Kanojo, Okarishimasu


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Im still on chapter 88. The double date is cute so far, especially with Yamada getting mad.

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While those technically are translations, still fuck you

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En translations out

Somebody dump this

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And done

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>backalley whore

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Mami best

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fuck off with this shit,
Just imagine now if the manga ends with Kazuya with Mami, after he does for her what Taro couldn't, Ruka settling for Kuri.
While Chizuru only committing to her role as a rental and the promise she will get Kazuya a girlfriend and then will move on find success as an actress.
Everyone is happy and a equilibrium in which all are friendly with each other still can be achieved.
I somehow hate this, but on the other hand it probably is a proper ending to this. Since you can't have put out a message that if you shower a rental with money she will eventually give in.

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schizo thread

Based Mami told whorezuru the truth

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>part 42
Reiji the mad lad did it, this arc reached as many chapters as the entirety of the Saint's manga.

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And done!

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So what do you think of this chapter Kinochads?

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>what makes you any different from a back-alley whore!?
She doesn't put out, at least not for Kazuya.

>that lip bite
Wonder if that's just how he's seeing it or if it's real.

preach Mami

Next week it will have the same number of chapters as Samurai 8.

>no one cares

>Pwease don't report me to the agency!

So...is she going to date Kazuya but also keep being a whore? Isn't that kind of a weird thing to say?

poor poor fool, I can't wait for the cold shower he'll get soon enough.

of course you can, what a stupid question
It was all for granny

She isn't going to date Kazuya, she is going to keep leaching money like she was used to. They aren't actually dating, don't be stupid.

>manga doesn't want to show Chizuru sitting on a toilet
>manga has no issue showing Kazuya sitting on a toilet
What did Reiji mean by this?

They will date because they love each other

>Rucuck so mindbroken she starts defending Chizuya

Lol. Lmao even.

closed toilet, doesn't count.

My point still stands

So does Mami actually realize she's in the wrong and desperately wants someone else (Chizuru) to be the bad guy? Is she just projecting?

So she's been watching him being the most pathetic simp on Earth and she LIKES him?
...Actually, I don't know why I'm acting surprised, considering the other girls, that's about standard.

The last stretch of the manga will now be a regular harem rom-com. Reiji is out of ideas.

Like, seriously??
Chizuru told Mami something Chiz herself shall take as an advice. That's a spectacular way to sabotage herself.

Besides, showing Kazuya sitting but not doing the same for Chizuru seems like double standards.

Mami could've actually worked as a raging moralfag if she weren't a snek herself. Then again, it's okay if she's not sincere, she is the villain.

It's the same thing she always said to Mami, it's not new.

At this point I'm convinced there is something about Chizuru that we still don't know that prevents her from falling in love with Kazuya, maybe she has a boyfriend/fiance/genetic condition that will kill her in a couple years or something, because by this point it's just stupid.

That's why Mami needs to die

She's the only one pushing this shitshow forward

this panel made mami look a a little girl trying to look tough instead of a raging femcel

And it hurts her reputation too

>It's the same thing she always said to Mami, it's not new.
That's what makes what she said even more bewildering. It's the same shit, but with an aggravation: Chizuru supposedly has feelings for him now,yet she insists into playing as mediator between Kaz and Mami or as a failure cupid trying to find him a gf. At least back then you have the story excuse of her still not realizing her feelings.

So kanokarichads, how is Reiji going to fuck it up this time? Will this series turn into a generic harem romcom? Will the fact that they lied to grandma to save face about Sayuri not be brought up again? Will Kibe discover that his best friend lied to his face when confronted head on? Betting is on!

Mami just wants to see the world burn

Spoilers said she was blushing but here's she's just pensive.

What could even happen next week?

>Will this series turn into a generic harem romcom?
75%, there is a possibility Chizuru wants to take herself out of the equation though, which would result with him chasing after her.
>Will the fact that they lied to grandma to save face about Sayuri not be brought up again?
I don't believe it will.
>Will Kibe discover that his best friend lied to his face when confronted head on?
I think they'll have a one on one latter on, like the one with Kuri, but longer and more flashbacks Kibe will be the one to push him to chase after Chizuru.


