Daily Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo Chapter Finale

What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came to an abrupt end? Seething with rage? Filled with confusion? Drown in disbelief and denial? Perhaps, plagued with uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity.

Nevertheless, come. Relive, share with others, or experience for yourself the first time some of these short lived (maybe justifiably so) creations.
Make valuable lessons be learnt. And never forget, the true ending was the friends we read questionably sourced Japanese cartoon drawings on a handicraft forum with along the way.

Time for a late celebration of Year of The Tiger with a touch of delinquency and a lot of property damage.
This kot girl is not only socially inept but also runs on horse power. It's a good thing that girls are the cutest when they're unga bunga retarded.

>A shy, bashful, and nervous girl tries to survive in a high school for delinquents. The "abnormal" comedy begins.

Chapter 19 & 20: Previously victimized:
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>Cheat Slayer

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Chapter 20+1: Distance And Preconceptions

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I've got a feeling I won't have much to say this chapter

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Why is Suzume always dying?

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She takes pleasure in being close to the edge

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You like war scars?

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Well too bad

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Oh my

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>took you long enough
someone put Rotor on a leash

And that’s all for today as well as Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo. Thank you to everyone that has followed and read along, hope you all had one last good laugh with all the girls. Nujima really pulled through with the writing on those last chapters even though his time was cut short, huh?

But well, that’s enough with the sappy stuff, for it’s time for yet another beginning, soon. We will be continuing on with our good natured /an/ delinquents, this time a true old school sukeban. Twin tails? Shark teeth? Who needs those when you have dorsal fins in Shark na Kanojo no Territory.

Lastly, good day/night to all. And with that said, we part.

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>Shark na Kanojo no Territory.

I miss shark threads

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Sharks have been on the rise again

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Videogame references? In my manga?


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So why did you have to be a sad fag ruining the shock value for new readers in the previous threads?

Because it makes no sense even with the context

i would

The entire chapter required spoilers. This series was to good for this world.

it had to go out with a bang

Damn, I missed every other thread for this. I remember discovering this when only the first 10 or so chapters were translated and really digging it. The axe hurt a lot...

Hey, that's pretty neat

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Thanks OP looking forward to the next axed manga you dump

Thanks for the dump of the series, it was a interesting read.

She'd probably be into that
Thanks OP

It is the fate of most small creatures to live short lives.

Look at that little animal.
Ah holy fuck
777s of her being a fucking goddess.

The peak of femininity.
She's be an Amazon Queen in another time.

Thanks man.
Had a lot more fun with this series than I expected.
It was a great read. With some interesting creative ideas.

tiger bump

Takano is so fucking cute, Jesus Christ dude

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Does the author wants me to masturbate or something

I need to stick my face into that butt.

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Why the fuck did the author do this lmao.
Thanks Op, it was a fun ride. I'll be reading the next one with you too.

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goodbye big clumsy tiger breasts

She has an intimate connection to the realm of the dead.

I'm so sorry, tiny.

That's no excuse, retard. Of course I'm gonna try to piece how it goes, and there's only one gorilla in the series.

This is how you Tiger Bump

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More like thats how you drive a thread off the damn board.

The reaction will make it bounce back

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sneed manga got axed magazine got axed sneed nigger


Thanks for this, OP

Holy shit

>tranny shit
i get that you're mad, all you can do is sneed and seethe while i fuck and bump this thread

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Whatever helps you cope, at least you aren't the tranny who was literally trying to spoil the gender reveal in the 2nd or 3rd thread.

Did she died?

What happened to Tiny after chapter one? She used to look more normal. Taller too.

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I don't think it's supposed to be slimy.

flanderization, most likely

its j lube

That's the fastest flanderization I've ever seen.

>last time Nujima drew Torako and the girls was back in 2019

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