Love Live!

KasuShizu is the cutest couple ever

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Would Shizuku lay her life down to protect Kasumi?

yeah not so much as a touch

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Yuu is a yaya now.

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Ayumu no

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The most implausible "couple" possible. Kasumi is straight.

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Also, horny.

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all the main characters in this series are straight

Is the new season coming out already?
Are the sluts finally coming out, too?

Go spammer go!

This season will end with Yuu pushing Ayumi down this time lol

My queen

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Will the schism be adapted?

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So beautiful...

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More Karin x Himeno when


ayumu started as the gigastacie of the season

The difference between DiverDiva members.

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So not only does Love Live pander to Chink it also pander to Americans. Is Love Live the Globohomo?

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Well I mean both their phone games are in English almost since the beginning (not sure on SIF). So they have always been catering to the english speaking audience

I hope not, Kasumi isn't worth it

I'm amazed they managed to find a Jap girl with no accent. That's a Jap singing right?

>t. Himeno

They are just catering to english speaking chinese.

If you're talking about Mia's seiyuu, her parents are Japanese but she was raised in Australia so her English is pretty distinctive.

She half aussie/grew up in Australia

here's her twitter -

She's not half, both parents are Japanese.

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Uh oh

ShioPomu could be a thing if the anime hadn't sacrificed Shioriko's character to jack off Lanzhu even more. I hate Lanzhu again now.

She looks like she fucks white girls

She can't. You see how quick Ayumu regained her balance against the giant Lanzhu's surprised attack? No way Yuu can push her down it would just look like a desperate hug.

>it would just look like a desperate hug.

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This looks more like an evil mom and her rebel child.