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You do collect physical animu/mangos, right Yea Forums?

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No, got all my manga/ln stored digital on my psvita and stream all my anime

Not translated ones, though.

BDs and DVDs are not worth buying as piracy typically has better subs or higher quality encoding.

Manga is too expensive and takes up too much space.

Only manga but I do own the tatami galaxy bluray because a friend of mine gave it to me.

good shit

No, I refuse to pay for an inferior product.

I have a couple but wouldn't call it a collection. About 16 volumes and 10 blu rays. I used to be into collecting but i don't want to be tied down to things these days. The things you own end up owning you.

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challenge anons ITT not to post their localized garbage

Saikano was worse than dogshit.

Yep. Been buying old DVD for a couple bucks each, since there's zero demand for them. The official subs for Hayate the Combat Butler are among the worst I've ever seen in an official release. There are these fansub-tier wall of text translation notes at the top of the screen. I'd post an image of how bad they get, but then I'd lose to .

To each their own, I guess. Can't please everyone.

Why did you buy chu2koi separately? If you bought the set, you would get dark flame master's accessories, mabinogion with shinka's pubes, and other cool stuff

>buying limited edition bluray sets
Overpriced garbage.

I still like physical media. I don't trust streaming services to just not suddenly drop shit and while I do have a lot of stuff saved to an external I do still enjoy having the DVD.

I picked it up last year after watching it and the movie for the first time a couple years ago. Liked it enough that I wanted to own it.

do it, faggot

I mainly collect artbooks and doujinshi. Have some manga laying around and few blu rays for their bonuses. Fuck those things are expensive. Nobody in their sane mind would buy them. 20-30 bucks I would get but 70 for some codes? Geez...

I've been buying old DVDs for a while now too, it's great how cheap they are, and actually for most series between say 1995-2010 they're actually a good option because their format is closer to the format of the analog tv masters those series are held in. you can get some pretty hilariously bad shit but that's all part of the shitty charm of those releases. they tend to have much better omake too.
I don't know how you expect your bd rips to have higher quality encoding than what they're being ripped from. even watching muxes you're literally hardcapped at the quality of the source.

True, I don't fully trust stream sites either. I save the most important stuff to hard drive and use different stream sites for more alternatives. Crunchyroll will be just fine, but what if I wanted to see old show from dead studio that aired in 2001?

Eh I got a bunch.

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The pics are somewhat outdated and I got a bunch of new manga since I took them.

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Bought Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro and Nadia Secret of the Blue water during the Easter sale. Will probably arrive tomorrow.

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>Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

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Collecting games for the dreamcast in Germany was pretty awesome up until 2020 since you could get nearly everything extremely cheap (Even got skies of arcadia for 40 euros back in 2018).

Nice. Burger here, I managed to get Panzer Dragoon Saga back in 2009 for $200. Goes for over $1000 now. It's ridiculous. It's a good game, but not $1000 good.

I thought about getting into the Saturn too, but I missed the point where the interesting games where still affordable.
Also I still need to finish my Dreamcast collection, with the only really expensive stuff remaining being shenmue 2 and power stone 2 which usually go for 60 euros.

at least Torrent

60 for Power Stone 2 doesn't sound bad. Do you have a PS4? Could just get the Shenmue 1 & 2 set for that.

I used to pick up one or two anime Artbooks every time I was in Japan.

That came to a halt though.

are the omnibus Battle Royale manga good? I have the original prints (and have a issue with collecting multiple editions of the same manga), is the translation better in it?
also nice collection, where did you get the shelfs?

I have about 300 volumes of manga that was released here in Brazil and the first volume of jojolion in japanese that a friend of mine bought for me in Japan.

How do Brazilian manga look anyways?

Hai domo.

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Got the shenmue collection for the PC but I want to ply the second game on original hardware.
With power stone 2 I need to wait for someone to put it up for bidding since the normal price is more like 80 euros.
Also I kind of want Daytona too but:
-It cost like 100 euros
-It isn't really a good adaption of the arcade game.

