20 minutes into episode

>20 minutes into episode
>you better pray hilary win because if a republican win this city will go to hell

how does someone that wrote and made the wire and generation kill sink to this level? it's literally CSI:Miami tier
wtf happened?

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Americans are not human beings and I dont care about their politics.
Kill all the golems.

>a characters opinion is the writers opinion

Ayo rigg

Amerigolem moment.

They didn't say the city would go to hell. The lawyers are part of a special office called the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).
OCR routinely gets defunded during Republican stints and routinely gets refunded during Democrat stints.
What's funny is the OCR is tied through the Department of Education and the OCR does not have its own budget, so Republicans routinely defund the Department of Education.

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I notice zoomers really seem to have a problem understanding this. What's the deal with that?


See, HBO isn't woke like hulu or Netflix guys

But Democrat strong hold cities are littered with crime, drugs, and homeless plus BLM/Antifa riots and fag pride parade and basically a police state

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Nobody ever said that. The HBO streaming app/website literally has a section titled "black excellence" and another one lgbbqtq focussed I can't remember the specific title of.

George Soros probably funded the OCR lawyers anyway

Ok, tell us something we don't already know.

If you live in any Western country you're a golem

The reason I'm not is because I at least expose the NWO and tell trannies to dilate on a daily basis

characters behave the way they're expected, like in the wire

You'd be surprised

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>you better pray for niggerlovers to win, because if not the niggers will burn out this city

The based black kid in the playstation hoodie probably thinks that this gay shit is lame.

White guy:
>"with all due respect"
>get a job
>provide for your family
>stop dressing like a thug
>stop hanging out in the street
>black on black crime is extremely high
>have personal responsibility

Black guy:

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Well if the real OCR does the kind of dumb shit the OCR does in this show I completely agree with defunding them. It seems like make-work for obese black women and gay black men. Ask yourself this: if this shit worked why has every city that the police have been gutted turned into a fucking black war ground that nobody wants to live in?

All of those problems stem from unattested Leftwing control

Pretty based ngl desu

chunky black lawyer is pretty cute tbqh

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Neither the OCR or the DoE should exist.


(((American))) culture is centered around niggers

It’s pushed because it’s the only way for the left to win elections, the vast majority of Americans don’t want all the troon nonsense and would never vote for anyone who is but blacks are easily manipulated “useful idiots”.

It's like watching the Wire fanfic made by Zoomers. Its as clumsy an update as the Wachowski's new Matrix flick. Likely informed by the same mortifying realization that your greatest achievement has informed the biases of your political enemies.

"Better go reboot the Wire (with a production design template that ticks all of the Wire's key boxes) and revise the narrative to a more fittingly modern nigger apologia."

The corner boy/hopper in the interrogation room scene is written with such a canny emulation of a character from the Wire's dialog that it prevents any immersion.

Imagine being so motivated by your need to recontextualize your most successful achievements that you go back and do them over, with less honesty, on purpose. What a burden to bear. I will follow this show just for the trainwreck it is certain to be.

he didn’t say that

samefag lol

Dave has a new show?

Go back to /pol/

mask u summin

The Wire and Generation Kill both suck ass you fucking moron. They're exactly like this but you didn't care because they agreed with you.

>The Wire and Generation Kill both suck ass you fucking moron

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No writer writes characters with right wing, or hell even centrist opinions anymore, so it's fair to assume that the writers are soapboxing

Ricg watchu gonna do wthen they pop off huh

Police budgets are going up user, regardless of party in power

Perfectly said user.

>we just want civil partnerships we don't want to be married
>we just want to be married we don't want kids
>we just want to adopt kids of our own, we won't force our gay lifestyle on your kids...

hey it's the brother from The Accountant

Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, NYC, Las Angeles, Philadelphia says otherwise .

What's he done wrong so far

Now I gotta watch this desu

I always heard the wire is woke but that's what this is

>create sympathetic character intended to act as audience self-insert
>give him political opinions
>"uhh actually that's just the character's opinion and not mine?"

The girl who wrote Loki said she made him bi and brought up his sexuality because SHE felt HER voice wasn't strong enough. Liberals are such selfish cry babies who lose their shit if nobody is talking about them or thinking like them

based post

>Liberals are such selfish cry babies who lose their shit if nobody is talking about them or thinking like them
you're literally crying and losing your shit on the internet because someone you've never met chose to write a story in a way that isn't 100% agreeable to you

>No no user something something trump

That's how liberals defend what you said user

Fuck the OCR and you, user. Cocksucker

"Finally, a good cop show"
> /pol/tards invade Yea Forums to bitch about one line about Hilary, and now the show is considered "woke"
None of you have good taste in television. None

Islam was right.

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I went from laughing at people with kids to feeling sorry for them. I feel like you could be the best parents in the world and education and society nowadays will still 100% fuck up your kid. I'm amazed at how many of my co workers home school their kids but I get why.

>implying they even watch tv

suck dick faggot

>> /pol/tards invade Yea Forums to bitch about one line about Hilary, and now the show is considered "woke"
that's because /pol/tards are the the most fragile, perpetually offended people on the planet.

How many years has the OCR been funded? What difference have they made in improving the inner cities in that time?

>that's because /pol/tards are the the most fragile, perpetually offended people on the planet.
I can smell the tranny axe wound festering from here.

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Are you an actual retard?