Araragi really should of fucked her raw here

Araragi really should of fucked her raw here.

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hes only into lolis

She is a raging fire of pent up lust

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Hate so much for this

He's only interested in the designated winner girl, sorry.


*should have

He should have fucked crab raw while making her watch

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Should've is also acceptable, and is probably the contraction his fat american retard fingers were trying to replicate.

>should of

If I was him I would already have 9 kitties.
God. I almost learned japanese only to read new chapter of this on Yea Forums

>should of

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Based. Araragi is an idiot for picking Crab over Cat or adult Bat

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Hanekawa riding Araragi's bike while screaming sex

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Passive aggressive sexuality

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Don't worry, when crab eventually dies the inevitable bat sex will finally happen.

Niagara Falls

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>should of

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How homo do you have to be not to jam in it?

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She's 5ft tall and weighs like 99lbs.
Just fuck the shit out of her.

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>image dump thread
Shouldn't this be on /c/ or something?

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I'd do nasty shit to her dude like jesus

You will never be a janny.

All she needs is some simple penis in vagina

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how do I get physical raws for this, failed miserbaly trying to find it

Yea Forums thread

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can't smell it through the monitor sadly

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Oh my god....manga Haneawa is so good.

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Haaaaaaa! muh dick

I think the Cat is canonically ugly. The anime and illustrations don't show this, but the events clearly imply it.
All Araragi's reasoning about the nature of his feelings is just a rationalization of physiological disgust, which he is ashamed to admit even to himself.

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There's a special place in hell for grammar nazis.

*grammer Nazis

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bad writing

That's not a grammar mistake, that's using a word with an entirely different meaning. Only retards do that, or attempt to defend that.

He had THESE in the palm of his hand.
All he had to do was squeeze.

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>guy just tries to help people
>makes things infinitely worse every time

Half-true. He's actually pretty 50/50 with most cases.

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Cat with breast reduction surgery.

this is a guy btw, a shaft employee

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Sounds like a terrible plot. Unlike Tsubasa Cat from Bakemonogatari which was Breasts with Cat reduction surgery.

They’re all attractive girls, just batshit crazy. Even Crab is basically in love with Cat.

>these aren't my glasses.

I know not to believe you, but I'm going to go ahead and choose to.

Perfect pussy

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Manga makes everyone look good, especially Cat and Monkey. Snake looks fat though