Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall

Guess what guys

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Is it good?

I remember the first TV anime having lot of menstruating teenage girls

The day lots of anons got OKADA'd for the first time.

Domo arigatou, brave soldiers who fight the frightening Disney Megacorporation.

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This felt out of place.

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He He Ho.

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So what, she some kind of girly version of Jean Claude Van Damme?

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Most likely

Hmm. So, they're using zombie girls to fight the robot apocalypse?

Is this machine translation?

To what raw it is timed?

No it's my glorious N5 level translation


I have no idea how .srt files work. Google tells me they just need to be in the same folder, is this correct?

Just use whatever media player you use to play the anime, then go to the subtitles menu and click on the subtitles file it asks you to upload.

Okay, thanks, I try that when the torrent finishes.

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This translation sucks

is this mtl?


You are pretty bad at this. But hopefully practice will serve to your improvement.

Anything specific I can work on?

It's all we have.

Is she OD'ing or orgasming? I never can tell.

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I felt that. Fuck flip-flops.

OP here, I'm very sad right now because I stayed up all night to work on this just to be told it's not that good or that it looks machine-translated :(

I liked it, anyway. In the "improvement" regard, you don't need to have empty subtitles on music you can't make out. Also, the trike says "Gravel Mode" and "Tarmac Mode".

which raw you time this user?

Ah so that's what it said, it would've helped if I knew what tarmac even was. Admittedly English is my second language so I've never really encountered that word before. Of course I know gravel but I just stupidly heard it as crab. Doesn't help that in Japanese, b and v are nearly identical sounds. As for the music, the srt file that I downloaded didn't account for it but it's so silent that I can't really hear the lyrics well enough to translate it anyways.


tarmac is a paved surface made with tar or asphalt.

ah yeah I've heard of that before, that's interesting

Guess who has the distribution rights in the west. Disney

And nobody rips from them? Or do they not have subs?

Overdosing on orgasms.

They have no subs. Not even Japanese subs. I had to translate this by listening to the audio

So it's a japanese channel/site belonging to Disney or they only have japdub/engdub and no subs at all?

Disney+ has yet to make the anime available in the West. It is only available in Japan, obviously no English dub, and no English subtitles. It could be the case that they have Japanese subtitles but that for whatever reason they weren't ripped so I don't know if they have them or not.

Pulling it out of thin air, but they might aim to release it all in one batch after japanese airing ends. IIRC, something similar happened to LWA TV series back in the day.

The one good thing about a potential binge release is that it'll dampen the "discourse" from autists this scene would've otherwise spawned

>or that it looks machine-translated
I haven't looked at them yet, but one reason people might be asking if it's machine-translated is because someone DID put an MTL subtitle file onto nyaa.

People really still care about notoriety more than making good subs

Just watched it. A lot of the translations are misleading or straight up wrong.

Took a look at it just now, it's basically incomprehensible at times.

Specific examples? Someone mentioned that I got the names of the trike modes wrong so I know that much but it would help me for future reference if you could tell me what I got wrong.

Can you edit it? OP will definitely appreciate help.

translator's notes aren't "misleading" or "wrong" yknow

Sure. At around 20:15:

"Kusottare ga! Nani hitotsu umaku ikanee janee ka?" translated as "Shit, who's doing all this? Could it really be just one person?" which isn't even remotely close to what he said. It should be translated something like "Shit! Why is nothing going the right way!?".

Ah you're right, I can't argue you got me there. Honestly you should go in and edit everything I got wrong, this is my first time trying this and my Japanese is still limited so I did this mainly as a learning experience. If there are any other specific examples, let me know so I can see exactly how I fucked up.

>I'm Black Rock Shooter... Dawn Fall

You don't need subs. BRS is an AESTHETIC anime.

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Saw a screenshot of this on twitter. Maybe the show was lucky it's delayed in the west because holy shit it would have started dumb controversy.

I will now watch the new black rock shooter


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The zombie lolis Empress, Dead Master and Strength will save the Earth.

Just watched it. Raw, hadn't checked Yea Forums all day.
It was - dogshit -, but it was WAY better than the garbage Mari Okada wrote a decade ago. I didn't see Ryo's name anywhere in the credits though, and there was no BRS song, so this is some fucking bullshit.
The fact they gave it to some no-name studio that that clearly couldn't do anything but garbage animation, instead of Sanzigen with Imaishi directing like in the Ordet anime's 3DCG sequences (the best part of that show), is also some fucking bullshit. BRS deserves the love ID-0 and BBKBRNK received.
All that said, I'll keep on watching. Just because, fuck Mari Okada.

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Always ready to blow shit up

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I hope you weren't expecting anything too similar to the OVA and its TV series remake. It's been pretty obvious this was going to be more like the PSP game for a while.