Boku no Hero Academia

How many chapters until Dabi kills himself? 2? 3?

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Dabi will burn himself to death and take Endeavor down with him in 5

The average Endeavor fag

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They aren't in the same place, speed reader kun

I wanted Deku to face off with AfO one on one before this ended
guess that's not happening

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2 and 1/2, the same amount it took him to betray Twice and kill him.

intense bareback sex with deku

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I figured they would get a chance to be alone together in the vestige world

He will meet him in Shiggy's body. The same way it happened in war arc final.

Deku will clearly fly by every battlefield and fight a bit before his final showdown with Shigaraki

yeah and that's fucking lame

Says you

I thought Deku already talked to him in that world before JT and during the war arc.

it's not. AFO old self has nothing to do with Deku.

He still has to open the vault tho

That might be the final conflict. Deku letting Shiggy eat OfA and having an internal quirk fight like Star had. Deku + Shiggy vs AfO

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I know I'm supposed to be looking at the tits but I can't stop laughing at whatever the fuck that is going on with the hair

I think the old body will die, but Deku will fight AFO/Shigaraki fusion on the outside while Shiggy and AM's absorbed vestige fight on the inside.



Still more of a man than any decuck.

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What even is her hair supposed to be in canon, dreadlocks? tentacles?

some weird mutie shit that looks like tentacles.

>take Endeavor down with him
Why are some people obsessed with this? Why must Endeavor's fate be locked with Dabi?

We know, white tiger from tobu zoo

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Endeavor death

Spoilers in 3 days

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dios mio

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vitiligo tits

I think that's just a shadow, user

Endeavor living and having eight more kids with Hawks and/or Mirko


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I looks white and patchy.

because they can't accept the fact that Dabi will die while Endeavor gets to live. if Dabi dies then Endeavor should too, that's justice according to their logic.

He will sacrifice himself to save Shoto from some other villain

That's kinda neat, the real question is: can Dabi feel empathy to do that? not rhetorical by the way

>A fight on the outside
>A fight on the inside
I somehow recall the fight against Wargoth from Dragon Fable being something like that and it's been years since I played that game.

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Dabi will job, even killing himself. I don't know how, but he'll do it.

We know he will job and kill himself, that is what OP posted.

He'll survive, but as a lump of charcoal.

900, we're getting 899 chapters of only Toya backstory in meticulous detail before he launches a prominence burn and kills himself

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then he is better dead than alive, don't you think? the law will let him suffer so long before executing him.

Why does Deku with white hair work so well?

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Some thing of it as dreadlocks, some depict it as some sort of curly style like in picrelated, personally I like the latter more

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makes him look more like his father

Fire bunnies AND firebirds sound better. There’s plenty of Endy’s fire cock to go around.

I like it because to me it implies he is possessed by AfO, which would be KINO.

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What will it take for Deku to finally unlock his blanco form?

Killua looking ass

We're not talking about the law or good or bad. I'm saying, Dabi is a compulsive screw up. And intentional self destruction is just beyond him.

Fuck Endeavor bloodline
He gets muties grandchildren from Natsuo

>intentional self destruction is just beyond him
It's the core of his character, man. Remember what he told Shoto? He doesn't mind burning himself up as long as Endeavor suffers.

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not necessarily, the first holder has white hair and green eyes


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Why did Deku save Chisaki?

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Deku can’t let go of his “no kill” moralfaggotry. It’s gonna cost him in the final fight

Deku is big gay for bad boys.

reminds me of that pokemon chapter where a doctor helped team rocket

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not just any green eyes but exactly the same color and shape as deku's

Man, Deku could look even MORE handsome if he changed up his hairstyle a bit.

he just has to frown and that's it


Plot twist, Deku is Yoichi's son and not All for One's son.

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I love this cute brat

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when he narrows his eyes he basically becomes shindo

He is a hero who saves everybody

To mindbreak that one antioverhaulfag

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Has literally anything in this manga happened since the shiggy fight?

The 1A boys ran a train on Deku. That's it.

Traitor reveal, American #1, and slight toga insight.

One of things I hate most about this manga is Deku's lack development. After all the shit he has been through no normal man can survive and still be crybaby. His first year in UA was on par with going to war, you leave a boy but if you come back you are man.
Deku should have grown at least another 25kg of muscle and a spine by now.

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Deku got a cake waifu

how would that even work?

and a giant furry waifu with huge tits

He jerked off Yoichi while he was asleep and froze his semen for 100 years

No, that's Shoji's wife

just stop trying to selfinsert as him if you don't want to pretend to be a cute twink who all the boys lust after

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And tigers

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Deku is a cake waifu.