I hope it doesn't turn into a harem, I actually like this manga because of the drama happening, and if it turns into a harem it will turn into something really boring imo

>no one cares
Oh Reiji, you are a riot

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Chizuru is horny and was waiting for him. Lip panel tells it all. Kazuya is gonna sperg and ramble about how she didn't need to lie for him and she'll probably just straight up kiss him again and say I wasn't lying dummy

>I think they'll have a one on one latter on, like the one with Kuri, but longer and more flashbacks Kibe will be the one to push him to chase after Chizuru.
Add a fistfight without people ibterrupting and the push being "if by the end of this winter i don't see you with Chizuru, hand by hand, we definitely will never be friends anymore".

Finally nighttime and one on one in the hotel room

Cute sex soon

So ultimately Mami just wants Chorizo to be honest with her feelings, quit being a rental and become his gf for real. Why would she go through all this trouble otherwise? What a good girl.

I can't believe we finally hit night of the 2nd day.
The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching.

>Mami STILL gets BTFO even though she tried to lecture Chizuru

Day one was so many chapters, glad Reiji jumped forward a bit. Now if only Ruka would stay out of the room we could get some really good stuff. Don't think they'll have sex but there will be kissing and cuddling

Too soon for sex.

Yeah I'm just memeing, I don't think they'll fuck outside home. Chizuru is girly and wants her first time to be at home and this is too soon for Kazuya to learn to not shit his pants when he's intimate with her.

No, Mami wants what her father took from her. She wants a stupid boyfriend and being lovey dovey with him, she is pissed Chizuru can have it, but uses it just to make money. Chizuru doesn't know all that, but in this arc everyone gets a perfect intuition and strikes Mami exactly where it hurts.

Kazuya knows german?

gonna be a long ride until sex, i'm expecting it to be the climax of the final arc,and reiji will take his time and do a shitton of drama before ending this manga

Mamifags are still delusional thinking she had good intentions for what she did.

Chapter 18 of Sumi's spin-off is also out:

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Tbf, i see more drama escalating.
Kibe giving Kaz an ultimatum.
Ruka attempting at deflowering Kazuya.
Whatever shit Mami is gonna do (if kanojo goes the harem deconstruction, she may explicitly try to save Kazuya from Chizuru and Ruka).
Chizuru being in turbo denial and...
Possible collapse and Kazuya actually disappearing because he thinks he made too much damage. Chiz is the one who ends up leading the search of his whereabouts. Mami will stop her by putting lies of the likes of "he's fine. I started to contact him again and he told me he is fine and started anew in another town. Hey, it seems the 3 of us lost, because Kazu-kun is now steady with another girl too. And he told me to tell you something..."

I'm gonna say it they will fuck immediately when they are home. Neither is gonna be able to sleep because they are neighbors so there's gonna be a late night balcony talk and "come here lol"

You realize that we mamifags like her because she is a piece of shit, do you?

Could someone dump? I can't do it right now since I have to do some things.

>she isn't part of these shit arc because she's too busy corrupting shota

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Last paragraph would be kino

It's already nighttime so none of that is happening soon except maybe the Ruka rape but desu I see her pulling something like going sleeping into the other room. Next couple chapters will be just the two of them and the final day at the resort will just timeskip to back home or a train ride

miss mini so damn much

Why did you make 2 threads?


This is such a pathetic kid. I can already tell next chapter will have Kazuya fumbling non-stop like an idiot, getting horny by her lips and being unable to form complete sentences.

She doesn’t love him. Mami will realize she does and she will get him in the end. This is the endgame by the hack

Why does mami project so much?


I think it‘s one of those words that burgers sometimes use and they don‘t know where it comes from. Like kindergarten

best girl cover

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Next chapter will be them confirming status quo, you'll ask but how will they do that after the kiss? simple Kazuya will be too embarrassed/excited to mention it, Chzuru won't mention it either, but they'll agree they can't just break up after getting back, they'll have to fake it for a little longer(another big rest button). Their conversation is ultimately interrupted by Ruka barging in. The following night is the same as the previous, both Kazuya and Chizuru have trouble sleeping, Ruka has a blast.

