It's not Nagatoro Monday, it's just a regular Monday

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But it is Bokuyaba Monday!

>tfw no nagamonday

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A little early, but smug gamo reporting for duty.

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What do you order?

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No chapter today but we'll get volume extras in three days.


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November Juliet

Yes what about her?

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I admire Senpai’s self control

These people are fucking insane midlife crisis clown actors holy shit i need some pussy

I admire your useless take


>Nagatoro will never waft one of her spats braps towards you

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Question, Is Sakura's murican dub VA black like Nagatoro's?

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After several years of hoarding (since before the prez showed up), my naga folder is too fucking crowed and i now need to organize by girl
This is apparently the oldest naga image i have saved

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Lmao she is, Hahaha

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>oldest naga image
holy newfag

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Cute Sakura butt

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yea, four years isnt really that long ago. i was aware of the source material for a long time, but didnt start reading the manga til around then

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Naga nails

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That's silly in the past they had any VA voicing any character for the Murican dubs, Now if the character looks brown they just give it a black VA, In the past they had white women voicing Mihoshi and Aisha, Now Nagatoro who is just tanned has a black VA, Sakura has a black VA, Mirko has a black VA....Just like how Murican cartoons are recasting characters to have VAs of the same skin tone voicing them, It's all way too silly, Good thing the rest of the world isn't like this yet (Of course most of the dubs that cast people based on race are done by Funi and Crunchy).

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Bro they’re not their VA just because they’re black

Does it really matter? If the character is Japanese, what would it make a difference if the English VA is black rather than white?

(Also, why even bother with the English dub at all if you have the choice of Japanese with subs?)

How about this, user, instead of having black VAs occasionally voice black-looking characters, they instead exclusively voice white-looking characters while white VAs exclusively voice black-looking characters. And then we kill all asian VAs (not valid for anime) and send all dub watchers to death camps.

Nagatoro looking kinda sussy

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>Aisha's raspy smoker voice

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If they want to be really inclusive then fire all the black VAs and replace them with Asians for the anime dubs, Same with whites

Mirko might be latina, Not that Funimation or Crunchyroll care, they just see and brown character and go "Let's give her/him an African American VA" regardless if the character is a furry, a space alien or wathever.
Now just go back to post more Nagatoro

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Ctarl-Ctarl bro, no please. I agree that the thought of anime becoming pozzed like alot of western shit scares me, but don't be like that.

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Have a Naga

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G&T, Grateful Dead for the gal.

I think Nagatoro’s dub is legit good
Gamo’s voice in special is extremely hot

This penguin looks dominate


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Okay but literally how does it even matter, it's voice acting not live action, and all anime dub VAs have that same cookie-cutter midwest suburbanite accent regardless of race so you literally wouldn't be able to tell anyway

You know its true, In the past we used to get 3 ecchi anime series per season now we are lucky if we get 2 a year


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Real question, what would had happened if Senpai was adopted by the monkeys from the Nanashi hentai in Tarzan style?

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The Spanish dub is better and they didn't need to go our of their way to pick black people to voice the brown characters for it to be good, Both are shit compared to the original Japanese of course


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Princess Hanaka but it’s a shota instead of a loli

>go our of their way to pick black people to voice the brown characters
Do you have proof they do this deliberately

>You know its true, In the past we used to get 3 ecchi anime series per season now we are lucky if we get 2 a year
In the past even children's anime allowed casual nudity all the time and there was no problems with that whatsoever, Now there's almost no nudity in anime at all! you are lucky if you get a single ecchi show with a nipple per season (Just look at how motherfucking censored every single DogaKobo,KyoAni or shonenshit adaptation is), Not only that...Nowadays anime censorship goes beyond just nudity, Look at how they censored Chocolove's lips in the Shaman King remake or how they not only banned the Doraemon episodes with naked Shizuka scenes from reruns but also banned the episodes that had anything "offensive" like tobacco and guns, Look at how Dragon Ball Kai censored Gohan's dick or how the last Kitaro remake was the only one where he never gets naked at all meaning that the nudity censorship applies to both genders, There's so much outside pressure to be PC from Murica lately, They are messing with Japan way too fucking much and it's too late to fix it...You got Netflix, Funi/Crunchyroll, DisneyPlus, Cartoon Network, Etc producing "anime" lately...Anime is no longer anime at this point just a bastardization of what it once was thanks to Americans and their twisted view of it, Anime is doomed and dying a slow and painful dead just like Murican cartoons and comic books died.
This is more than just "anime getting pozzed", This is just sad, I wont post pages with actual manga authors ranting but when I read those I really feel bad for them.

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Jeez... Why is it taking so long?

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Too bad they censored her transformation scene and the bath scene, But at least we got the President's fanservice untouched.

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Ah yes Simpsons, my favorite anime
>america le bad
Rent free

As if Philip Jose Farmer wrote it

They censored Naga butt here but had anime original Naga butt earlier

The Doraemon episodes with naked Shizuka scenes are banned from reruns in Japan, Good thing the mangaka is dead so he wont have to see this

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Shit anime, shit manga, shit character

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I'm having fun and I hope you are too

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Shit post