ITT: Dead careers

ITT: Dead careers

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Kiernan shipka. So bogged she had to release a porno on roku free tv.

She has MS, asshole

I have MS also...13

shes literally uncle salamanca from breaking bad user..

>we will never get a proper del taco hellboy 3 with pisshands and cute selma


still better than seeing her kiss a negress on quibi with my phone

what is that, a Monkey Scrotum?

But her career isnt dead, she regularly hosts content on the New Rockstars YouTube Channel ™

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That's a dirty shame

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The fuck does MS Paint have to do with this bitch?

sadly, yes

uh maybe it's time for an upgrade?

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And she still ugly

Doesn't count when they're actually dead

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literally me (i'm a guy) i even have semi-long hair I planning to cut tomorrow.


you should plan on just cutting your wrists instead. Remember vertical for results.

Your waifu!


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British aristocracy.

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Then she should have gotten Linux you bitch made motherfucker

She is sick you dumb fuck.

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To be fair he doesn't have to work ever again, and he already peaked when he did that Korn music video.

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Well his career was on fire near the end.

Isn't he in that Need for Speed show or something?

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Should've kept playing WoW with Diesel.

Wish she had a naked scene

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That movie came out 8 years ago user

Need for Sneed

His own fault

>H-He's fast!

I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.

who did she kill to get mangekyou shanringan? her career?

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"Ed Rooney's office"

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All of them. Most actors are fat now, and the ones that aren't can't find any work.

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She has My Semen that's for sure

I think actors do in fact act in things still

Like what?

That's what happens when you're hot BUT come out as a homosexual

He produced BoJack, right? So he's got something at least.

Lesbians don't exist.

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who? cute as hell

what happened to her anyway?

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he took a break after a role of a lifetime