Is she going to rape him?

I hate you because this sounds like something Reiji would do

Noooo it's not gonna happen

I really don't think they can sleep in the same room and just ignore the fact they kissed twice

Nah its gonna be both sided passionate seggs.
But legally yeah as the kid's like 10

I didn't make the other thread

She's a bad character

reminder that kazuya is gay

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>I really don't think they can sleep in the same room and just ignore the fact they kissed twice
Ignoring significant events like that is a classic romcom tool.

Panels that made history on Yea Forums

Sumi's panties are so cute

I can't believe he got a boner from imagining getting cucked

>Read 3 chapters of Miyajima's new manga
>Actually kinda like it
I'm not alone on this right? It could easily turn into fart doodoo stinky diarrhea but as for now it's decent.

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Wait, there are two more chapters now?

Fuck off Choriputafag

That's how he gets you

>Literally demands they kiss.
>They kiss.
>5 chapters later.
Am I the only one who thinks she brought all this on her self? Why is she so angry? The best she can do is wear a fake smile and plot her next move not THIS.

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I'll check it out when Kinokari is finished

she didn't think chizuru would actually kiss him

Hopefully that happens this year

Even Kusokari was pretty fucking stupid at the beginning. 3 chapters in to this and the mc has a love confession from his (turns out to be non blood related) sister who was trying to say it's ok to be together because they're blood related and he responds to her with that.

genuinely have no idea, it could end in like 20 chapters or it could go 200 more

>"haha I bet you won't kiss >:)"
>five chapters later
Yep, this is a woman worthy of Kayuza's heart.

mami death kinospread when she hears them fucking next door

>meanwhile, back on earth.

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Mami really needs to die

I wish the theory that Mami was actually a lesbian and in love with Chizuru were true, that would have been so funny

There was such a theory?

>pops full mast boner when thinking of guy ass
>just a small twitch when kissing a girl

At this point I think she just hates Chizuru and rental girlfriend as a whole their mere existence spits in her face, because of her circumstances.

yes people used to say that a lot


This whole plotline is a mess.
I'm not hyped. I'm not enjoying it. I'm not even disliking it. I'm just bored.

The author just systematically killed off any investment I have in the characters and now I'm just sitting here reading because I'm pretty sure there are only a couple chapters left before it ends and there's no reason to stop 98% of the way through.

>Doesn't end up in a three way

they'll bang soon okay

perfect execution of the batshit crazy women archtype 10/10

kazuya and umi? I expected

To be fair, his grandma was watching.

hahahaha are we really going this route reiji? oh you pathetic hack.

>no actual argument, just says ‘no I’
She’s going to charge him for the kisses, isn’t she

Damn, Mami is finally asking the right questions.

Yep I'm thinking it backs to status quo next chapter.

Who wouldn’t want a partner who does literally anything you want?

I hope not

Chorizo still being concerned over the agency shit is a huge red flag.

take a look at the final panel, similar panel was shown right before she kissed him. also she thought "never too late to reconsider your feelings" to herself

She can't, if she did she would acknowledge they happened and if she did they would have to have the conversation about their feelings and she still isn't ready for that(just fucking end it already). If she asked money for kisses she would be a literal whore.

cuz she wants to quit on her own terms. she said she was going to quit if she found a boyfriend. but the manga is pretty much over if she quits so reiji is gonna come up with something.

How the fuck could this ever reach status quo again?

I hate Choriputa so goddamn much

Kinda sucks that he sees no other route besides dragging this rental shit out. Especially since it feels like he's opened up several ideas with the movies and Chizuru's acting career. That's not even including what Kazuya wants to do as well.

Chizuru: It was just a kiss don't overthink it.
Kazuya(overthinking it): ahh she did that much for me. I can't do it! I can't break up with her! Maybe this arrangement isn't too bad...
Mami: I love Kazukun now!


