Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi
KR scan is out

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also it seems not unly uryuu, asahi also fully realizes that they're stuck in a timeloop

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oh no they're stuck again

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>getting nosebleed again
fucking really

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what is she trying to type here?

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So what's the deal? Both are aware there is a loop for some reason, but do they know what's making them reset? Asahi having secrets, regrets? The balance of wishes is a telling name, so there should be balance somewhere.

>Asahi also aware of loop and working with Uryuu to break it
This is why Asahi is the best girl for him. They’re always working together as a team.

i think the latter part of the chapter is asahi guessing that the root of the timeloop is from her unfinished wishes that are hanging on the tree

I think it's about ditching the other 2 and not doing anything in the festival. Last chapter Asahi felt wrong seeing their backs and imagined herself behind them but still went to the race.

Asahi a cute.

Chapter 44: With the Wish, return to Balance (Same title as chapter 43)

Side blurb: "We got the marathon victory out of the way!! Well so we thought... Is this a time loop?!"

Uryuu reading a 6/28 newspaper
>OK calm down. Let's think about this rationally...
>Yesterday was July 7th, and we had Asahi's marathon and the Tanbata festival... but today is 6/28??
>Am I caught in another supernatural event...?
>Was today a dream, or...

>Am I really back in time?

>Uryuu-kun plee~ase
>Can you help us hang the tanzakus in the higher places?

*makes cute face*


>yeah... sure (I heard this same exact dialogue a weel ago..)
>I don't think Yae or Yuna are aware that they are back in time.
>I'm the only one that was sent back in time with memory of July 7th.. is that right?
>No, am I overthinking this? Those guys are fine..
>Maybe I'm just having a strong sense of deja vu, and nothing more

>I'm home~

>Hmm? Welcome, Asa-chan

>You're back early. How's the club activities?

>Ahh... ahaha

>I'm feeling very dizzy today, so I'm taking a day off~~

>Really? The marathon is coming so take care of your body

>Ahaha~ ^_^;;

>Hey I'm not the only weird one!!
>Can't believe you also have memory of 7/7

>wh-what's happening..?

>No clue myself

>also it seems not unly uryuu, asahi also fully realizes that they're stuck in a timeloop

Birthday event starts this friday

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>If the same thing happens, we will have the same weather and the marathon will be delayed again.
>We really did go back a week..
>No way... I gave it all to win that day.

>Do we just have to repeat that day?
>I'll bring Yomiko-san like last time and cheer you on. Let's do it one more time
>If it's you, several wins are easy, right?

>If you say it like that... I guess I have no choice

>We're wrong. We're repeating the same week between 6/28 and 7/7 like "AB Repeat" (T/N what's that?).
>I-It's Okay!! There's probably a way out of this.. so don't be such a pessimist..

>AHA!!! Maybe this is a chance given by the gods for me to fulfill a whole bunch of wishes?!! THANK YOU, SIR GOD!!
(Uryuu: You're a real big optimist!)

>(Say, she's taking this supernatural event really lightly... she's definitely a shrine maiden)
>Is this really the time to be this emotional (in a happy way)? A time loop is usually a stressful thing, to say the least.

>Hey, hey Uryuu-san! Let's be positive about this

>I'm going to turn things around and use the time loop to fulfill other wishes. Maybe if we do this we can get out!

>Well I don't have any ideas, so this sounds good.

[Asahi's other wish: "Let me be a big and busty grown-up

>That won't change your physique any time soon

>We won't know how many times we're going to be in this loop, so it's important I continue working out
>Maybe if Uryuu-san fondle these, they will get bigger in no time?

>Don't be a dummy and be serious for once..

[Wish 2: let me learn to type without looking at the keyboard]

>Still have a long way to go..
>If I type like this, it takes time for me to do things on social media
>If I can type faster, I can promote our shrine a lot more..


>What are you two doing so late?
(A: Yuna onee-san..!)

>Perhaps you were doing something lewd..?!

>I was just getting help for my social media stuff..

