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Eris will always be best girl.

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damn user, you were so close to posting the actual best girl

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was that "filler ep" in the theaters the eris OVA or was that something else?
also s2 wen

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Imagine having a dog wife that can smell your arousal. Though I guess Eris pretty much does the same thing...

>was that "filler ep" in the theaters the eris OVA or was that something else?
( ワ)ノʸᵉᵃʰᵎ
>also s2 wen

The only thing we know is that it's confirmed.

Is it possible to gain Touki as an infant by heavily exercising?

Well, Paul started to make Rudeus begin training in swordfighting before the age of 5 with wooden swords, so it seems that the common wisdom ought to be that yes, you can start developing muscles early, and thus also later on battle aura.

my guess would be no.
Author seems to have associated magic with language development and battle aura with muscle development. Infants have natural language abilities while still not being able to coordinate muscle control.

Nice try Hitogami, I'm going to Begaritt

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I’ve finished the anime. How should I continue? Light novel, web novel or manga?

Eris should've been more bashful in bed. And Sylphy more dominating.

Can animals really smell arousal?

LN and then you’ll continue with the WN.
Don’t bother with the manga it’s meh you might as well wait for the anime if you hate reading.

Rifujin let Rudeus off too easy for being a serial panty thief in the WNs/LNs. Hopefully the anime corrects this in S2 and he gets punished appropriately.

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Continue from vol 1 of the LN you’ll thank me later.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

>might as well wait for the anime if you hate reading.
I'll wait! No matter the cost, however long it takes. I'll wait.

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Dumb dog

stop bullying Lady Eris

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Dumb animals

probably? I know they can smell when girls are on the rag

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When female animals are in heat they discharge a strong smelling fluid that arouses other animals. Working dogs can smell horny dog grool from up to 5 miles away.
t. worked n a farm and with animals

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Gonna love S2 without eris shit

im partway through LN 9 and I'm really starting to get tired of this "will she, won't she" shit with Sylphie, granted I can sort of tell she's gonna come clean in this volume it's still getting rather irritating

You're gonna see her anyway because of Nina Farion. Plus, you know, Rudeus still thinking a lot about Eris, as she keeps living rent-free in his head.

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You’re almost there, the grand raping of Rudeus Greyrat and the newlyweds chapter.
Do blogpost when you get to vol 12 begaritt too.

based babymaking with Eris

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Anime onlies will probably be turned off of Eris because her POV was so shit in the anime compared to the one we got, and with a puny migger tempress/rapist in the way, Shiruphy fags will reign supreme for decades to come

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Hate Sylphy, I think Rifujin should replace her with Thunder Sonia from orc hero~ *Giggity*

No one is going to read orc hero no matter how many times you bring it up.

11,12, and 14 are better for their action
9,10 and 13 are redeemed by their extra Eris chapters and content
Which is why S2's Eris content will enrage the Eris haters

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I will read Orc Hero once it gets an anime adaptation and has a translated light novel release and a manga adaptation.

Dun care just saying she should be replaced with Sonia~

for what its worth i've enjoyed bootleg hogwarts so far, though the pacing and lack of a clear end goal does kinda make it drag a bit compared to back when Dead End was trying to get back to fitoa

nta but when they buy a certain house and mention basement and rats, remember that sentence very well you’re gonna look back fondly on what I just mentioned

Stop trying to be so *smart* with your spoiler-shit, user. You're the kind of dumbass child that ruins everything because of his autistic need to tell everyone about something later on.

Not my problem also I didn’t spoil anything. It’s a pretty cool foreshadowing which you won’t really remember without a second reread.

Btw If I DID want to spoil something I’d go with something like who betrayed Rudeus from his close circle of acquaintances? Who was the sleeper agent? Just who giggity giggity giggity. But well that’s for user to find out.

So only anime adaption left. Honestly won’t be surprising if it gets one in the future though not anytime soon since author with die he was already complaining about overwork(despite playing games all day)

will* die or alternatively like he said run away from his responsibilities and say fuck it

This tweet retweet by Bind itself claims which studio did what
Mushoku Tensei(無職轉生~到了異世界就拿出真本事~):
Studio Bind: #01, #02, #03 #05, #07, #08. #09, #11 #12, #14, #15, ##17, 17.5(OAV), #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23
Staple Entertainment: #04
Frontier Engine: #06
ROLL2: #10
Studio Voln: #16

So Bind did nearly everything.