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Lack of meds

I love Choriputa so goddamn much

I get it tho, the name of the series is Rent A Girlfriend. If she's no longer a rental what's the point. The series could end when they are officially together and their story could continue in a sequel.

We know, paypig #432

Holy shit CHORINACHO COIN RISING TO THE FUCKING MOON! How will Mamifags recover at this point?

Shitposting aside, finally one of these fucks is talking up for themselves, because Kazuya SURE AS FUCK AIN'T. I-is this pride I feel?

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I like this aggressive side of her

Me too

so is mami about to go yandere over kazuya because her sanity seems at its limit?

This, but Sumi.
>inb4 spin-off
Idgaf I want her interacting with Kazuya. She is the only girl he can talk to without turning into a sperg.

Only way reiji can "redeem" himself from 218 is showing K×C fucking while mami hears from outside the room.

It's very reiji like

I honestly don't understand why Reiji can't give Kazuya some actual character instead of him simply sperging out at everything. Does he really think this is fun? Do Nips think this is fun? I mean, indeed, it was somewhat comical at first, but when Kazuya should be taking things somewhat seriously this behaviour is jarring and frustrating.

No American (that I know of) uses verdammt, ever.

I've never heard of that term before

>"I'll bow my head to the floor right now if my apologies aren't enough!"
>rushes the fuck out

this dialogue is kinda stupid

There is no redemption, user.

If you build a hundred bridges and fuck one sheep they won't call you the bridge builder.
Reiji and by extension Kazuya will forever be cucks. The title is practically etched into his soul at this point.

I'm so excited for the next chapter. They're gonna actually talk and IMO she will say she wasn't lying

I caution you to temper your expectations friend.

When they fuck I highly doubt Reiji will show it in a way that looks like porn. Kazuya has rotten coomer brain and though the series Reiji has shown this multiple times. It would be really good if when they eventually fuck he sees that real life is not like porn and Reiji will draw it in good taste

Then again, Reiji never had good taste and if he draws 10 pages of them having graphic sex I won't complain but secretly I would be a little disappointed

>They're gonna actually talk
I wish I was as optimistic as you are.

Ngl, i'm more hyped for Boy's Abyss and Dog and Scum spoilers rn. Kanokari killed all the hype and progression with Chizuru handing Kazuya to Mami instead of taking her own advice.
What will happen afterwards?? It seems this goes full harem drama.

>What will happen afterwards

How else can he keep things going? Ruka's repetitive nonsense is fairly played out and tiresome. Time to engage Mami.

When ruka helped them earlier I thought he was redeeming her but I guess not. He better not write her forcing herself into the room again that was so annoying

>How else can he keep things going?
I thought the same after the movie arc, but then Reiji managed to drag things out with this horrible arc.

She's not quitting her rental job. Can you people stop being wrong for once?

Mami is supposed to us, raging at this shitty plot and complete disregard for character context.

No one thought the first kiss would have Chizuru drawn like this so it's totally up in the air. It would also be totally out of character for Kazuya to fuck like a porn star.

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There's probably some kind of punishment for breaking the rules.

Twice already she begged Mami not to tell the agency

Attached: Kanojo, Okarishimasu - Chapter 217 - 16.jpg (901x1300, 269.89K)

>Chizuru handing Kazuya to Mami instead of taking her own advice.
How are people so stupid that they think that's the direction the story is turning?

I-s this a callback to her cum inside face??
I wonder how much porn you have to consume to end up like coomer kazuya

>I-s this a callback to her cum inside face??
More like a contrast. Chizuru is drawn more realistically here to show that this is her genuine side in contrast to the fake, exaggerated orgasm face (after all, Kazuya has only ever seen women orgasm in porn).

>no one cares
Was that really necessary?

Because Chizuru was supposed to help him find a girlfriend and one of options was him getting back with his ex. It would bookend their relationship perfectly. Chizuru didn't know it's impossible, but tried once before.

Agreed, it pretty much garentees next chapter she’ll say it was all an act

Kazuya already confessed and Chizuru responded with a kiss. Chizuru also apologized last chapter for stealing him from Ruka and hurting her. Like come on, at this point you guys are just making shit up to shit on the manga.