>If that's the case, it's okay, but no need to overdo it, with the marathon just ahead of us
>leave the shrine to us (A: yes~)

[Wish 3: "to have everyone's wishes come true"]

>A grown-up wish for once.. but isn't this a bit too much?

>No it's not much.
>If us shrine maidens do our best to sincerely pray for these wishes, and if we can send all of the wishes to God, surely...

>Hey Asahi

Who cares. Yuna will win anyway.

>never had a nosebleed from yae's bountiful chest
>getting nosebleed not once but twice from asahi

>The truth is, you just want to stay for the Tanbata festical, right?

>I'm sorry? Why..

>I noticed it while observing you through the loops.
>You're really into this festival, but you had to go to the marathon because of the overlapping schedule.
>Well, you can do this multiple times now, so how about attend the festival this time?
>But... the marathon...

>There are several marathons in a year, right?
>So I think choosing the once-in-a-year festival takes priority
>Anyways if I'm wrong, forget what I said.

>I want to do it
>I want to join the festival with everyone else!

looks cute with the hairband/blindfold

Uryuu confirmed UOOOOHHH ToT enthusiast.

a man of culture

In Yae arc we got
>1 Asahi chapter
>2 Yuna chapters
I hope the author is not biased and this Asahi arc he will give us
>2 Yae chapters
>1 Yuna chapter
Because Asahi arc is so boring.

>They’re always working together as a team
You mean a Dad and his daughter

>If it was another wish we'd be done in no time, but with that wish ("let everyone's wish come true") we might have to loop a few hundred times

>Ahaha you're so severe
>I'm okay with staying this way

>Because like this I can have Uryuu-san all to myself.

>Don't say dumb things like that.. I'm not accepting this situation (the time loop)

>fufufu well just know what I just said

>Is it really okay, Asa-chan?

>It's okay I thought about my decision.
>I don't think it's appropriate to leave out the center of this festival!
(Uryuu: what are you, an idol? And "center"?)

>Of course the marathon is important, but.. (Wish: "please let me win the marathon")

He's only 2-3 years older than her I thought

Cope and cry. She still the main event.

It's only the third chapter and Asa is best girl it's entertaining for everyone else

It barely started, fuck off.

>>never had a nosebleed from yae's bountiful chest
>>getting nosebleed not once but twice from asahi

Loli fanservice
and pedo author confirmed nothing new.

>Asahi chapter
I slept

Yae was never the main event. She just got the first mini-arc yet her fans thought she was set for endgame despite the other two not getting their focus.

>Of course, all three Amagami shrine maidens need to be together!

Yae & Yuna
>hehe of course
>You leave us no choice, Asahi

[Meanwhile in the Bat Cave...]

Servant (speaking in formal manner)
>Miss Karen, are you still training?

>Of course, the marathon was delayed, so I need to train harder

>I'm looking forward to the festival

>Watch out, Amagami Asahi, I am winning this time!

[Side blurb: how will the one in hot pursuit take Asahi's choice to fulfill the wishes?] Translator: I'm not to good with really long run-on sentences with a lot of words, but it should roughly mean this.

Also I expected Uryuu to remember the alternate date Yomiko mentioned. I'm guessing Karen will have her heart broken that Asahi chose the festival, so there will be one more time loop where Uryuu will remember they can have the festival on August.

See you next week.

>never had a nosebleed from yae's bountiful chest
There was the nosebleed in chapter one, though I suppose there's a debate over whether it was due to getting a face full of Yae chest or if it was the sight of the three in underwear he got right after that.

Teenagers aren't lolis

Thanks user

Asahafags are sure as hell insecure.

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Asahi herself is insecure. She probably attracts a certain demographic.

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Imagine trying to hate on cute Asa

Thanks for the TL

Best girl

Rereading some chapters, I even forgot that she gave Uryuu a kiss on his cheek or ears while saying the exact thing Yae said. She really is the Ichika of the manga. Only acts after the competation makes a move.

I'm getting Endless Eight vibes here.
Asahi might be a Goddess but please no second Haruhi.

