Why is this annoying retard so popular?

why is this annoying retard so popular?

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Have you seen his legs? Top fucking kek

Appealing to the lowest common denominator and getting your own head stuck up your ass that huffing your own farts has turned him into what he is today.

If curing my depression meant selling out who i am completely i wouldnt take it.

Because he's just like me.

Some Yea Forums dwellers prefer troons with beard

Andrew WK really let himself go

Hes only popular cause of his voice. He was a good youtuber until I think the GTA V videos and he flipped his scripted on Uncharted becasue a bunch of sony fags got butt mad he said some critisim of the game.
I lost track of him since then but now he just talks anything reddit and curses and tries to be cool.
I think he used to be fit but he stopped working out.

hes just a narcissistic midwit who appeals to people with no spine

His very very early videos from when he was a teenager before he showed his face were so kino. He ruined everything the second he tried to be more of an internet celeb

I’m in love with a YouTuber. No, not the monotone manlet OP posted.

>this thing is so bad it's like *incredibly contrived simile that probably has something to do with poo or asses*

his reviews are basic and his podcast is unlistenable due to his friends (mainly the turk)

he writes decently funny jokes at times,but i think the main vibe he goes for is even a looser can be sucsessful if your smart about it,this tapps into a massive audience of people WHO JUST LOVE speedrunning trivia *kek we all do ocasionally i guess* and he tries to be a nice guy

i think he genuinily captures the incel crowd from reddit like no other

and even those faggots deserve some escapeism media i never really got it though seen a few of his things not great not terrible

He's still around?

What’s up guys

Poopy fart asshole shit cum anal bead dildos fartcum cumfart super Sonic speedy queef

Alright guys remember to wear the mask and I’ll see ya next time

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shitty tiddy dick nipples, now i hate drama as much as the next guy but let me make 50 drama videos in a row, cock pussy cuuuuunt fart

>he writes decently funny jokes at times
all of his jokes are like a high schooler taking a creative writing class. he has no comedic timing and its clear humor doesn't come naturally to him. he is incredibly fucking insecure

>tfw xQc went live as I entered this thread
peace out nerds time to watch my jooser

For me, it's Chills

unironically is he a tranny?

>Jerma and Vinny stream with him
I would refuse to hang out with this neo zoom er retard

i like his reference humour and his critisism denominator cross-over he clerly has an angle

>the type of person that keeps pikachu in a poke-ball because they cant stand the idea of companionship amber turd is the antithesis of marriage

>i he writes like that

Requesting vocaroos imitating him.

pls Yea Forums

if she was a *insert reference here* then *insert passive agressive comment here* move on to next comment *insert refference here*

thats basically the format right?

t.seen about 15 vids kek

Sh- I mean he, is a trans icon.

>high schooler
that's his target demographic, so its fine


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he's one of those goyim who got lucky with the golden years of youtube. he made a viral series of Oregon Trail LP videos that was perfect for early 2010s internet humor, and instead of checking out after the platform changed (like Film Cow, RWJ, KevJumba, Kingsley...) he just stuck around and now has a big audience despite creating very unimpressive content.

*speaks in monotone for 17 minutes about boring news stories*

He's a circumcised, uneducated, consumer shell of a human. He's also like 4 foot 9 and an incel, so he's the perfect role model / imaginary friend for most young white men these days sadly.

This guy seems to hate women

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I like him. He uploads frequently and talks about things I'm interested in. I don't usually watch youtubers because they're spastics trying to appeal to 10 year olds. This guy doesn't really have a gimmick, he just shoots the shit and I appreciate that. I check in on his channel every couple days and listen to him while doing household chores.

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>Hes only popular cause of his voice.
This. Also, his ability to speak in an even cadence without saying "um" or flubbing words tricks people into thinking he's funnier than he is. For instance, there was a thread on Yea Forums about him where some zoomer was looking for book recommendations so they could be "well spoken like him." I do think he can be mildly amusing at times, but as others have said his joke-writing ability is very limited. Turns out, so much of humor is sounding LIKE a funny person that if you can imitate it well enough it doesn't matter too much if you aren't all that funny.