I'm guessing the old bitch interrupts their talk next chapter before anything of substance can be said.

Chizuru never denies Ruka's or Mami's accusations. She's all in on this. You're all too paranoid. Kazuya also said that the kiss was a step too far and that there's no going back on this, and way back at the beginning of the trip he says their relationship undergoes a huge change.

Well yeah she'd get fired. In the US she could go down for racketeering kek

based understander of nuances poster


Probably not. I don't know how much you know about the world of escorting (I'm an expert) but escorts typically have to say that any money exchanged is for time and companionship. Anything that goes beyond that is just an act between two consenting adults.

The whore doesn’t want her agency to find out as she still will continue to rent herself
Mami has her core shaken and realize she wants a real relationship
Pretty neat development

Mami still has to pay for her deeds.

Of course not, she would get a talk about to try to be more descreet in the future and thats all. What has Mami about her? She is still claiming that chizuru is faking being Kazuya´s GF, wich, funny enough, is her fucking job.
Would they fire her for doing her job perfectly?

>Everyone knows about the rental girlfriend thing, they know we have been lying to them for months!
>We told them that we're really going out!
>And they believe that shit! What the fuck?!

>lip bite
Holy headcannon

>Who wouldn’t want a partner who does literally anything you want?
You dont know anything about women

Her job says no touching. If kissing is part of her job then imagine how many blokes she have kissed.

If Chorizo tries to push Kazuya to Mami after his little confession and everything they've been through I will fucking lose it.

>She is still claiming that chizuru is faking being Kazuya´s GF,
That's not what Mami is claiming at all. She's claiming that Chizuru is using her job to seduce a man and make him her boyfriend.

She is seducing him, so he continues paying her.

She's not an escort and she broke contract several times to keep her hooks in a single client with equivalent 10s of thousands of us dollars changing hands. Remember this agency is supposed to be perfectly legit with strict rules of interaction with clients that Chizuru has broken many of, multiple times, with a single whale client. The whole thing could come into question as front for racketeering really.

Yeah Chizuru is in deep shit if the agency found out about how far she's gone with Kazuya. That's why she doesn't want Mami to tell the agency. And from Mami's perspective, telling the agency wouldn't have any teeth if Chizuru could just quit and get off free.

based incorrect thread bokuyaba enjoyer

I want to destroy that cuck's face so fucking much and i'm mostly a pacifist

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Attached: e861defa-c155-4116-8b91-002899d160d1.png (1115x1600, 437.25K)

Attached: f29a2852-8412-413f-b5da-5f6f50f05b94.png (1115x1600, 547.31K)

>No one cares
Why is his family so trash


I cant take this faggot anymore. I just can't. Please someone shoot the MC or just end this shit finally. I can deal with every character in this franchise but no this massive faggot.

Attached: 89795634213.jpg (209x241, 6.63K)

How dare the protagonist lack confidence after being mindbroken by an NTR fantasy from thinking he got rejected.

I hear those jewish victim noises every time I see him

I feel you. I still hope at the end the author will say that this was all just an experiment to test if you can make people really mad IRL by creating a shitty character.

>cracked screen
why didn't he get a replacement? they're cheap as fuck

All his money goes to the whore.

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next chap
>"i don't really like you, also mami chan has still a crush on you"
and back to square one

If Chizuru was heartless enough to steal him from Ruka she's not going to care about what Mami thinks.

>If Chizuru was heartless enough to steal him from Ruka
How did she steal him from Ruka? They were never together and Kazuya has made it absolutely clear, more than once, that he has no interest in her.

>Ruka's repetitive nonsense is fairly played out and tiresome.
Implying it's a problem to him

Even Chizuru herself admits she cucked Ruka. The point is that she doesn't care if other girls get hurt, Kazuya is her man now.

>"Is that something you can do with someone you don't love?"
The moron forgot Mami kissed him too huh
Well, can't blame him, Chorizo raped his lips good

This aspect probably annoys me even moreso then the nonsense with the girls. Everyone in the story just treats the casual contempt Kazuya's family has for him as a matter of course. Especially when it comes from that fucking old bitch.