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>Shoji never got his arc
>Gets a big titty fox gf instead
t-thanks hori

None of the students have bulked up 25kg, if that ever happens it would be in the last chapter of the manga.

we know that's not possible because he died more than 100 years before Deku was born. Besides, DFO would be better since it would be like Yoichi giving his brother the finger, picrel

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deku is barely a character, there's nothing credible in the way he acts (notice I said credible, not realistic)

>obsessed with brother
>realize he won't make it very long due to how frail he is
>jerk him off one night while he's sleeping and freeze his sperm
>he dies later
>100 years after that, decide it's time
>start flashing money and status and hooking up with tons of women
>leave condoms actually full of little bro's semen in their trash cans
>one tiny little green haired cutie finally takes the bait
>kid is born
>somehow keikaku nemesis to give back little brother's quirk to his new son
>all this to keep playing superheroes with little brother after he died
how can other main antagonists even compete?

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Reason I say that is becuase if you take a look at AM his quirk (or at least how OFA manifested in him) clearly alters his muscle mass. From what we see in flashbacks AM went from otter-mode to bear-mode in under 2 years after getting OFA, Deku should at least be showing signs of that.

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Being bullied isn't credible? Did you even read the manga?

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I could see Deku getting a muscle form in this final fight. Maybe something similar to Gon

as retarded as that is it would at least be better than what we got. If Deku is gonna be the chosen one at least it would have given us a funny backstory

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reacting to being bullied the way he does isn't credible

Why would it be OFA-related when we've seen all previous users and only AM is that buff. Deku and AM are not related, and Deku's mom is tiny, and he will remain like that as well thankfully

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Deku's dad is literally just going to be Jack Midoriya but with fire breath and a different name.

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No, seriously, what the FUCK is his quirk?

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OFA gang seems cool. I'd watch a spinoff with them

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People want to fuck Eren and he was the angriest motherfucker on the show.

What does that have to do with anything?


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it's 100% AfO and the fact it's so poorly set up is exactly why I'm convinced, that's how this retard hori writes

if it's not set up at all then what makes you think that it's true in the first place?

>muscle form
AM's muscle form is just his body taking the shape it did during his prime. From what we have seen in the movies and flashbacks AM was a meat tower even when not using AFO prior to getting his organs blown out. AFo clearly boosts physical parameters even when not in active use, the forth user outright says that the reason he died is because OFA was putting too much strain on his body so it has some passive body altering element to it.

I think it's just retards that doesn't understand that it was Hori's lazy way of drawing dreadlocks made of straight hair.

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He was also a twink.

would have made a much better love interest for Deku than Ochaco that's for sure.

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gross, deku deserves better than that uggo

deku deserves a girl who is actually cute

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t. ochunky

>le tsundere grill
even when bakuspergs try to be less gay they manage to have shit taste

Sorry, wrong image.

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me too. I realized they were dreadlocks since it's stated she doesn't take care of herself very well, but french curls suit her better. Whe I first saw her I imagined she was one of those characters that has a doting mom/sister that does her hair

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lewd deku

Cute and canon

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do you think Bakugo's mom is ugly too?
Female Bakugo (I call her Kiki chan since that's a phonetic for little explosions in Japanese) is basically a younger hotter version of her mom.

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do you think he jacked off that night remembering the softness and the smell

Friendly reminder that the only truly cute and canon deku ship is deku x hospital bed

>do you think Bakugo's mom is ugly too?
Kinda. I hate the uglyass haircut

of course

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deku will be acting like a slut with that thing

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>None of the students have bulked up 25kg
Well, there's Momo's boobs...

Makes members of AfO's family fall in love with him

from what we know she smells pretty bad since she forgets to bath. Also, Deku is so low t he probably doesn't even masturbate.

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Some people are into that, especially in Nipland. And Deku exercises a lot, doesn’t that increase testosterone?

>from what we know she smells pretty bad
yes that's exactly the point

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I don't believe in the whole self inserting thing much but when I see people write or draw Deku as some super tall and buff as well as making him all dominating personality, only then do I think people are self inserting since at that point it's not even Deku. Like just use a character already like that such as, I don't know Endeavor or AfO maybe?

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I would rather read 100 stories like that than 1 where he’s quipping and memeing like a zoomer.

Fair enough.

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He's so cool.

Not even a little bit.

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Mate, those are drawn by women.

