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i know you meant this as a synonym for "imagine", which tells me that you have no idea what the word "pontificate" means.

Envision imbibing

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Im not a religious person

trying soju right now
not bad

So DRUK bros, what are we DRINKIN and WATCHIN tonight?

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proof you own a pontiac right?

Whiskey and the shield

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Not based



Didn't claim to be


I'm done with that shit , literal Poison

2 weeks now feeling better

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Slivovitz, Tales from the Cryp

Same. Lost 8 pounds!

It's 2:19pm as I type this. I'm 4 beers in and I'm going to dinner at 5 with my dad. I'm gonna cut it off at 3:30 so I can sober up briefly and then after dinner I'm gonna down 2 mickeys of vodka with some diet coke and play overwatch on PC and be toxic

fuuuck alcohol. never again

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sounds based

Wine and just finished misery



i love this film bros.
>t. muslim that doesnt drink, n will never drink
still kino nonetheless

Sherry and conquistador movies


>tfw can't drink because it's exams

soon drukbros, next week

You the Lawyer cuck?

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Also all the money you saved

ehh maybe on friday. for now i will have to merely imagine

user, its time to drink

but then work will be even more unpleasant tomorrow. have a double for me friendo

>He doesnt work exclusively drunk

Not tonight satan

got my exam in a month but I'll be drinking anyways

>Get promoted at work a month ago
>Havn;t stopped drinking since
I think i'm broken

>not bringing your flask to work and drinking beers in the parking lot pre-shift

>Withdrawals are over
but I'll make sure they're back come next week.

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If you never stop drinking you never get withdrawals

Post your favourite DRUK music to listen to


I wish I could, but life is kind of forcing me to stop for 5 days in a row here and there which kind of messes me up.
But I am so used to the withdrawals at this point that it's not THAT bad.

a little light reading?

How much do you drink that you get withdrawals off two days of drinking?

Nah, I drink more than twice a week, it's just that some weeks every now and then I need to quit for like 5 days. It's not a weekly occurrence. So maybe I've been drinking heavily for a month, and then I quit for 5 days.



Cognac and rewatch 24 for some rightwing kino

Fosters and The Office American version

Keeping it simple tonight
Some beers and rewatching Lost.

alcoholism is a choice

Yes, a good choice


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Jesus was a DRUK chad

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You choose to come to the room every so often because it's fun and you know you can leave whenever you want to. You start to come more frequently and stay longer since it takes ever more to get that same fun. Then one day, very sneakily, they lock the doors on you. And you can't leave. And it's no longer fun. You can bust out the window and get cut up, but you know it'll hurt for a long time. So you just stay and commiserate with the other tenants.

>And it's no longer fun
sometimes it is and being outside the room never is

yes, funny you remembered lol (law student)

You wont pass fag, just drink and accept you are a failure

I have three in the next week, so I'm really down to the wire here unfortunately. but, next Thursday is going to be druktime for sure

Quit alcohol a few months ago. Now I’m just depressed all the time. Does it ever get better?

nah I actually have good grades so far, don't wanna fuck it up. also there's a curve, so I have both incentive to work hard and a safety net if I don't do great

Not in my case. I always return to the booze.

I'm savouring a lovely Argentinian Malbec while I view the Hannibal series. Simply delicious.

You will fail

Just stop after S2 and imagine that is the finale, trust me

>Argentinian Malbec
The sophisticated but economical choice.

For me its drinking weak larger and never getting DRUK while watching dozens of sitcom episodes

literally impossible, that's how the curve works silly

It's demoralization threads by feds

>woke up at 9am
>drove to McDonald's, got 3 sausage mcmuffins and 2 hot cakes
>drive straight to liquor store
>a 12 pack of black label beer
>go home
>started drinking by 10:30am
>it's now 3:30pm and I'm hammered playing Elden Ring on Xbox

Go see a doctor. Alcohol was just masking your depression

Sounds kino as fuck

I was a day drinker as well. I’d stop drinking by 7pm. That way it wouldn’t fuck with my sleep to bad. I value my sleep. Why stopped drinking coffee

Gonna grill some chops whilst drinking and enjoying kino

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you're saying alcohol cures depression? nice

it increase the risk of cancer definitely

Look very tasty

based, for me it's the second cheapest bottle of Malbec. Never buy the cheapest.