Reminder that healing isn't real. It's 100% placebo. Healers are licensed ambulance callers...

Reminder that healing isn't real. It's 100% placebo. Healers are licensed ambulance callers. Do not let yourself be scammed by them.

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what it’s literally the cause

>complaining about an unlicensed healer not healing
You wanted an excuse to sue for malpractice and since it didn't work you're trying to stir up controversy, onibaba.

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If healing isn't real then why does sleep regenerate our body?

Healed soul reflects on the body.

Placebos are fucking delicious.

>Yea Forums ignoring the sleeper of the season
Not surprised at all. They are all probably tone-deaf.

Why does Japanese singing sound so pleasing to the ear, unlike other Asian languages?

There's already a full thread about it so it's not really being ignored.

its the phonemes

Placebos have given relief and treatment more than any medicine ever has. Such is the power of believing in something. Simply thinking the sugar pill is "real" will give a more positive outlook and promote healing.

If anything it just speaks of the medicinal benefits of having a modest dose of sugar

Placebo still works even if you know it's placebo.

is this isekai?

>listening to quack teacher when you can manifest your stand from your imagination alone

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Where's my suffering kino? I need a TRUE HEALING

Wait until mid-season when they get sent into war as combat medics

>aijou yuujou starts playing

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Cantonese sounds nice when sung.
Mandarin, not so much, since it's originally a bureaucrat's modified language.

Japanese loves to end their words with a vowel, which is a naturally pleasing sound to the ear.

That's because, like he said, you're listening to a song. It doesn't matter whether it ends with a vowel or not. In everyday speech it obviously varies. I wouldn't call the way an average young Japanese male talk beautiful, with all their "-ssu" slurring and all.

It's just the VAs, I work with enough Japanese people and they're japanese isn't very pleasing sounding, you can barely hear them when they speak english, I don't know how they hear each other.

Because you are exclusively consuming a version of Japanese meant for mass consumption either internally or internationally.
Japanese people don't talk or sound like anime characters in real life.

Lesbian prostitution anime when?

When Asumi-chan has enough chapters to warrant an adaptation

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I want a healer girl to heal my penis with a song from her butthole

>they have their shoes on the whole episode
The OP got my hopes up for nothing.

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I liked the camera movements.

>teacher refuses to license you despite your amazing talent because you ignored her arbitrary rules
Super villain origin story

This is a weird series so far, feels like it's going to be cute like Urara Meirocho or go the other route were it's all cute and fluffy until it isn't.

I think people on Yea Forums have just been traumatized by some series (Madoka maybe, or some series after that) and so expects every anime to go down a suffering rabbit hole. I hope this series stays light. Though it shows some out there stuff in the OP.

Madoka was 10 years ago.

cute tomato

Rather than traumatized I'd call them inexperienced and overly opinionated. Everybody accuses anything remotely dark with an all girls cast of being a Madoka clone. Look at all the posts last thread saying this was going to be WEP all over again for absolutely no reason. Obviously the potential is there for dark themes given that the premise requires people in need of healing, but nothing about the first episode was tonally dark. Even despite breaking the rules she was strictly warned about our protagonist only gets praised for what a great job she did. There's no reason to assume this will take a sharp turn down suffering lane yet.

On the other hand, you have the MC rising pillars of earth with her singing powers with an ominous red background

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only real healer is from redo of healer

It's an original by 3hz, it's going to get crazy. Expect lesbian sex and violence by the end.

Oh and the director is the FMA: Brotherhood guy who primarily does action, so yeah.

Go back to /int/ Pablo.

Why does everyone keep calling it idolshit? Girls singing != idols

>I will heal all these humans of their sickness called life, it's the only way to end all the suffering

what anime is this

Darude Sandstorm

boku no redo of healer

Flap Flippers

Picked up

thanks user will start watching rn

stop phoneposting

I was anticipating this show but this was more fun than I expected. I hope they keep singing as part of the regular dialogue. Next step, Bollywood level anime.

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This. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no J-pop, it was just singer-songwriter style songs with piano and strings accompaniment

Yellow never gets laid.

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Heal deez.

Nonsense. I'm fine. I just want more suffering. This show has the potential for it.

FAT teacher.

He's specifically talking about singing though. All professionally made music is made to sound pleasing (or tries to anyway). Nothing to do with random people talking on the street

Is healing a euphemism for sex?

It's a euphemism for suffering.

We need a chart for this.

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Sleep is a fucking myth. Next time just keep your eyes open.

Designated pussy licking slave of the group

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who is this show for?

feels 70 years too late

>Designated pussy licking slave of the group
Hey, that was my mom's title, back when she went to an all girls school.