It's the german release which has a different, normal translation of the manga compared to the weird english ''translation''.
As far as I can remember the English omnibus has the same translation as the single volumes.

I might as well get them seeing how they have color pages. Does yours have color page?

Oh and the shelf is from a carpenter. My father let him produce it when it became clear that my old childhood shelf was getting to old and small.

There a bunch of random drawings at the beginning of the omnibus which are in colour otherwise no.
I am thinking about replacing them as well since the german part of tokyopop (Which is like the second biggest german manga publisher with a huge load of big titles like bleach) re-released it a couple of years back in a 2 in 1 format with a better translation.

They're really nice, do you know the type of wood by chance?
Hmm, I won't get it then. Having the originals is more special than the omnibuses.

Nah sorry.

>I want to ply the second game on original hardware.
That's fair.
Good luck on getting both of those. The bubble ain't gonna pop anytime soon.

How much nihonjinron do you fit in your brain?

I guess it's like american manga but thinner. A friend of mine collects manga in english and I was surprised with how much thicker they are, even though both have around the same number of pages

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I mean here in europe, at least from my experience, we haven't really gotten hit by the huge rise in retro prices even if prices have increased.
I wouldn't even know of any ''retro'' youtuber who would have caused a price increase by introducing more people to older ''hidden'' consoles and games.

Why would i download a torrent, hope for seeders to be there, wait till its downloaded when i can just click it online and watch it in HD?

i mainly read buraiha

>Dynamite Cop
Fuck yeah.

atleast they have nice spines unlike french volumes

I just wish more classic stuff would get physical English manga releases these days. I'm super jealous that Euros get all this mazinger stuff.

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>You do collect physical animu/mangos, right Yea Forums?
I used to, until I learned that mangaka never receive a single penny from overseas sales.
There's a few mangaka and artists that I've talked to on pixiv and such and they're willing to send me digital raws of their stuff for a small donative.
Unless you're buying your stuff from Japan, you're not supporting the author.

It's not a matter of supporting the creator, it's a matter of being able to enjoy your own favorites as you see fit without needing to rely on servers or being able to find torrents. Piracy ain't what it used to be.

The frogs and Italians really lucked out with anime getting already extremely popular during the late 70ths to early 80ths.

Yeah, all America really got was the highly edited versions of stuff like Starblazers, Robotech, Voltron. That sort of thing. And tragically there hasn't been any real interest or demand to build off that to get the proper versions over.

>never receive a single penny from overseas sales
I'm sure it's less than if you bought the JP version directly but surely they don't get literally nothing? What would be the point in letting overseas publishers license it if they don't get anything?

I got a few dozen manga volumes and another few dozen lns. no anime though

The whole system is a bit weird from what little I can gather.

so what? The anime and manga industry stay afloat if the CEOs and executives are paid, it's why the Japanese government can just pump money into it because none of it gets to any lowly mangaka or animator. nobody in the industry gives a shit about the actual creators

Of course

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>no futa
>no loli

Just wait til you guys find out about torrents, you're gonna freak

They buy the license to distribute oversees. In order to ensure the original licensor doesn't compete with the overseas licensors, the right to distribute is separated by region, and in the past the most common way of overseas distributing is a localization company approaching the original licensor (typically a publisher like Shueisha) and paying them a sum up front for the right to distribute in their region. This means Shueisha wouldn't be allowed to sell that manga in that region, and doesn't own the profits of that manga in that region by extension. At the same time the overseas market wasn't really important to them nor did they want to invest in it, so these one time payments were fine enough. You also had the increase in exposure so merch sales go up so they still make good money.
Now, however, most of these guys have bought out overseas distributors, and don't need to sell the rights to distribute in the main regions, the profits go entirely to them. Doesn't mean the mangaka gets a cut though, since publishers ultimately hold IP rights from the very beginning, mangaka just get treated very well for cash cow series.

you have shit taste

>Now, however, most of these guys have bought out overseas distributors