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Ah because how people were saying how Bind was outsourcing everything? Yea that was another doomposter cope

nah, i thought it was interisting. Also, i couldn't tell which of those episodes were outsorced. They most likely gave a lot of time to do them.

Background looks so off. It’s like they copy pasted anime art onto a picture.

I remember some tweets from the western animators too who were practically bragging, a lot of work was done to get them as good as they were


how do you think anime onlies will react to Rudy's impotence being a somewhat major plotline

Bzzzt, nice fake spoilers there but incompetent fools like Luke can’t be sleeper agents.

I don’t watch this cuz I’m a 25 year old kissless virgin and seeing young love and sex makes me suicidal

just kill yourself and you'll be whisked away to a fantasy world just like rudy

No. You must die by a truck, or die in the vicinity of others who are being whisked away to a fantasy land.

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I hate Rudy and Eris because they lost their virginity together young and I hate Rudy because he has what I’ll never have

you can suicide by jumping in front of Truck-kun

At least you don't find it problematic and gross right? Welcome newfriend.
He wasn't isekai'd because of a truck though or because he died otherwise everyone would be doing it get it right buddy. You have to be in a half dead state so that when a friendly neighborhood highschooler gets isekai'd only your soul gets transported not your body thus you achieve artificial quasi reincarnation.

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Reminder that Rudeus in the novels was actually bragging far more than he did in the anime:
Good morning, everyone! Yes, good morning to all you virgins out there, it’s a great morning! They say it’s only permissible to still be a virgin while you’re in grade school, so how about you guys? Ohh, me? I’m not so great. Ha ha, I’ll soon be thirteen. If we convert that to school years, that means I’m already in middle school. Ha ha!
Also, hello there to all you non-virgins! From today on, I’m one of you guys! In other words, I’m a “normie” now! I never thought I’d be joining you, but I hope you’ll give me a warm welcome, since I’m just a beginner. Like they say, rich people care about profit and fighting only brings losses, so let’s be friends!
I’d heard rumors that fleshlights felt even better than a real woman’s body, but they were all lies. Besides, fleshlights were missing various things, like real lips and a tongue. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell—there was something about sex that satisfied all five senses.
There was a saying back in my old world: “Don’t act like you’re her boyfriend just because you’ve had sex one time.” I understood what people meant by that, but—and I’m not really sure how to say this—but when I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close, she slipped hers around my back and returned the embrace. I could hear her ragged breathing in my ear, and when I looked at her face, our eyes locked. If I kissed around her mouth, she’d stick out her tongue, and it was a flood upstairs and downstairs.

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What a missed opportunity imagine Sugita saying all of this:
You just really feel like you belong to each other in that moment. It’s not just physically but mentally fulfilling, I guess? Wanting each other and giving yourself to each other? Those of you with tons more experience are probably thinking, “Don’t get carried away just because you did it once.” But I couldn’t help it. I wanted to act like I was her boyfriend. Eris probably wanted to act like she was my girlfriend, too.
Whoops, sorry about that. That was probably a bit too stimulating for you virgins out there. How rude of me. Based on my own internal sense of time, I’d been thirsting for forty-seven years, so I was a little excited now that I’d finally gotten what I wanted. Or maybe it was more accurate to say I’d lost what I wanted?
Long ago, I thought I’d try to keep it cool even if I managed to lose my virginity. Oops! Guess I was wrong. Oh my, it’s already this late? Sorry, I’ve got a date with my girlfriend to have some pillow talk this morning. I’m sure we’ll be getting it on hot and heavy tonight. Maybe we’ll get some afternoon delight, too!
Come on, Eris, it’s morning! Wake up. If you don’t wake up, I’m going to prank you

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issa joke bruv

Rudy still experienced young love and has three beautiful, amazing wives that love him and also lust for him.

god shes so hot

I posted precisely to make you more jealous about how Rudy was bragging to virgins like you.
How do you feel about that?

