Kingdom 715


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>move out
>riboku sama, surrounding armies are moving out as well
>they will clash with enemy on the Gisa* plain
>deploy them into encircling formation as planned
>yes sir!
some of pages are too hard so no TS today

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are they explaining how riboku got so many men?

>I've given a frontline duty so I will head out first
>good luck to you
>give it your best
>I will wish for your luck Fuu
>don't rush for a result and fight as usual
>12 years since Riboku sama departed from Ganmon
>I've been always looking forward to fight under Riboku sama
>KotsuMinhaku dono was trembling and crying when your orders came in
>T: ah... finally Riboku sama is calling me...
>I told you to not tell him Fuuji
>you bastardddd
>isn't it okay though since it's true
>we were really waiting all these times
>to be with Riboku sama once again
>toward a fight at the boundary of life and death
>for reference, Kaine and others who were allowed to follow him first were envied by others
>so expect some harassments when you are back at Ganmon
>did they?
>don't joke with me
>if you are talking about that then this Ganmon army
>is the same

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>he's actually his son
massive death flag for banana

>battles at northern Zhao is fundamentally a battle against Xiongnu
>and the center of that frontline is "Ganmon"
>therefore, Riboku sama, who is the chief in command of Ganmon
>was the chief in command of whole northern Zhao at that time
>the period when Riboku sama was ruling as the "master" of northern Zhao is when we were able to suppress damages from Xiongnu the most and be able to thrive
>and you brought peace to us after crushing that mighty Xiongnu army
>an immediate embargo was ordered right after so we were not able to discuss it even with our neighbors but everyone engraved in their heart
>that Riboku sama is the best ruler of northern Zhao

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>all of "Gian", "Hango" and other big and small cites
>everyone in northern area were waiting for the day to be with Riboku sama again

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you can say he brought in pretty much every army in northern zhao

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>this is...
>Riboku sama..
>I've told you so
>that Riboku sama
>is the one to be "king"
>enemy must be surprised
>at substantial morale of this northern army
>and differences in size

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that's a big uooh
I guessed as much, but it's a bit ridiculous. Time for ordo to invade again

>Mfw i have already won the war against Qintards.

>I hope
>that every single invaders get crushed by might of this northern army and face death while trapped in fear and regret
>it will happen

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shunsuiju still clings on to cope I see

>I will make it happen
>Qin army 140k
>Zhao army

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>no way...
>what just happened..

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>divide 1 numerically superior force into 3 units each individually smaller than the enemy's entire army

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It's over for Reebok

>he got us
>we were led into this
>to have battle start out in a place where we can't go back and with this much of differences in size
>we were led into it
>this was all planned out thoroughly
>they knew Qin army was going out for conquer of Gian and prepared for it..
>not when we came out from Atsuyo and headed northward...
>but they were preparing way before
>when you think about it, it was unnatural for 200k army from Taigon to clash with Roumou army
>our headquarters did not consider Roumou as threat

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time to make a really big goriki

bit unrelated but Gian actually means "Eternal Peace", right?

These numbers are pretty funny considering Kanki was still able to field 120k soldiers at the battle of Fei while Riboku only had 100k left at his disposal.

>but Roumou army was able to defeat 200k army from Taigon
>Roumou was also building up forces... from very long time ago
>that means
>to have northeastern Qin army move eastward for conquering Gian after gathering up in Taigon was also predicted...
>is something like that...
>actually possible...
>by a human...
>such a "prediction" that is...
>... and moreover, instead of throwing out all 200k army but they let 50k to pass
>so that we don't give up conquering Gian after joining them and set foot in a battlefield
>if.... passing of 50k soldiers was intended so that we would act this way
>then we were actually following exactly what enemy was thinking...
>one who could do such thing
>there isn't anyone who could...
>this is all...

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What happened to Mouten's nose and mouth?

taken by the enemy

what's next for him?

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>exactly what Riboku
>thought to be
>then he must have finished predicting what battle of this ground would turn out to be
>I inspected area around Gian more than half a year ago and decided
>that I will begin battle here to bury Qin army
>call calvaries to front...

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>they are here already
>it's began
>how are we gonna fight
>they are coming from right,
>leave right to Bi-Yeon*
>there's one coming from behind
>that would be insufficient
>leave backside to So Sui
>Heki sama
>enormous army from the front
>is coming!
>don't panic
>don't break up formation
>if you do, we will be flooded by them
>Maron san, it's starting
>th-this is...
*differ in other TL

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>it's all out attack
>this is prepared "hunting ground"
>we can't fight while being pushed
>we have to escape somehow
>Mouten sama, please get to the backside
>find escape route at the back and

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>Mouten sama
>leftside is
>contacting enemy
>so fast
>what's up with the speed of that army
>engaging battle
>Mouten sama, please get inside of formation
>leftside, is getting breached
>send soldiers to left
>enemy coming from front!
>mouten sama
>please retreat
>numbers of enemy infront
>are quite large
>c-can we hold?