>asahi and yae will fight over uryuu like nino and miku
>yuna will swoop in like yotsuba and win
holy kek

Yuna = Itsuki
Asahi = Yotsuba
Yae = Ichika

Didn't read whatever you're talking about so not sure what you mean

Asahi will win

Yae will win

Yuna will win, the one-shot already told us this. Yaefags and Asahifags can only hope for a route ending.

Winning the Uryuubowl is less important than winning the best girl contest. Yuna has already last that.

thanks user, great work

So far, everyone deserves to win. I like all of them, but I don't mind if Uryuu ends up with one of the girls. We'll see what happens :)

Yuuna is the one that can only hope for routes.

fuck Asahi and her Haruhi-esque timeloop shit

>muh regrets

I don't know why you delude yourselves into thinking a side girl will win. 5toubun was the exception, not the rule.
Erika will win in Cuckoo.
Yuna will win in Amagami.
Ouka will win in Seo's cafe.


Plus thirsty Asahi who is set to vie for MCbowl is hardly similair to Yotsuba.

Asahi best girl.

No, Hiro will win in Cuckoo

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Erika, Riho, Asahi and Kotono will win

Sex with Asahi, the best girl AND winner

Silly user, it's all about fandom and execution. If the manga reaches a stage where it's fucking obvious Uryuu fell for Yuuna, you have a point. But at this point it's not the case so the 'side girls' have all the justification to ridicule metafaggotry.


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As the series is now, Yuuna only has meta going for her. All the Uryuu-Yuuna interactions so far have been more like siblings than like lovers.

Yuna didn't have her arc yet

Yunafags are delusional

Yae and Asahi got more development than Yuna even before this current series of time travel arcs. No matter what the upcoming Yuna time travel arc turns out like (probably a flash forward), Yuna has a lot of catching up to do.

This. It's how Chitoge won in Nisekoi.

>siblings than like lovers.

I know.

>Because like this I can have Uryuu-san all to myself.
What if this is the real reason for the time loop?

oh no

Author is also an itsukifag. It was over before it even began.

Yuna a best
Yae a 2nd best
Asahi a shit

He's right tho
It's obvious he will fall for Yuna in the end

Clearly you didn't read Nisekoi then. Unlike Yuuna, Chitoge accepted she fell for Raku early. Then stalling and family drama aside, she had problems getting closer to him. But she tried. Yuuna at this stage is only about Uryuu being a rascal and she doesn't trust him, let alone likes her sisters seducing him or thinks he is the one doing that. Her interactions with him are friendlike, nothing of mutual lovers.

Also Yuuna is the default pity win. No talents whatsoever unlike the other two, so taking over the shrine + getting Uryuu should compensate her while the other two takes over the world with art and sports.

Yae is more than just arts, she also does martial arts and maths. She's overpowered, honestly.

I read Nisekoi. Chitoge admitted to being in love with Raku during the play. Which was about 40-something chapters in and we're currently around that number. Yuna will admit to falling for Uryuu once she gets her mini-arc, it's quite obvious.

>No talents whatsoever
She's basically the head of all the shrine matters. The expert on the job she currently has.


But why are you still on about her arc? Yae and Asahifags are talking about the general state and buildup till now which is stronger with the other two.

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So basically depends on getting a hubby if that's all she is good at.

that's sidegirlfags' job

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>while the other two takes over the world with art and sports.
My sides, you're already in the coping stage. Acting as if their talents matter. The shrine storyline is the only real thing that matters since the manga centers on it.


For now, yes she has the largest claim to succeed as the head of shrine (and to do this she needs a husband)

Based traditional wife. All women need to worry about is finding a husband, building a family, and running the household.

>Maybe if Uryuu-san fondle these, they will get bigger in no time?
Based Asahi

>Asahi is a slut
>Yae is a slut
Yuna is the best sister by process of elimination

Yuna just because we're in a/ doesn't mean you're totally anonymous.

Asahi a best
Yuna a second best
Yae a worsr