What made you choose anime & manga as your primary source of entertainment, Yea Forums?

What made you choose anime & manga as your primary source of entertainment, Yea Forums?
Personally, I fell in love with the style ever since I first watched Heidi. Image not related but it's also a good show.

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Because most modern western cartoons are bad.

I hate live action and the real world.

there is only one.

>because western cartoons are bad
>because real life is bad
do you really only like anime/manga because you dislike other things (even more)?

I'm a lonely NEET who likes to self insert. Full stop.

It was the only decent thing on TV back then. And by the time I became an adult the rest of the entertainment was trash. Thank God the internet was booming and the user samaritans uploading HIGH QUALITY FULL HD anime to the internet with fansubs made with love saved me from the restlessness of my lonely life.

hello yes it’s pretty bad here

animation is the medium with the most freedom for depicting possible and impossible things side by side, and japan's animation industry is the most robust as far as talented directors go

I like asian stuff more than western and prefer animation over real stuff it was only a matter of time.

It was K-On! You can't cross certain mental barriers until you've watched the first season of K-On!

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It's not.

Anime and manga is not my primary source of entertainment, it is videogames.
There is some overlap there I guess, in terms of what kind of aesthetics and characters I like

I have anime & manga phases that last several months. then I inevitably get bored of it and don't watch anything for months or even years, stop browsing Yea Forums, etc.
until I get bored of whatever else I was doing instead and come back to anime, with a few seasons to catch up on like I am right now.

I ran out of good videogames, and there are few western cartoons and comics

Characters are so much prettier and adorable than shitty disney wb cartoons.

Because of how creative it is, the character design, the humor and the ecchi.

The variety, the lack of the constraint imposed by physical limitations of film, and the fact that I really, really disliked the western stuff that was coming out when I was young.

>but it's also a good show.
Based Chihayafuru poster.

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Mainly Bleach. When I watched it as a kid I felt rush of dopamine never experienced before so I started seeking more and ended up getting into anime.

Yea Forums is not for blogs. Fuck off.

What makes K-On! so special?

Based Chihakino enjoyers


I guess it would be the atmosphere. The visuals, ost, and character dynamics. Its enjoying and its not as taxing as watching regular tv or movies.

Several reasons:
1. I was blown away by the gratuitous gore and nudity. Up until that point i thought cartoons had to be family friendly.
2. I got tired of the repetitive, predictable hollywood crap that came out day after day, year after year.
3. I used to work for the cable company. As a company perk I got all the channels super deluxe package. There was never anything worth watching on.
4. A friend of mine that worked in a comic book shop kept me in bootleg VHSs until kazaa and limewire were a thing, then bittorrent.

In an ironic twist of fate, anime has become predictable and boring. There's no creativity or soul. No rampant nudity, no pointlessly gratuitous gore, no sex, no FUN SHIT. It's all high school and CGDCT.

So I've started watching more and more stuff from america because anime is dying. I only come on Yea Forums to shitpost, since all you faggots do is talk about the same shows over and over and over again.

I enjoy the art, I love how distinct the medium feels

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I like cute girls

I only watch Romance and Slice of Life, and Anime is the only thing that gives me a influx of both.

Getting into internet culture in middle school.

If anyone reading this is still in your teens or early twenties, diversify your taste in media a bit. Read some books (not LNs) and watch some decent movies. I wish I would have done that earlier. I would have probably read mainly if I didn't get into anime.

I hate how "gritty" Western anything is
Cartoons? Inflexible caricatures with "meta humor" left and right. Tries to imitate reality to be serious and falls flat on its face as a result.
Live action? Old men, monotone storytelling and direction, sex scenes left and right to hide the lack of substance. OST is a track or two that's repeated every 4 episodes, and generally not memorable.

Anime & Manga are founded upon escapism, and the flavour of a nipponese perspective allows it to disregard these dry and lackluster mistakes found in Western media

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I didn't choose anime and manga, anime and manga choose me

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Back in middle school (2003) it was better than 90% of western cartoons

>What made you choose anime & manga as your primary source of entertainment, Yea Forums?

When SJW's destroyed all other forms of entertainment!!!FACT!!!

>What made you choose anime & manga as your primary source of entertainment, Yea Forums?
Western entertainment just got way too pozzed up for me. And trust me, that's saying something because i'm anti pol as they come.

American comicsnalways depended on their shared universe and constant reboots, the cartoon, at least back then, while fun, were always short and tended to be more episodic, with little continuation in other media, so seeing anime and jumping to manga to follow a whole story was more fun.