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>Also, Deku is so low t he probably doesn't even masturbate.
Deku works out and is pretty fit, plus he probably eats well to maintain his lean body. So I'm sure his testosterones level is pretty good.

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Some sort of beam hence why he needed the gauntlets.

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I’m still convinced he’s Bakugo. The gauntlets are super similar.

Post your best ocucko

He's not. Deku would have pointed that out by now if it was.

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Yeah, I kinda agree. Long and wild would suit her better. Fem Bakugo would be a glamazon

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He’s older, much calmer, scarred, and no one has any reason to believe time travel is real.

Why does she have a heart attack whenever a girl gropes Deku but blushes when it's a creepy old dude?

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Sad birb

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She’s a fujo

Because another girl is a bigger threat

>bakugofag is brain damaged
many such cases


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Hawks is not for sadness. His tiny body is built for big, warm, and loving hugs.

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I don’t like him, but time travel is less gay than him staying around and sperging out

For me, it's the classic.

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I prefer the Cuck-chaco, it looks weird in print but roles of the tongue better.

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Nooooo cheer him up!!!

Everyday until canon.

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What the fuck did you guys say to him? Look what you’ve done

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why have we never seen him be assertive with a girl, ever. You would think we would get something even if it was in MHA Smash.

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classic taste, my man.

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Marry Endeavor

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you are gonna be at this a long time then

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In Smash he was closer to a school shooter than a hero student

Endeavor will live and have 5 more kids using Reis fertile womb, sorry not sorry Dabi fans

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why do you guys have so many ocuckos

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To be fair I don't have that many.

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Mirio’s dead, user.

Deku has better things to do than waste time on hoes

I can’t wait for all the normalfags to drop Mirio and call him a “groomer” when he ends up with Eri. It’ll be hilarious.

It's like stamp collecting

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Quit being jealous of his chad bully arc.


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Stop what?

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I need to re-read smash


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stop what?

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Tell me, what's the appeal of this ship?

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Attached: ochacuck 76.png (771x548, 353.78K)

You mean his insecure dicklet arc?

it appeals to fujo's who think they want an abusive boyfriend and discord trannies who just like spamming cuck shit everywhere

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Attached: ochaco cuckface 8.png (226x590, 262.06K)

Attached: 1602647024979.jpg (1280x720, 176.56K)

I wish that window was my penis.

alright fun's over
everybody stop posting

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You want your penis to be flat and a square?

that's every chapter he's in

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so much wasted hentai potential with Toga, wasted.
I want a series where Deku and Ochaco are in a relationship and Toga transforms in Ochaco regularly to spend time with Deku, Ochaco suspects Deku is cheating on her but Deku doesn't know it's Toga and Ochaco can't prove anything; have it go on for years to the point that Ochaco starts thinking she has memory lapses because she can't remember dates her and Deku went on that were actually Toga

Attached: Toga as Ochaco.jpg (1200x811, 144.69K)

Attached: Ocucko Uraraka.png (862x466, 214.66K)

Attached: GRAPED (650).jpg (740x925, 169.83K)

Attached: 5d031c084357c2d37b9a1a3.jpg (862x1141, 272.16K)

someone needs to add a tall freckled fox boy to it

Attached: Ochaco cuck face.jpg (489x536, 58.99K)

They’re only hard on you because they love you kacchan

Attached: CEEFF4A3-28E3-4DBE-84D1-60775155D2F3.jpg (1134x1568, 188.23K)

And a boy who's arms can turn into guns.

Attached: 1649021676164.png (800x1200, 103.53K)

Attached: 1644780496970.jpg (1901x2048, 467.22K)

why are you guys so mean

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Why do I keep seeing these images of the goblin shitting on bakugo? Why the green goblin specifically?

Is that what your dad tells you after he’s done beating you?

>9 months

Attached: Oh God Oh Fuck deluxe (1).png (589x1011, 930.85K)

Attached: E7L8VOjUUAQpD3f.jpg (1799x1158, 258.78K)

How are we mean?

Attached: 188873763.jpg (640x691, 64.12K)

I dunno but they're hilarious

It's a spic meme so take that into consideration before you think too hard about it

Attached: FFA3261D-8462-417E-BDED-0597B5D9780C.jpg (1043x1018, 125.71K)

What the fuck

Attached: 9fd3a44898e63e543776f895e5bf106f9340ca43b3b6868bd9b2f1d9fed4fbd8.png (136x188, 18.71K)

Attached: GRAPED (130).png (540x540, 413.31K)


don't worry Ochako, you'll get Deku in the end after everyone else is done passing him around

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