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Roxy fucked Rudy to help him get over his dad’s death. You have to be gigachad for a girl to do something like that, especially since women hate it when men show weakness.

My fucking sides. user won't get that though

Since he knows the truth I think Rudy's a gigachad enough

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No wonder he gets pussy. He was short and fat in his previous life

consider this: rabu

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>hating the AbsoluteChad™ of Mushoku Tensei

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I bet the ugly guy is a virgin

>can't beat a magician in a mock sword practice
Ughhh Luke sisters?



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clearly Luke let Rudeus win because he didn't want to disgrace the man on his wedding day. Such a magnanimous soul!

Demon eyes of foresight are cheats.
But in all honesty, yes, Luke is weak. Not that Luke has a problem with that. His purpose is not to be strong, but to be sacrificed for princess Ariel. And to compete with her in the number of chicks bedded.

anime onlies are a pretty soft bunch, so they probably won't take it too hard.

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Nope he finds a Roxy replacement. And not only that his son and Rudeus's son Sieghart Chadadin Greyrat are brothers in arms(no homo)

Dam you carlos

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I counter your rabu with superior rabu

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I still find it amusing that he's the captain of the guard even later on when Ariel has guys like Sandor.

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All hail user's cute cunnywife, the one and only empress of all demons(who is also very cute!), Kishirika Kishirisu!

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Literally a walking talking dildo.

I don’t watch anime where the MC regularly has sex and experiences young love

He finally did it, good for you Quagmire

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There's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with sexo and I'm tired of pretending there is!

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There is something wrong when you’re so ugly and autistic that even 350 lb trailer trash single moms don’t want you

it's b/c Ariel is completely monged over Luke's Noto(riou)s cock.

Luke conquers not only in the field of battle but also in the bedroom.hhgx0

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There are always whores for (You) here you can self insert as one of these guys if you want to

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I would rather kill myself than pay someone that doesn’t like me and finds me attractive to have sex with me.

Now that's a real incel mindset you often hear it on this site but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that you just have to conquer your fears and go for it.
No wonder you can't get a GF if you can't even pay a whore.

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Girls are even less likely to date someone who has fucked a hooker than a virgin

Also whores don’t love you, they secretly think about how much they hate you that they have to have sex with someone so repulsive

Eris will always be best girl Right behind my cute cunnywife of course

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That's not the point you're not there for love you're there for sex. And you can also converse with actual women and let your incel shyness go away.
>Girls are even less likely to date someone who has fucked a hooker than a virgin
No need to tell them. Simple as.

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I don’t want sex without love or intimacy.

That's what they always say here but that's wrong you are simply scared. Get over your fears have sex and you'll be fine.

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Girls don’t want me because I’m ugly and autistic and short

Shame she never met with Darius.
Which is why you go for whores for a test ride.

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Whores are the only ones who will fuck me, I can never attracted a women

Who was the slave girl that Darius was groping when the nobles were planning Ariel's assassination attempt?
I remember in the ln it mentioned that "only the slave heard" about it or something but it seemed to not matter since fitz chopped the assassin's limbs off in the end

Too bad for you then. But if you're like this all the time even whores will neve fuck you get your shit together user. Make the first stride.

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incelthink is genuinely sad

I don’t want to pay for sex. I don’t want to have sex with someone who isn’t into me.

Is that from the manga you're taking about? I don't remember if any of them were named in the LN.

That's only an excuse user it's time to admit you're just scared and shy.

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I’m physically unattractive, short, autistic, have no job and live with my parents. I’m also fat. All things changeable other than height and facial stuff, but it’s obvious why I’m not dating.

I'm not talking about that but in regards to getting a whore. That's just an excuse is what I mean in the sense that you're just scared otherwise you'd go and have sex immediately.

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Just about to start LN 10 now, ngl seeing Ruijerd with Norn and Aisha on the Dramatis Personae section has me super curious what the hell happened but I'm extremely excited my boy is making a comeback in the story (no spoilers please)

I don’t want to get a hooker and I’ve already explained myself

My advice? Just read/binge to LN 12 and then come back for a while. Then binge to 15 and come back again otherwise you might get spoiled

You didn't explain yourself all you've been doing is making excuses. Your women problems will immediately be solved if you go have sex with a whore you can also learn to communicate that way with women depending on the kind of whore you get of course.