You'd know if you watched it

Vocaloid and nightcore around 2010. Introduced me to Black Rock Shooter, Lucky Star, K-On!, and Haruhi, then it took off from there because it was the easiest stuff to access as a poorfag teen with no cable.

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Got into it since some characters were just really awesome, as time flew though, by I slowly starting caring less about life and more about self-insert shit and what cool or interesting stuff happens in something. I need to watch Fist of the North Star and try and get out of this habit

>like animated stuff
>creative western animated content is aimed primarily at young children
>stuff aimed at teens/young adults is just Family Guy/South Park shock humor crap
And then one night I was watching Cartoon Network and Toonami came on and the rest is history

you should. and i see quite a lot of people up there saying how pozzed western entertainment is nowadays.
i suggest watching movies from 70s 80s. i wasn't alive back then but it's comfy.
also, animes from 80s 90s are so much better as well.
it's like, back then, they made it to be an art, an entertainment for everyone, having a positive betterment of the world in mind.
now you can just smell all of it is meta souless cashgrab with pigeon holed targetment of lonely hikigomoris, same with BL stuff targeting fujoshis.

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Basically the same as me but toonami used to be on during weekday afternoons

It's always been like that, stop pretending everything pre 00 was Fist of the North Star or Patlabor instead of a billion garbage ecchi ovas or barely disguised toy commercials

I've spent half my life on Yea Forums as a neet and it has raped my attention span to the point that I can no longer consume the much better mediums that the West offers.

You cant possibly compare late 80s anime to 2020s isekai era shut up

the trend has shifted massively.
Voice actors like Kamiya Akira (voiced basically every MC on Super Robot Taisen), Hiyama Nobuyuki (GaoGaiGar), Seki Tomokazu (G Gundam) used to voice the "hot blooded (熱血) " main characters in all those robot series anime.
Now there's none of that type. MC boys have literally become a onions eating meek incel losers because that reflects on the customers.

so you only watch toy commercials and isekai?

I've been watching anime and reading manga since I was a kid so I don't know if I could say how I "chose" it. I was watching western cartoons at the same time back then too. I just stuck with anime/manga while growing away from western cartoons. It's not like I don't do other things though, like watch live action movies or listen to music. Sometimes read books. I watch much less anime than I used to too and tend to stick more to manga.

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At first its because of the art style and story but lately its because I find anime/manga to be more enjoyable than 99% of western entertainment.

Because ever since I was young my Dad watched it with me. We watched Naruto, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, and more. We would get them dubbed on Netflix DVDs that were delivered once every couple of weeks. I loved those times. But anyway they got me hooked.
Thanks Dad

but it's not. It's part of my entertainment pyramid

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explain the pyramid


>gay / black / whatever characters when present in the story have actually a good reason to be there, unlike in western media
>overall gives zero fucks about retarded western standards
>women look and behave like women unlike in western media where it's popular to promote strong independent female characters that have male facial features and behaviors
>story creators are free to do whatever the fuck they want, imagine if Redo of Healer or Interspecies Reviewers were originally some TV series from m*rica, people would lose their shit and story creators would be either murdered or forced to kill themselves
>personally i prefer well drawn 2D fight scenes unlike CGI fights like in Avengers
>Japanese VA in 90% of cases try their best to make characters sound good, shit like actor acting like a living brick are pretty rare here
>feeds me conservative japanese propaganda instead of western anti white race propaganda

>I like reading
>I like comics
>All western comics are marvel cape shit

Madoka. After I watched it I was determined to find another anime that was as good or better. By the time I realized it wasn't going to happen it was too late, I was too deep down the rabbit hole

>I like tv shows
>I like cartoons
>Most western cartoons are shit targeted at children
>Regular Show gets a pass tho

It just had shows I fall in love with. Stuff like Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist and Monster, even some kinda shitty stuff like Future Diary get me ultra-hyped and on the edge of my seat the entire time. The best times in my life are when I'm so invested in a show that I can focus fully on it, no worries about bills or how horrible life is, just a super compelling story. Anime isn't the only medium for it, but it has a lot of the best ones. I do enjoy a few live action shows just as much, Breaking Bad is amazing too, but anime used to be my go-to because there were so many good ones... it's a shame I can't find new ones often....

>In an ironic twist of fate, anime has become predictable and boring. There's no creativity or soul. No rampant nudity, no pointlessly gratuitous gore, no sex, no FUN SHIT. It's all high school and CGDCT.
This, normalfags have ruined anime. When's the last time there was a good anime?

you're assuming anime is my primary source of entertainment