powerful character.
*Miku 2nd place*

major cope

That's fair.
Anybody who didn't give a fuck about Nino and only started to obsess over her after her confession is not a true fan in my book.

The same guy from multiple threads is an understatement. He's literally lives to be a shitposter in as many romcom and harem threads as he can, and he almost always is predictable in which girl he sperg and to the fact he always start toxic waifu wars. Cafe and Amagami-san threads are recent proof since they had none until he invaded and dragged his 5toubun-style autism to shit up threads.

Many people hate and ridicule 2nope. You're insecure about your taste, schizo.

Megumi had at least some tsundere traits.

>most means every
Reading comprehension.
The main heroine who's written to be the main attraction is the most popular one. No surprise there. The author's comment about Eriri's lukewarm reception was made before she developed and reconciled with MC before she went all dere, and there's nothing wrong with being in 2nd or 3rd place.

Don't lump Itsuki together with that drugger whore. Itsukibros hate N*no.