Digimon V-Tamer 01 Storytime Vol 1

Well, I had a test today, and I couldn't think of a better way to burn time waiting for the results than to start that storytime for every translated Digimon manga I talked about

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I was just thinking about when you would do the Digimon Storytime

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Thanks for the bump

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I don't think these will reach the level of activity PokeSpe got, but I'm sure some people will join sooner or later, specially once we're done with V-Tamer

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Thanks, I didn't expect to see this today.

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Good luck with Storytime OP.
Although it's expected since Pokemon is much more popular than Digimon

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And now, the main event

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I honestly didn't realize the Volume cover was here until now

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Guess what's gonna happen to this guy

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leomon, my man

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I didn't know there was a no-name brand chapter 0 of V-Tamer.

Are you using the same version I used like two years ago? With all the pages in one big folder?

You might be surprised