>"I did it to protect you"
>next arc is Mami and Kazuya dating again
Are you ready?

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Rucuck-bros...did we lose?

Yup. You're done.

He still doesn't know Mami was doing it only because she hates Chizuru.

Yes, no touching.. while on job. Says anything about after hours?

Mami will slay Choriputa

is losing a loser losing

So are you telling me, that Mami is gonna blow herself (because its not gonna end well when everyone on the cast know that she fucked chizuru over whatever reason, and they connect the dots and see that the outbreak on the pool was staged) just to try to take revenge on chizuru?

At least Chizuru constantly shows concern for him.

oh wow look, nothing again

Yes I like that. But even Chizuru doesn't bat an eye when Granny pulls her usual shit. It pisses me the fuck off.

>by an NTR fantasy

Just fuck already please

meters running on the whole trip


Attached: 1605209324245.jpg (1423x1080, 118.9K)

>Why can't you understand Kazu-kun!??
>You were just so self centered into introducing a girlfriend to your family and into speedrunning into a relationship to ever stop and consider why i was so uncomfortable...
>Don't you ever have tried to stop and think... if i had a past trauma?? Or a previous fiance?
>And because i dumped you in an ateempt to make you reflect on your actions... you came and hired a con artist to take on me?? When you never opened your eyes and considered MY OWN FEELINGS!!??
>Ne, Kazu kun?? What did i do wrong!!??
>Could i just... (start to break down) turn time back and have expressed myself a bit better?? Maybe... only that way... i would have gotten through that thick skull of yours and think about me... and us??
>(Kazu kun gets.... slapped by Kibe, and he walks away, not looking bavk. A friendship was finished for good. He gets the wrong picture and thinks Kazuya used Chizuru to get it back at Mami for being dumped).
>Kazuya... assumes he had the whole fault and only can fall into his knees, starting to have a nervous catatonic breakdown, crying whilst laughing. His parents and granny look at him with contempt, Kuri has a disappointed look. Only Chizuru and Ruka have heavy concerned looks. In Chizuru, there's a big "what have i done" look. What she wanted to protect the most, is now there, shattered and destroyed.

>Next chapter: The Confession!


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>you can't have put out a message that if you shower a rental with money she will eventually give in
why the fuck not, faggot? fuck you

Fuck off Choriputafag

Cucks don't have rights to complain

Attached: 1648656947627.png (484x424, 118.97K)

>"she's a damn PUTA" and "OBSESSED" actually happened in a chapter

Rucute a best and will cuck Choriputa back


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Nope. Ruputa is out now.
The real fight is between Mami and Chizuru.

cope, faggot
>hurr durr she's telling the TRUTH she is good she done nothing wrong

it's german for "damn it". "gott verdammt" - "god damn/dammit" however you wanna write it. here, you learned some german.

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>weren't boobs supposed to be the softes part of a woman's body
chizuru's tits confirmed to be firm and perfect.
saggyfags BTFO

Anyone thinking nothing happens and they go back to square one is a retard. Both of them literally said they're in love and she kissed him twice

The puta probably underwent surgery to remove sag with the money she sucks out of Cuckzuya's bank account.

>status report
Chizuru: best girl and winning still
Mami: btfo and seething still
Ruka: cuck, btfo, worst girl still

>couldn't help thinking
spoilers said "that's what I thought"

can somebody tell me which one is the more accurate tl?because they there's worlds of meaning between them


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Give me the Jp raw.


Chizuru also made it a point that she couldn't deny anything they accused her of. If it was really just an act, she would have said that she would break up with him and give him to Ruka, but all she could do was apologize for hurting her.

oh shit, that's korean, sorry

That is not my beloved nihongo.

>Both of them literally said they're in love
he told the truth
she just acted accordingly
>and she kissed him twice
she is a whore

She isn't giving up his man now

Watch Reiji do his magic faggit. We had a whole arc of Kaz getting over simping for Chizuru, yet here we

Wtf, I LOVE this manga now!!

