What year/decade did anime peak?

What year/decade did anime peak?

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1992 to be precise

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hand him a microscope so he can do that then


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actual objective answer is 2000s-early 10s

80s and 90s anime was mostly all flash
70s anime had good stories set to slideshows

basically post-eva anime is the only worthwhile stuff


>80s and 90s anime was mostly all flash
Imagine being this retarded.

the year 3042

What anime is bottom middle?

The 2000s refined everything the 90s tried to do along with much more experimentation.


>The 2000s refined everything the 90s tried to do
You know literally nothing about the history of animation. the 2000s refined nothing. They threw away 40 years of accomplishments and development in cel animation and replaced it with "experiments" in digital animation no one had any experience with. And it showed. The 00s were the worst decade for anime by a long shot.

How old you OP? Uh yeah, 1 year before that


Not even talking about animation techniques. The variety of stories, concepts, and adaptations throughout the 2000s absolutely blows all the flashy dull mediocre OVAs from the 90s out of the water.
Cel animation is certainly missed though.

The golden age of anime is between 2006 and 2014 so somewhere around there.

1997 had Perfect Blue, End of Evangelion, and Princess Mononoke. It peaked hard there.

Unenlightened plebs are too uneducated & zoomers & boomers are far too stuck in 90's nostalgia to even care.

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Your also just as retarded as he is

>variety of stories, concepts, and adaptations throughout the 2000s
Ah, yes, Naruto, Bleach and other shounen adaptations sure are the peak of anime.

>Not even talking about animation techniques. The variety of stories, concepts, and adaptations throughout the 2000s absolutely blows all the flashy dull mediocre OVAs from the 90s out of the water.
Retard. Not only is that not true but you know shit all what you're talking about from the start.

Not as retarded as inserting an apostrophy in a quote when it doesn't belong there to begin with.

>You don't know shit because I'm moving the goalposts to accommodate my standards!
What even is your point? Say something meaningful.

Fuck off with your petty semantics bitch. You are retarded. You don't know shit about anything.

1997 to 2007 is the best 10 year stretch of anime as an industry.

>What even is your point? Say something meaningful.
This is coming from the same uneducated faggot that said this dumb ass line:
>absolutely blows all the flashy dull mediocre OVAs from the 90s out of the water.

shounen adaptations arent the only thing that came from the 00s. Just look at OP's picrel

>your petty semantics bitch
I do not have a "semantics bitch", much less a petty one. Your orthography needs some serious work.

It never peaked. Good series are still coming out seasonally to this day.

Yes, I said that. What's your point? Make an argument supporting your opinion. Or are you afraid of being criticized the way you criticize others?

Too much late 90's or early 2000's era nostalgia bias to take this whole topic seriously with good faith. The ones claiming is was the toonami era as the best are the ones who grew up on it.

All forms of nostalgia bias should be discarded.

>Just look at OP's picrel

>Death Note
Shounen adaptation
VN adaptation
>Ergo Proxy
Shounen pseudo-philosophical bullshit.
>Haruhi Suzumiya
Artificial depth with moe to get people to watch it.
>Code Geass
Overhyped shallow otakushit.
Wannabe-niche shallow otakushit.
Shounen gag-manga adaptation, literal MAL-tier.
>Black Lagoon
Wannabe-edgy shounen.

Even for the 00s, this is a particularly horrible selection.

reductionist bad faith garbage
apply yourself please or refrain from speaking

>Yes, I said that. What's your point?
His point is that you're confusing the 90s with the 80s, child.

That's quite literally what you're doing by claiming the 00s were somehow revolutionary or experimental when all they did was really just pandering to te lowest common denominator of the audience. To be fair, all eras did that to an extend. The difference is that the 00s completely oversaturated the market by pumping out pure trash in a speed never seen before.

You are petty. Stop trying to distract to focus trivial shit. You were wrong that 90's was the peak.

Make a point of your own if you don't want people to focus on your bad form.

You're uneducated. If you knew your anime history instead of relying on your 90's nostalgia bias what i said earlier would've made sense to you.

You realize you're saying absolutely nothing of value, right? You're just saying "You're uneducated. Learn anime history!" as if it's an argument.

>if you don't want people
As in just (you). KEK fuck off.

So you outright refuse to make a point?

THIS. The best post in here so far. Blow him the fuck out user.

Provide an argument for the 90's/2000's era without any personal bias


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Then why dont you enlighten what anime is superior. Are you perhaps a gundamfag?

1995-2003 was the peak of seasonal anime

It really depends on what you value, there is no definitive answer. I can make a few good arguments for different times, but at the end of the day all someone would have to do is say "I disagree" and it's moot.

Since quality is inherently a biased discussion, then let's use a metric that's somewhat measurable: Quantity. 2006 had 20-30 shows that were at least notable enough to still be mentioned on Yea Forums semi-frequently a decade and a half later. How many notable anime can you name from other years without pulling up a list?

>Are you perhaps a gundamfag?
I'm not him. Don't even go there gundam, macross & eva are core reasons why all those things exist anyway. They are great.

>what anime is superior
This is not about what anime are "superior". This is about that guy claiming that the 00s were experimental and not just filled with cheap adaptations and the same old stories.
>Are you perhaps a gundamfag?
I've never met anyone who just loves all Gundam anime without reservations. And conversely, most people who've seen enough of them do enjoy at least one or two of them. It's the same for me. If your shallow definition of "gundamfag" applies to that, I cannot tell.

>Since quality is inherently a biased discussion
>Starts with bad faith logic
Whatever user

Adaptations are not a problem
Shounen can be good
Visual Novels can be good
The depth of fictional cinema can only go so far, you can always ask for deeper but it doesn't exist
Being appealing to Otaku isn't a bad thing
Gag Manga are not bad
Edge is an aesthetic choice that can be done well
Yuasa has done plenty of good stuff


Art cannot be defined like a math problem. There is no perfect lens of quality. There are lenses we can use that are useful, conventional story structure, the craft of animation itself (framecount, posing, editing, 12 principles etc) but at the end of the day those are just tools, not the Bible.

Yes, but people still get butthurt because others dare to have an opinion at all.

>2006 had 20-30 shows that were at least notable enough to still be mentioned on Yea Forums
The reason stuff from 2006 gets mentioned on Yea Forums nowadays is because the children from back then are now old enough to post here.
One thing is true however: In absolute numbers, the 00s had the most anime. Period. The most good anime per season, the most average anime per season, the most bad anime per season, the most cheap hentai, the most cashgrabs, the most desperate low budget productions and the most big-studio projects. That's because the 00s went full on quantinty > quality.

i need to watch more from that era. I remember miyazaki saying the 50's was the peak but maybe that was his nostalgia bias.

>missing the whole argument this hard
See . This was not about "muh good and bad", child. Read the fucking thread and don'T build up strawmen.

The primary issue is that most people seem to conclude that "I feel this way so it's absolutely true" when that's not the case. For example, I think that Kill la Kill is one of the ugliest shows of all time, and I have my reasons, but I can acknowledge that there are reasons why people think it's one of the prettiest. Any bold artistic risk is going to have people who like it and people who don't.


More mature and well directed while still many standout originals and creative ideas.

Fare enough. I still disagree but you provided some interesting & compelling thought on the matter so i concede. I do not know enough about that topic to discuss it.