Are there any movies or documentaries that expose the absolute horror that is picture related?

Are there any movies or documentaries that expose the absolute horror that is picture related?

I know there is stuff talking about meat industry's issues, but what about the unspoken horror of people who are adopting or buying pets right now, to in secret torture the animals and them dispose them anywhere, with no criminal investigation whatsoever as nobody will ask questions about a some dead animal that was found.

Imagine if a mass media movie redpilled normies on this shit, I think there would be laws changed overnight to address it. Also fucked up plot to a horror movie given how realistic it is

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Future serial killer in the making here.

If she becomes a people serial killer, she will be caught

If she continues murdering animals only, and learns from her mistake and never posts about it, she will do it forever until the day she dies

its too fucked up that anyone can be a serial animal torturer for 60 years and get away with it

Is this an american thing? In my first world country, animals get registered. You can buy whatever and nothing happens when it dies, but if someone buys a large amount over the years over and over the police checks what's going on.

i legit thought that was amber heard in the thumbnail

>13 year old OP just discovered that crush fetishism is a thing
Tip of the iceberg.

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don't people torture monkeys on camera all the time in 3rd world shitholes.

Theres a massive following of seemingly normal boomers on youtube who post really fucked up comments delighting in it.

>the absolute horror of one off animal abusers
Nigger, we are mass producing hundreds of millions of animals to be enslaved and harvested for meat solely because it tastes good, a couple people choking some kittens isn't "absolute horror"

These people need tortured and eventually killed

le enlightened reddit vegan has entered the chat.

>pets are registered
>police come to check on your animals
Where the fuck do you live? Also, that's not an "american thing". What happens in your country is a "your country" thing.

Gonna cry?

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No, I'm a big hypocrite and eat meat daily, but at least I can understand that what we do with animals is insanity.
Even the animals we claim to love, like dogs for instance, are just slaves for our entertainment. We breed them to make them look and act how we want and have put in them a dependence on being our domesticated pets.

Humans are fucked bro, and torture adoptions don't make up even .1% of that horror

Congratulations on your first psychedelic experience

ahh yes i too remember when i was an angsty, brooding teenager. if you're a grown adult with this line of thought you have my pity.

Who cares, it's just an animal.

fucking white people

I don't think anything goes further down than crush porn.

For humans, we have protections in so many levels, it is hard to get away with anything, torture, murder, rape.

With animals you get away with anything

I mean, you're the bitch nigger crying over some dead puppies or kittens. Nobody cares, they are a drop in the billions of animals that gets killed every year. Stop being such a sensitive faggot crying over a few dead pets.

there is already almost nothing being done about parents abusing their children except for a few cases so why would anyone give a shit about animals?

Wtf are Aruba and Jamaica real too?

>chocking some kittens

A woman used a drill on a puppys anus a while ago, it almost broke the mainstream (reddit and even Yea Forums quickly banned the story). She taped the puppy's mouth so it wouldn't be detected by the neighbors, and recorded it to sell to american clients

Drilling its anus was actually just the tip of the iceberg, she continue torturing it

Not that guy, but what's angsty and brooding about it? It's a completely realistic outlook, if millions of animals gets killed every year why should anyone care about a few more?

Awful lot of assumptions being made, why are crying?
Not the heckin floofin cows!

Nice argument.

>what is angsty and brooding about a post that could have been written on some teenager's myspace in 2006
don't know user.

Japs do this. They just throw away pets when they are no longer cute. Japs are subhuman demons. Pedophile country.

The intent user you thick motherfucker. You are trying to compare torture for fun against sustenance to continue living.

me and my white friends are coming to crush you next.

>almost nothing being done about parents abusing their childre


There are not only laws against, but full blown protection services aimed to PREVENT it , not just punish it.

We barely punish animal abuse, and we have zero prevention systems in place. We have stopped child abuse by 99%, animal abuse by 0%. Actually, with all the pet shops and craiglists of today, we have enabled it to all time heights of abuse.

You are retarded

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>We have stopped child abuse by 99%

>millions of animals gets killed every year why should anyone care about a few more?

We are not talking about animals dying quickly under adrenaline of fleeing or fighting. We are talking about being restrained and tortured for a long time

If you don't get it why that is different, you are obviously sociopathic and someone who can only sense his own pain, and only when you are feeling. Then you start crying and bitching about it

Kill her

What does that achieve?

Will it stop the other millions of people like her who are getting away with it, because they aren't stupid to post their torture videos online?

Yeah it's fucked up, but what are we gonna do, make laws to restrict people who want to buy a fucking gerbil? I think people who torture animals for pleasure should face penalties, but I'm not giving up more liberties and paying the government to do more regulations. The enormity of terrible things that could and have happened due to human evil is terrible, but most of them don't happen with enough regularity to require more laws and regulations. Sorry for being pragmatic, but there's limited resources to do good with and better the world and you have to use them wisely and this is a low priority, but if you do use your resources well society improves and you are less random terrible things happening

Go back to class, you’re too young to post here redditor

Hey I'm from Kokomo Indiana too

Kill them too.

>sustenance to continue living.
But mass producing pigs and cows on an absurd scale just to fill up your barbecues and fatten up americans isn't "sustenance to live". It's done for profit and comfort, which I admittedly take part in, but at least acknowledge as what it is. Quit fucking pretending that you'll die if you don't get your hotdogs and fried chicken every single day.

crazy people exist and will continue to exist forever.

