Which famous actors browse Yea Forums?

Which famous actors browse Yea Forums?

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>White Supremacist
lol, it's full of faggots and wogs here.

yeah sure, a famous actress frequents a website full of incels worshiping my feet

Plus it's mainly spics and chinks propping up both sides of white vs black shit on here.

>my feet

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your mom

Dane DeHaan
Paul Dano
Jean Hollywood (Formerly Chuck)
John Halo
Samuel Hyde
Deep Roy

She's famous?

exactly, no favouritism. Everyone gets to be a racist here.

you wish. there isnt a single poster that believes white are on the same evel as nogs

i'm not white supremecist, nor do I want to be racist

Brie, I...

Is Brie cute?

That's because your a weak little queer that is afraid of blacks


>Paul Dano



William Shatner

Millie Bobby Brown

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she's gotta be the one that's always posting feet

Stupid old bitch

When they are scared of something's influence, they stop at nothing to smear it to discredit it.

Not really, she did some workout videos for coomers that were big for a bit.
Nothing else really worth mentioning.

I love Brie

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Racist and racism are terms invented to destroy european / white identity and pride by commies seeking to create division. Same as xenophobia/homophobia/transphobia/etc. Just buzz words used to create an automatic response in your propagandized mind.

what is white supremacy?
saying white lives matter? that majorly white societies are good at some things?

what board? one the gay ones?

>White Supremacist
You mean mutt supremacists.

I hope she read all the horrible things I say about her talentless ass.

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>worshiping my feet
Try mocking.

How soon until she's Micheal Bobby Brown?
Shes past the point where pedos want her anymore, and nobody else finds her attractive

Lorde definitely used to post on 4chinz

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I never saw your feet.

I'm not a white supremacist and I've been here since before 2010. I sometimes wonder whether the people that write these articles opened any board on this site that isn't /pol/ or Yea Forums.

you need to fix that

What fucking language is that?

Yea Forums is a free speech platform. Free speech is white supremacy obviously.

Stop shilling your youtube channel Brie

It's literal Yea Forums speak from 7 or 8 years ago except for the dead part.

Nah. It was her producer or something.

you saying faggots cannot be white supremacists?

what about all that talk about hitler being gay only having 1 ball and a micro penis came from them

I do. She's a cute.

come on brie send me some nudes. and then come over to my house so we can hump

>in b4 newfag

user, I....

Paul Dano used to post here too before the "classic " incident.

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Thankfully any famous people who do browse Yea Forums are smart enough to post as user and not tripfag.

The difference as opposed to places like reddit or twitter is that there is an openly white supremacist contingent on this site. They're also frequently told to go back to their containment board. They're also not even white which is puzzling but I guess we just have to accept them for who they are.

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well atleast he used to

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and i am a white supremacist but im not white its just the default label you get when hate niggers kikes

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because was, a real dictator would have actually killed the 6 million

>They're also frequently told to go back to their containment board.
By trannies who are frequently told to go back to r-ddit.

As I said. I love you for who you are. Now go back.

No idea, I do know that Justin Roiland browses Yea Forums

I’m sure, a very long time ago, there was screenshots suggesting taylor swift posted here

No and the fact that you can't handle other people giving their honest, non-curated opinions on Yea Forums-related subject matter is proof that you don't belong here.

It's okay if you're upset, sweaty. Consider returning to the politically incorrect board.

No, I will continue to praise the based [agreeable] new movie The Northman, directed by Robert Eggers, in theaters now. Hail Odin.

Waiting for the short hair and clown hair arc.

My wife looks at me like this. I think I made it bros.

"White supremacy" only makes sense when you realize that it's a Jewish concept and Jews actually think that they're superior and everyone else should slave for them.

What is her fucking problem?

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wtf is he saying Brie is /ourgirl/?

You never heard of the Bar Mitzvah incident?

I like you brie I know you are probably autistic
I am sorry for the sexual abuse that hollyjews did to you I hope you are well
regards from serbia

her roles and press behavior seem to suggest she has aspergers

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>the dead part
Meant that, and the oim laffin.
inb4 has always been for retards too, now that we're on it.

if anything, she might have ass burgers

james mcavoy browses here
I post this in every one of these threads so it feels

Jim Carrey too. Oldfags will know.

""Whites"" are a a made up concept and youre fucking retarded user.

Don't celebrate too soon fren, looks to me like she's constantly baffled by his lack of chin

a bastion of free speech is labeled white supremacy. What a shock. It's as if they are afraid that normies may try checking out Yea Forums and seeing a different side to the media's narrative.

Should I have?

holy FUCK

I think you made it too. She is looking to you for leadership. Make sure you provide and all will be well.

That's an old Yea Forums meet-up that jews took and wrote/pol/ under a bunch of times and took a screenshot of it.

>come to Yea Forums
>Niggers niggers tranny jews, niggers niggers jews trannies trannies

proto zoomer speak that Yea Forums won't take responsibility for

Any Yea Forums veteran knows at least half of the people who are racist towards blax and juice here ARE blax and juice.

>Yea Forums
>a bastion of free speech
M8 that's the most succinct argument I've ever heard for completely abolishing the concept of free speech.

If this is the best the plebs can do, why fucking bother? I bet less than 1% of posts have actual effort put in, and even less have something genuinely interesting to say.

Thank you user

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Yeah people tend to speak freely when they're allowed to do so anonymously.


Barry Pepper. He's a lot more active on /ck/ and /diy/

I'm actually a jewish nazi.
We are racist, but a genuinely retarded kind of racist

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>10:14 88 comments

That's not speaking freely, that's a retarded board culture.

My favorite threads on /pol/ are when a black or even better a jew posts. Happens at least twice a year.

call me a faggot one more time and i will fuck your tomboy ass

I presume Brie's the one who keeps disrupting our ebony and yellow fever threads by flooding them with infographics and unflattering mspaint caricatures.

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Normalfags would spend all day ranting about niggers and trannies under every news article on facebook if it was allowed.