How do older isekai shows compare to modern ones?

How do older isekai shows compare to modern ones?

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Garbage, modern ones are way better.

Pretty goddamn well.

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Miaka lacked two brain cells to rub together, yet she was still more bearable an MC than most in modern isekai

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Every brain numbing trope that plagues modern isekai was codified by familiar of zero. the ones before it are pretty fun though

The modern period was 200 years ago

Pure GAR.

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you're thinking of the modernist period

Louise is flat.

Rayearth was pretty great.

I still like old Digimon

Nothing beat Narnia though

Just finished part 1, it's very much a product of it's time. Has some cool ideas mixed with a goofy charm and a problem of the week formula, but it's age clearly shows in the animation and writing,
It felt like it was about to take off right before the finale, and left me interested enough to watch the second half, so it must be doing something right.

ZnT fanfics fueled the Narou boom

No, the Modern Age started after the Middle Ages. Let's settle it with the Renaissance.

how could you possibly think that's what I was referring to? you are so silly! you big dumb head!

I remember when ZnT fanfics were the thing in SB. Now it's all motherfucking Worm.

Less self-insert harem.
The second season was already garbage harem shit compared to the first which was actually not bad.
Remember that in the first season, Saito had to actually overcome a love rival and was the one who kissed Louise first and multiple secondary characters had their own romances independent of the main couple.
Modern Isekai could never do this.

Say her name.

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Loose Cunny Hairless Dairyair.

My wife Louise.

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With louise.


Isn't it great?

I can't handle flat tsuns. If a girl is hostile to me, she has to be attractive and

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>I can't handle flat tsuns

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now fill her full of babies

It's fun how you can trace many of shitty isekai following the stupid ZnT formula.
>How about if instead of Saito it was me.
>But had all the cheats, not just one.
>And had better magic than Louise.
>And girls were okay with being in my harem
>And every male who wasn't me were an asshole whose only purpose is to make me look good by comparison.
While ZnT might have helped spawn the isekai craze, it were probably works like SAO that gave it its worst traits. Overall ZnT lacked the most wish fulfillment-y shit of modern isekai.

It feels like back then, usually the protagonist would try to go back to their original world. The adventure felt more like a journey of self-discovery. The main character would return as someone different, hopefully more mature. Today's isekai usually feel more like pure escape from reality into a comfortable game world. I particularly prefer the ones from the past, but if isekai was just that, we would be bitching about how nothing new was ever created. The new isekai is definitely different and since it is popular, seems to suit the modern audiences. Back then and now, one thing remains constant: the great majority of everything still sucks. Like ZnT. Such a lazy plot that got stupider and stupider with the new seasons. Siesta and Henrietta were way better than Louise.

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Louise Françoise le Blanc de Lavallière la consentante.

>Such a lazy plot that got stupider and stupider with the new seasons.
To be fair, the anime did its own thing and it skipped many of the heavy shit that made the LN passable. While the first season is more or less the same, by the time the 4th season came, shit was already so different you couldn't even recognize it.

I saved an user's answer on why ZnT is way better than the modern isekai. I copypasted it instead of screencap it because it was just too much of an effort back then.

>That actually sounds right to me, the story had been crafted well enough that they could straight up get away with having him fly a fighter plane against a bunch of dragons and it not just seem like an asspull because all the pieces where set up long in advance, from why he can pilot the thing, that it exists and hell they even go down to making sure to create fuel for the thing.
>Most these days would just have the MC stumble on it in a cave last minute with no foreshadowing and it magically be topped up with fuel and the MC knows how to play it because he played flight simulation games at home.
>There's a huge difference in how well received those two situations would be.

Indeed, ZnT is full of clichés, but they are very well executed clichés. Sadly, modern isekai don't execute their clichés very well, at least I haven't seen or heard one.

One of the greatest stories of our time.

Modern ones have more cute girls and are for straight men.

Older isekai shows have more kinks and I appreciate that. On the other hand, modern isekai shows have generally better writing and animation quality. I love both.

why are they so obsessed with worm

Outside of a couple modern standouts, the vast majority of isekai made before 2012 or so blow anything after out of the water. I'm not even trying to be an old>new curmudgeon, this is just a fact

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Basically people realized if they combined the character tropes of ZnT with the writing and world aesthetics of SAO, you basically have an open canvas for a webnovel premise

>It feels like back then, usually the protagonist would try to go back to their original world. The adventure felt more like a journey of self-discovery.
That's not just how it 'feels' like that, that's how it was. Isekai was a means to an end, a way for a character or characters to work through either their own issues or discover something about themselves through the adventure to take back home. The other world wasn't a playground to wank off the main character, it was potentially a difficult place to get through.

Tl;dr It was for character development not wish fulfilment. And that's why Digimon Adventure is the best isekai ever made

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is this the thread? There's nothing marked in the catalog.

There is a thread, leave these wretched lands.

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Heh, isekai before isekai was even conceived as a term for a genre.

Isekai was always a wish fulfillment device... for girls and fujos (inuyasha, fushigi yuugi, kyou kara maou)

I'm not denying it had wish fulfillment aspects, but that wasn't what it was truly about. Even Inuyasha and Fushigi Yuugi have what I'm talking about

>Shitbine good

Lmao. Dunbine is fucking shit. 50 episodes of muh dark depression anime shit. Only to see the characters die in the last episode.

All shit

It's a mecha anime by Tomino, that's just how the madman rolls.

This is one of the most interesting, from a historical perspective. It was released right around the time the major isekai were starting to transition from real shojou-y stuff to being male escapist fantasies. The main character is VERY similar to a modern stock isekai protagonist, but the whole thing has major shojou vibes (the main character's "cheat skill" is more akin to a mahou shojou powerup where it just triggers whenever his righteousness is high, the humor feels almost Fruits Basket-esque, and there are MAJOR yaoi undertones). It's also interesting because it's already "subverting" the standard JRPG setup by making the main character the demon lord.

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SAO is the first web novel to become massive success so it's not really a surprise.

Because it's literally the reason modern isekai was born. Narou was originally heavily dominated by girls too, like most fanfic websites.

This is also due to reincarnation being a relatively new subset to the isekai genre. When you just get summoned, there's the possibility of going back. But when you're reincarnated, you just have to live life as it is.


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not in the butt?

>Better writing Just, no.

>butt sex with Louise
Louise is for reproductive sex ONLY


>But what if she's too old to bear children

What if I want to make her feel violated and broken?

Last season was way too shit. They literally throw out the window all romance and instead made it a fucking harem.

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