Goes to show how easy it is to make people think you're "charismatic" if you can speak confidently with a good cadence, so take that to heart. If you git gud it's almost like a cheat code to life.

For me, it's female penguinz0

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I only watch his bullshit to find funny obscure videos I wouldn't come across otherwise. Is there a better source for this?


good for you user i watch way more nerdy shit and the only youtubers i follow are tim dillon and joe rogan kek

but ill just throw on something autistic or an audio book

i also love the aimed at teens shit like *this scientist killed more people than anybody in history*

but unless its a guy looking at something i want to look at i honestly could not care less about any youtuber

type random keywords into the youtube search bar, sort by views and in the search bar add the phrase "before:2008"

Cutting out "ums" and "uhs" really does have a huge impact and makes people think you're more intelligent. My dad used to discipline me for saying uh/um and using incorrect grammar. Saved me from bullying later on in life and made me a good speaker. People think I'm really smart despite being an utterly incompetent tard about most things, just because I can speak with confidence. Thanks Dad.

The goat

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literally me

I’m emotionally, romantically, and sexually attracted to ****** *******.


He got big before the Oregon trail stuff, the video that launched him was the QWOP one (think it was featured on RWJ who was still huge at the time), thats when he made his transition into meme game comedy videos. Before that he was mostly a generic FPS gameplay guy, I found him through his MW2 game plays back in like 2009.

it started

How do I actually become well spoken? I read a lot and work in a job where I'm compelled to speak a lot but I still come across like a stuttering retard consistently unable to think on the spot or remember a word or story.


Same as him, it's unknown. Mostly underage girls like them

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the true key is this in order

>know what the fuck you are talking about
>have a huge vocabulary to express yourself sisinctly
>talk non stop
>pick up on social ques and have an understanding of basic psychology

gg now tailor your approach for the situation
speaking isnt like playing guitarr where its 10k hours and your decent its hundreds of thousands of hours and interactions because the playing field is so fucking stacked in order to rise above you need natural talent or a solid system and work ethic

Stop trying to speak so quickly. You speak quickly because you're insecure people don't want to listen to you. If you speak slowly and with confidence people will be more inclined to listen to you.


who'd he dp?

Don't speak to tell your inner monologue
stop, think, speak if it's necessary

I like him because he is a nice christian man

I agree.


It's honestly fucked up to realize how much of communication is nonverbal and interpreted subconsciously. I don't want to manipulate people, but if you can learn to read them and speak fluidly, you can almost convince anyone of anything. Luckily I am a humble sperg so I am more interested in shitposting than controlling people lol

I like his content but ill be damned if i scroll too far down and have to be aware of who i share my background noise with.

Like people instantly see someone becoming popular so they all wanna be the OG fans and begin to obsess and its hard to enjoy a creator when they are clearly being influenced by there cringe ass audience and i use cringe unironically

Mutt, but what makes you think so?

Inflection of voice.


Going Kevin spacey spec and talking very slowly and deliberate is powerful.
Also if you pause before answering, people will start to get nervous of what they just asked.


I thought he was cool back in 2013

quality went down with face reveal

He was funny when I was a teenager laughing about "haha shit fuck piss shit"

All communication is technically manipulation. You just need to discern whether your manipulation is positive or negative. There is nothing at all wrong with being influential if you are using your influence responsibly.

Him, H3H3, iDubbbz,YMS are the people that I cannot comprehend why anyone loves to watch. I think there should be a reason but I cannot find one.

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I think my vocabulary is fine, I can read others well and I try not to talk about things I'm ignorant of. My main issue is my recall. It takes time for me to summon the correct word or concept from my subconscious - a lot longer than it does for most other people.
I do try to slow down but doing so tends to have the opposite effect of what you're saying. I notice people visibly losing interest and I get interrupted way more often.
>Don't speak to tell your inner monologue
Not sure what you mean by this?

the problem with this is the setting that works wonders for people who think your smart,powerfull ect

but if your stuck in an elevator and try that shit with somebody they will see through it instantaneously