What is Jessica Alba's best movie?

What is Jessica Alba's best movie?

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Harvey's private videos

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I thought this was Portman for a second. Why does Alba look so white?

Because she's Louis CK Mexican

Nah, Alba bleached her skin. Ck is a white mexican like Canello Alvarez

The one where I impregnate her.

fantastic four or good luck chuck

I've masturbated to her before

Doesn’t even look like her

Idol Hands

>good luck chuck
subsequently good deed sneed

that penguin panty scene is goat

Her boota is perfect

Because she is 100% European dna

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Alba’s ass is beyond overrated. And I’m not even a nig who prefers them to be huge. Shape wise it’s a bit overrated

is there one in which she doesn't talk?

get a load of this faggot over here

No its a perfect bubble and not too huge

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Idle Hands

You are wrong.

>that mtv show where she wears the yellow bikini
also, to add, that movie she did with that one faggot from fast and furious that pancaked against a tree was pretty kino too (i've only seen the relevant clips, though)


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sin city ?

or the 0.4 second you see her moving on the counter top in sin city 2, that hip movement is an acting masterclass

like a fine wine, she only gets better with age

>like a fine wine
jeeeesus christ. yuck. cant imagine the balding fat boomer who wrote this. women arent objects ok?

I dunno, Harry, it looks like two apples to me

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Idle Hands.

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mein gott

Same reason as ana de armas, 100% iberian born in latin america

serious question: would you buy yourself an alba

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i'd buy myself this one


my hands were anything but idle while i watched this movie if you catch my drift

according to herself she's self conscious about her bigger boobs

>Alba was on the set of her first show, Flipper, in 1996 when she began receiving strange calls which she dismissed as a prank. Shortly after, she was kidnapped from the set and went missing for 14 hours. She was found bound, blindfolded and gagged in the trunk of a car after an extensive search.

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I'll take #7, thank you.

thats code for big nips

does she still have the tramp stamp?

imagine fucking prime cunny alba, god damn

Because she is. Alba literally means white in spanish.

i wish we could meet so i can reassure her that it ain't a big deal
if she lets me inspect them, that is


40 year old Alba pictured yesterday in hawaii. Still amazing.

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Idle Hands

she is topless in some movies (boobs visible)

Imagine those dsl on your pen15...

IIRC she was toppless in Fantasic Four.

Realistically? Deep blue. The ass shots alone that director needs a fucking medal. Probably the closest we will alba naked honestly I think Alba is the prime of beauty. I hate fags and trannies. Someone asked me if I was about to fuck Jessica alba and if she revealed she had a penis would you still fuck it. Welp turns out we all are a little gay.

your brand new shiny alba has arrived

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How big is the penis? Are there balls too?

those were sadly body doubles, user

Between sex robots it's easily a tie between her and rihanna. They both have similar aspects in their faces that can express that doe look really well. I think it's their eyes and lips.

yum yum
i'll be in my bunk
with her

more like LA's finest boobs

damn when did her juggs get so massive?

You don't even have to touch it at all unless you wanna get serious with her and do it more. Also bigger than you marginally.

Maybe this was right after she gave birth

i don’t know

god damned right

Having kids will do that to ya. Weight distribution in women changes over the years. I remember this fat girl I date was fat everywhere but her tits. And time she started losing weight it was from her barely existent titties first and then her ass and legs next. Her belly stayed huge the whole time I was with her. Years later heard she got a drug habit got grossly skinny but had to look her up. She had some huge milkers. Though she got pregnant and lost it so maybe they just got huge cause of that. But last I looked they're still huge by comparison when I got to play with them.

I'm diamonds. What is this succubus eating?


I love her so much. Cant believe she's turning 41.