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>literal crassus tier tactics
it's over

Me when I see Kyou Rei


>fortify the front, once formation is crushed, everything will be over in an instant
>it's no use
>if we don't focus on enemy infront we will be instantly wiped out
>but if you don't think about next part, Qin army will definitely be "annihilated" here
>Karyoten, Hi Hyou unit on right side is getting hit
>footsoldiers at front are also struggling
>it's not just numbers they are greater
>this enemy... is strong
>if we don't do something, they will get us
>we have to make breakthrough somehow...
>opponent is that Riboku, he must have prepared something...
>Qin army is trapped right now
>f-for now, we have to think about our situation as if we are at a deadend...
>Since Riboku is the enemy, we have to assume we are at that much of disadvantageous situation...

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>this enemy... is strong

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everyone assumes Riboku has some huge plan up his sleeves which is immobilizing them, but I think the answer that he's come up with to deal with Kanki is that he's not going to play games or cheap tricks. He's just going to throw every soldier he has at the Qin army from every direction all at once and leave no room for maneuvers. Strength vs. strength.

>escaping from a situation where Riboku called "checkmate"
>is something like that even possible...
>Heki sama
>middle of frontline c-cannot hold!
>send reserve to the middle
>i-it's too late
>formation is
>formation is crumbling
>Heki sama please retreat
>kill them
>block them
see you next week

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thanks TL user, see you next week to celebrate Riboku-sama's stunning victory

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thank you tlanon
can't wait to see how kanki kills 200k retards

btw, where's the fuck is she?

Welp all of Riboku and Kaine's friends are getting HUMANITYD

Thanks for the TL, user!

>both Ten and Mouten are completely overwhelmed and shitting their pants after the ambush
Is this supposed to be a preview of the Chu Eclipse?

thanks user. can't wait to see what insane plan Kanki comes up with

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If they wipe out most of the enemy army here will Zhao finally stop pulling 300k armies out of their ass?

with golden kamuy ending, is kingdom gonna have to solo carry this magazine?

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The manliest Aisen has ever looked

Maron has given up on life

I don't understand how you can get surrounded like this . Cannae begin with both armies in front of each other

He's just like me

I'm hoping hara to come up with something better afterward since he teased with "kanki's weakness" very long time ago

I know that feel

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>not knowing about Riboku's teleporting armies
Lol you need to read more chinese history


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When is it ending I've been meaning to pick it up?

thanks TL user

I doubt Kanki will do anything significant, Ousen will obviously come to break them out and Kanki will lose his position

28th of april in 3 chapters. They also announced a bunch of revisions for the volume releases so keep an eye out for that.

>he thinks ousen will save kanki

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What's the next step in his master plan?

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Making Reebok cry

surrender and spread those cheeks

This battle will be kino

>Heki-sama please retreat we need your alter ego

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>Riboku is the one to be "king"

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Look at this!!! This formation!!! Kankibros... I think we got this!

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>maron... you know what to do...

Based Shinsuijob

>... u-um boss... there is no... r-route to escape! I think... Riboku is serious about this...

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Kankeks...the beginning of our end


>the only route is forward, victory awaits

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"Favourable peace" going by the modern Chinese semantics

Riboku sent his big boys to attack first as a psychological blow and encouragement to the newly trained peasants

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Thank you. See you next week!

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>kanki kills all of the zhao army
>riboku just brings them back from the dead and curse kanki to death

The man is floundering. There is no reason to make such a large trap in sync with a great onslaught if there was not a good reason: the peasants cannot fight the bandits. Kan Ki knows this.

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He has studied Riboku's past and captured his secret daughter as hostage


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The boss is in an awkward position, he didn't even show his face in this chapter! Hope he doesn't run away... Ousen-aniki help us!!

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This feels more and more like a subversion setup and Kanki will slaughter this army of Riboku's somehow.

Shin the Janitor is going to have some serious fucking cleanup duty here.

Imagine time traveling with a machine gun and dropping the entire army in a few minutes

the second you run out bullets you are fucked

Ousen has made a pact with the hedgehogs, his entry to the battlefield would be more grand than Whitebeard's entry into the navy! The quick rescue is coming! Remember, children of Qin: “War is the patience of an hour!”

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this will be kanki's magnum opus, where he defeats riboku's clone teleporting army and slaughters his friends and spawns punished riboku; the ultimate foe.