Until they're able to constantly monitor every human's thought at all times

Pet sellers should do random checkups, eh. Just pop over and check so the cat isn't dead or fat.

Go read a book on food production and supply chains then come back to me

>people should spy on each other more

Dogs should be registered simply to prevent people from buying and breeding more shitbulls.

Skin them alive on camera, turn them into the animals they tortured, apply the same amount of suffering to them and make it into a spectacle.

Child abuse is as rampant as ever lol

literally only reason I clicked on this thread

How. You don't know who they are, you will never know, because we don't have anything like a working animal registry that actually could detect animal abuse

You should stop being retarded on the internet

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>3rd world shitholes
so it IS an american thing then, thanks

It's not spying if they knock.

You should stop bitching about impossibility and start thinking about how.

All the more reason to have an animal registry system so they don't get away with animal murder

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Yes it is, don't try to sugar coat it

>A woman
There you go. You have one example of a woman torturing a couple pets. Meanwhile, there are millions of stray dogs across the 3rd world that are slowly starving to death because bleeding hearts that cry and wet their pants over the slightest harm to their pupperinos won't let the government just put them out of their misery. An issue that unlike crazy people adopting pets is actually feasibly solvable and will make a real difference.

You weren't raped by your daddy because the government and everyone else was spying on your dad

Absolutely people who have power of other people need to be spied on in regards to how they are using that power. That includes us spying on the government too

Circle of accountability

Yeah I'm sure child abuse is rampant now.. when everyone knows the word pedophile

Nobody even knew that word just 20 years ago, and 40 years ago you could legally own a child sex business, making kid porn in european countries

you brainlet

whole lotta faggot comin' off this post

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What the fuck does this post mean?

Are you saying that you think this is the lowest, or that you personally think this is the lowest? Either way you’re retarded.

>it's about profiting off of people who want to eat tasty food every day
Thanks, but didn't need to read "a book about food production" (name one you've read btw) to understand that.
You're not gonna fucking die if you don't get your pepperoni pizza you fat fuck.

>start thinking about how.

Simple: Whatever laws, procedures and agencies we have to monitor, punish and prevent child abuse, must exist for animals as well

A pretty much mirror replica of it
Then we know we are doing the best for animals

It doesn't take more than a second to come up with the solution to animal abuse. We already have the solution, we just don't implement it for them

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There is nothing worse than crush porn right now going on in this world

The greatest amount of suffering happening in the world right now, in terms of intensity and amount of victims affected, comes from crush porn

I don't want to pay for that so fuck off

>animal cruelty
Bullshit law. Animals are property not people.

yeeeah, probably not

Name other form of torture that is mass produced right now.

It doesn't exist.

Any form of horror doing in mass right now, it is being done solely to animals, not to humans.

Go ahead, name one happening of mass torture being done to humans in this day and age. The is probably near a billion of people in this world into torturing animals, and they all get away with it, and they do it forever

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>The is probably near a billion of people in this world into torturing animals

Even if what you're saying is true, which it's not, human suffering outweighs animal suffering so your entire argument or whatever you're trying to say, is stupid.

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>human suffering outweighs animal suffering
Why? If that is your opinion, can you give some reasoning? Or if it is objective, then you should easily be able to prove that statement.

>which I admittedly take part in, but at least acknowledge as what it is
Why even bother typing such an asinine comment? You committing an action and saying “at least I feel guilty” isn’t better than any of the other billions of fat lard consoomers out there.

There are actual, real issues in the world, we don't need to be spending massive amounts of money on such a niche issue because your big concern in life is "think of the pupper". I'd tell you to go to /an/ but it doesn't need more people like you.

why am I not surprised

based nige the nonce basher

same goes for elderly people

Tax money isn't infinite and this is frivolous spending. If you want to fund a private charity you go ahead, but you'll struggle to convince people who pay taxes that using them to monitor such a luxury is worthwhile spending.

No, it's a lot better than pretending I'm in the right. Admitting you're wrong is the first step of every change and I'm actively trying to work down my diet of meat.
Go be a peta faggot somewhere else. I may be against the mass harvesting of animals, but I'm not an insane vegantard

Fun fact: abused animals don’t taste good.

Funner fact: chinks love the way abused animals taste. They like dog so much because it’s impossible to cheaply kill them without them suffering. This dates back to Genghis Khan.

So emotionally charged, you seem wounded.
What then? Shut down all food production supply chains because 'people don't need to taste nice things'? What is the alternative?

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>no, I’ll remain ignorant and keep posting about le Fat American meme

Take meds zoomer

chinks burn dogs alive in public squares. Their whole civilization enables that behavior, so that is 1 billion people right there who are ok with mass animal torture on a daily basis.

At least after coronavirus and the exotic food and shit heat that came on china, theoretically they have started begun changing laws so you can't eat dogs anymore. But go ahead and burn a cow or any other animal alive to make the meat better, that is ok for 1 billion chinks

gayest thread on Yea Forums atm.

Human brain = animal brain when it comes to how pain is processed.

There is no difference in amount of pain sensed between a human and an animal under torture

>human suffering outweighs human suffering
Little faggot I would honestly kill you a hundred times over instead of some dog, minding his own business, living according to instinct. You? You’re just a pathetic faggot obsessively posting on 4chins, you have less worth than the vast majority of animals, there are bugs that are more productive than you nigger.