Disliked Clockwork Orange

>Disliked Clockwork Orange
>Liked Home Alone 3

Will there ever be a film critic as based as Roger Ebert?

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he also hated Jaws

>One of the only critics who called out Gladiator for being a mediocre flick on release

Based, it was already showing signs that Ridley Scott was beginning to become a hack.

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What? He gave it full stars and put it on his great movies list.

Hasn't he gone back and re-reviewed films? I remember he didn't like Cuckoo's nest at first either.

You can see his original reviews and his re-reviews right there. His 1975 review gives it 4/4 stars. What's the point of making up such a mundane thing?

>gave both phantom menace and revenge of the sith 3 1/2 stars
>died before the sequels came out

yeah, i'm thinking he was based

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A Clockwork Orange is a good movie, not a great one. Elbert gave it 2 stars, I’d probably give it like 3.

kek. Ironic uh?

Yes, and his name is Doug Walker.

read that too fast at first

how do you make letters that morph like that, is this a new Unicode feature?

I thought he was jewish himself mad

why did he continue to show his face after this like it was just completely normal? i remember being scared of this as a child

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>this is the vibe trannies are going for

>I'm Abe lotion

> Gave thumbs down to both Aliens and The Silence of the Lambs

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gene's reaction when roger brought up "it allows children to fantasize that they're the ones in power"

>disliked Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
>Shoah is one of his favorite films
how is it possible to be this soulless

pretty much this entire board has forgotten that alien was panned by most critics when it came out. they said it was a dumbass haunted house film posing as intellectual and gene/roger were some of the very few who defended it


nobody was talking about alien with such praise back then

I was certain it said jews.

His teardown of The Usual Suspects will always be wonderful.

>The first time I saw The Usual Suspects was in January, at the Sundance Film Festival, and when I began to lose track of the plot, I thought it was maybe because I'd seen too many movies that day. Some of the other members of the audience liked it, and so when I went to see it again in July, I came armed with a notepad and a determination not to let crucial plot points slip by me. Once again, my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: 'To the degree that I do understand, I don't care.' It was, however, somewhat reassuring at the end of the movie to discover that I had, after all, understood everything I was intended to understand. It was just that there was less to understand than the movie at first suggests.

Boring as fuck red herring that only exists for its eleventh hour twist.

Siskel was a way shittier film critic than Ebert, you could always tell when he had decided he hated a film before he'd even seen it, while Ebert almost always gave things a fair chance.

There was nothing intellectual about it user, they just wanted to know about their bonus situation and go home

Didn't Scott himself refer to Alien as a "slasher in space?" Not really surprising that a lot of people didn't like it.

> Siskel gave John Carpenter’s The Thing a thumbs up
> Ebert gave it a thumbs down
I was so shocked when I first saw this. Considering how Ebert seems to appreciate horror way more than Siskel does.

He had to retroactively acknowledge Blue Velvet was kino, he got LYNCHED the first time around

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in what universe is someone who thinks silence of the lambs is a bad movie allowed to be a fucking professional film critic? it is an absolutely flawless movie, one of the only films in history to win the big five oscars. was he just being a faggoty contrarian or something?

I don’t get it either. It’s just a perfect movie.

He constantly accused Lynch of being a misogynist and a racist especially with Wild at Heart. Siskel shut him down

>was he just being a faggoty contrarian or something?

If he's decided a film is gonna be nasty and in bad taste before he's even seen it he's not gonna change his mind no matter what. It annoyed the fuck out of me.

>he also hated Jaws
>he also hated Jews
I bet the Jaws did this.

He was paid for that shit

Whatever he claimed his beef with Lynch was I'm pretty sure it just boiled down to Ebert being a prude who can't deal with any sort of kinkiness. HIs white knighting for Rosselini was especially pathetic

>nooo you can't have an actor pretend to hit a woman or have actresses take their clothes off reeeee

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>Dumbass haunted house film posing as intellectual
Spot on.

>posing as intellectual

It's not really posing, though. It's got a pretty traditional horror setup aside from the killer being a xeno instead of a human and it's not overly political or philosophical. It's just really well-shot and has 10/10 design but they didn't go arthouse with it or anything

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High concept shit was still considered childish by many people back then, especially horror films. Creature flicks were the capeshit of its era.

like all critics.
>Minority Report 4/4
>Signs 4/4
>Fight Club 2/4

His dislike for Fight Club makes perfect sense, he hates that kind of juvenile anarchist bullshit.

Of course. He did it for a living.



I doubt it, he shat on Attack of the Clones

The internet has ensured that there will never be another Pulitzer for film criticism. Ebert wins again.

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consequence of taking expired bogpills

>Drives off

what has pol done to me lmao

>liked Carnosaur

Why does he look like a lesbian?

Damn I’ve been here too long

His hatred of jaws is understandable. Jaws is to blame for modern hollywood. If it weren't for jaws the film industry wouldn't be filled with so many soulless blockbuster films that only exists to make a profit. Honestly jaws is responsible for a lot of bad things.

Just think, this would’ve never happened if it never grossed 6 gorillion dollars


I didn't imply he was paid for bad reviews.

People be thinkin' it's a jew joke, but I know you are referring to his cancer.

Only one

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To be fair Ebert has good criticisms on the thing and Yea Forums whiteknights for it too hard. It has good effects but a lot of the tension is relived when you notice how characters purposefully and idiotically leave each other to get raped by the thing when it would easily be beaten by staying in one group

>Hates the Disney Renaissance era because he can't let go of his edgy teenaged opinions when everything was shit
>Loves Cruella
Yeah, Doug is a fag

Important to note Ebert didn't have good opinions he just had interesting ones that were backed with good arguments which is what made him so alluring, he basically the og contrarian but would be dime a dozen nowadays. Though unlike nowadays he did back up his shitty claims

>wrote beyond the valley of the dolls
Ebert just can’t stop winning

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This dude always had the shittiest takes. Watch their reviews about the Waco documentary and Henry Portrait of a Serial killer for highlights

you are under 18 aren't y?

I remember laughing hysterically as a child every time I came across a pic of him