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seems like there aren't any raws available yet.

>please, both of you, calm down!
Chizuru's not even doing anything

>Back alley whore
she definitely read the doujin

I love Ruka!!

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>We had a whole arc of Kaz getting over simping for Chizuru
That never happened. He only fell deeper in love with her.

She attempted to destroy his reputation in front of his friends and family. Such a person NEVER gets to be a girlfriend ever again.

I consider myself a rukafag but i admit that we lost. Either chizuru wins or btfo's kazuya at the last moment.

Best to accept that our best girl lost, and hope that she at least gets a happy ending instead of vanishing like wasted potential. That said, kazucuck is a loser, shame he has oneitis, his loss

What kind of poops does Chizuru have?

I don't remember the manga framing it as a bad things.
She was just a bit overwhelmed by emotions she barely understand. That's all. No biggie!

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Like a rabbit, machine gun style.


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Mami is so cool

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sit her on your lap and try to keep the same opinion

Time to be honest with yourselves bros, would you stick it in crazy Mami? Would it be worth it?

Is it a win or a loss for her, if she ends up with Kazuya?

>373Time to be honest with yourselves bros, would you stick it in crazy Mami? Would it be worth it?
Yes. I can heal her.

Wow, now Mami is so warm!
Yes and yes.

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I can fix her.

What lip bite?

Hell yeah, that's crazy worth sticking your dick in and to spice it up tell her you'll knock her up again, make her keep the baby and take responsibility. She'd be healed instantly.

Mami might be crazy, but I'm crazy for Mami. We'll get along just fine.

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>Part 42
how many chapters left for a full year on this arc?

She actually seemed to be a good girlfriend to Kazuya until he decided to rush things and introduce her to his grandma.

It should be Mami who's confessing this.

Do you truly believe this? I mean, this is Reiji we are talking about, how many fucking chapters has it been since he had a big step forward like this to just do a stepback in the next one?

It's probably like 3 chapters till they to back

>next chapter they talk but nothing big
>chapter ends on a tease
>the real big talk and they sleep together cute no sex
>quick morning after chapter where they go back home

>how many fucking chapters has it been since he had a big step forward like this to just do a stepback in the next one?
He's never done that. Chizuru consistently gets more dere as the story progresses. At most, there was condomgate.

>He's never done that.
I would have made the effort to point out every single one until I got burnt out discussing this series in this arc.
But no, Reiji had reset the status quo for so many times in many different arcs for an unknown reason.

This manga is kinda stupid.

>I would have made the effort to point out every single one until I got burnt out discussing this series in this arc.
So you can't point out any. Thank you.

I know you're just being obtuse here unless you're a genuine ESl but that's clearly not what I meant.

Look bud in an argument you need to bring up examples. The fact that you refuse to bring up any means you just look like a retard.

the only sane one. everyone else thinks the stripper actually likes them

the condom shit was a sequel to this one.

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was she horny for him back then?


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She's great.

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She's evil.

She felt hot and bothered as early as here.

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>Reiji had reset the status quo for so many times in many different arcs for an unknown reason.
>unknown reason
money, why do you think Reiji made a crowfunding?

but what did she do about it

other guys


nah, she knew how to handle a condom so she probably uses them.

How many discounts did she give out?

Stop the slander.

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so she never fooled around with an actor. i get it

How far apart in age are they?

Probably two years.

That's not much at all, not enough to justify the difference in maturity and self-control.

He raised twice the required amount, amazing.


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>couldn't help thinking
Dunno but it sounds no good for me.

No ruber

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whats the title?

It's just a straightforward "can't help but think you like me because of that kiss."

How many times has Mami wanted to rent her again, and go even further than that?

>life turns into a romcomvela
>finally get to be mc
I think yes

To convince a director to make a movie for Chizuru at a good price, Kazuya took director-kun's german class for him.

While we're on the topic of the spoiler pic, Chizuru seems to be holding a ring if you look closely at her right fingers so I doubt next chapter she'll say she's faking it or something.

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