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actually you make a great point i probably should dip out for now

That’s not true and you know it. Seeing whores doesn’t make you attractive to the opposite sex

The whole Eris x Rudeus sex scene was probably the most well done sex scene i've seen in my life, the violin music with the flashbacks from their life together and the romantic kissing and handholding was, dare i say it, kino. (Which is why it was such a punch in the gut when Eris left Rudeus in the morning)

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Then you've probably been gay all along and it's time to embrace it user.

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It made me suicidal

i might have to check out the dub for season 2 solely to hear Pursena say "Fuck" repeatedly

Nah, it's in the light novel as well, and yes, it is heavily implied that the slave is the same assassin that Fitz dismembers. In that regard, the manga adaptation is pretty much on point.

You enjoy your STD ridden whores

I have never heard “fuck” in a dub or sub outside Black Lagoon

You do know that condoms exist, right?

You use a condom that's like common knowledge user. STD's are more frequent with gay people btw.

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nta. it's in the LN, but I'm not sure where. The bg/flashbacks on Fitz, Sylphy and Ariel are so chopped up.

>Who was the slave girl
I don't think it names her.

>it is heavily implied that the slave is the same assassin
oh. I must have missed that bit. I took it that the unnamed slave girl was an Eris substitute. Pretty sure they do name the assassin. or at least her nickname b/c she was responsible for several deaths.

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best thread on Yea Forums right now

How do the beard belts work? It's vexing.

I’m not paying a prostitute

They work in Shirotakas twisted imagination.

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dont shit on my dreams

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>best thread on Yea Forums
the rest of the board must be shit then

>the rest of the board must be shit then

How did you guess?

I remember the antagonist from Angel Cop saying "fucking Jap" (in the sub) and that's about it

with a lot of hair wax maybe

Idk about EN dub but she'll definitely keep saying FUCK in the original that's her shtick

Panty & Stocking frequently drops f-bombs in English and Japanese

if this prostitute incel conversation goes on for one more post i swear to god i will blow my fucking head off

I guess he was going for the beard ring look but got carried away with nip autism?

I find Ghislane's tailring thing odd. I don't see how it stays on either

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t. incel

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So when's season 3 coming out?


after season 2 comes out
captcha: VWKKK

>Rudeus Greyrat
>head my advise and listen very well
>I want you to go to Ranoa Magic University
>which lies at the northern end of the Central Continent
>which lies far far far far away from the continent Begaritt, where there's only sand and death and shit
>don't go to Begaritt, it's just shitty sand there
>anyway, go to Ranoa Magic University
>and not Begaritt
>in Ranoa Magic University, which lies at the northern end of the Six-Sided world, and thus the farthest away as it can be from the continent of Begaritt
>which is full of useless sand, may I remind you
>I want you to seek out a person named Fits
>at Ranoa Magic University
>and not the continent of Begaritt
>start a very very intimate relationship with that person
>don't worry if you think that's helluva gay
>just tell yourself "no homo"
>Ranoa Magic University is where you want to go
>and not the continent of Begaritt
>now that is gay continent
>it has gay dwarves in there
>you don't want to have your butthole ravaged by gay dwarves, do you?
>saying "ho homo" doesn't protect you

Like 300 episodes in, a one-off character in one episode of Detective Conan curses in English for no apparent reason.

Unironically if Rudeus didn't receive that letter saying everything is fine and Paul is on the way and had he not literally tried suiciding before that point with thing with Soldat he might've really gone to begaritt but the guy was absolutely spent mentally

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Do it

If you want a slut rabu the projenitor of whoreness and CEO of got you covered

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A worthy challenger indeed

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It makes me smile that Geese went in to save Paul's son thinking that he'd find some spoiled noble brat, but within the first 10 seconds he knew that Rudeus was Paul's son without a doubt

It's not uncommon since they think it's a funny word.
how could you forget this classic

Black people don't exist in my world

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