Why did woke fail?

Why did woke fail?

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>more competition in streaming
>loss of rights of IP to said competition
>end of pandemic
no no, its cause woke! hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Woke never fails because Blackrock prints them money for loans towards future investments as long as they stay Pozzed. It’s on their website, if you don’t meet their Kosher criteria you are accessing Blackrock funds.

groomer moment

100% correct

woke is only appealing to white people. corporations forget white people are only 30% of the US population, and rapidly decreasing.

this plus they lost subscribers from russia i believe due to obvious reasons

Should I try to buy the dip? Netflix gets too much funding for propaganda for it to ever go away completely

It’s not because of Wokism, is because of Market competition and losing Russian subs.

maybe first ask why the fuck did that shit even pump so high?

>netflix stocks drop because of raising subscription fees
>right wing retards think it's because they complained about blue haired people on twitter enough that people are finally starting to take them seriously

>-70%+ in 5 fucking months
>no fault left on Netflix
I hope you disingenuous faggots bought the absolute top and got rightfully JUST'd

Just buy PLTR if your into buying actual glownigger stock with some legs.
screencap this.

People are cancelling streaming services due to rising cost of living

When did wokeshit fail i still see niggers every 3 seconds

>it has nothing to do with losing trend back in December along with almost everything else and it's dumped because of a recent hiccup
kek. ok sheckelberg

>what is quarterly reports

>losing 200k subs causes a -70% in 5 months when you have 100m+ subs
its going to get a lot worse

this is kind of a warning shot to the other streaming services, either go full woke like netflix or show some restraint and live on

the entire market is shitting itself

Yes cause of woke. Once the competition stripped them of non-original IP, they were left with woke shit that was just a temporary attraction.

It’s mind boggling that only stranger things has been their one real draw after squandering billions.

thank you, its crazy how many actually good IP's they had and wasted them by having creative turn it into some political mouthpiece with unlimited budgets

Source: my asshole

my sister is a stupid bitch but even she cancelled her sub because there was nothing valuable left to watch

you faggots have been parroting this go woke go broke shit for years
Why is it only getting worse then?
and dont go telling me theres a secret jewish fund for this crap cause thats just nonsensical

>Jewish trust fund
Nigga what do you think the Federal Reserve is

I get you rightoids whole boring lives revolve around wining this argument, but should check the news.

>The most popular show on Netflix is about inter racial romances
>On HBO it's that teen tranny drama and gay pirates
>The Northman just bombed
Where is woke failing again?

dont get me wrong i do believe there are government incentives to help solve the race issues in america (lol never ever)
But the woke shit is going of the scales now, so it must be doing okay in some regard or produces would keep it at constant amount

Except HBO is even more woke than Netflix somehow and is doing fine. Infact most streaming is pozzed but only Netflix is in the shitter


Speak proper english please.

>alienate all sane white people from your platform
>why is the most popular show tranny shit?
>why won't white trash give us their money after we shat on them for years?

>>no fault left on Netflix
they're failing because they're losing stuff like the office that was keeping them afloat for years and their original content is dogshit, not because of some imaginary scenario where they're suddenly being dumped en masse because people are rejecting some woke agenda (then everybody clapped)

Learn to read, subhuman

It's faring poorly amongst Channers who pirate movies and borrow passwords, an extremely lucrative audience.

Woke is propped up by the central banking cartel.

In a real, free economy woke wouldn't get a dime.

bro everything is woke now. netflix is 1 head of a hydra

that doesn't answer the question, sweetie. why isn't their woke programming keeping them afloat then?

It was Dave Chappelle’s fault

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>is doing fine

>original content is dogshit
>woke agenda
Ever consider that these two might be connected?

name ONE (1) Netflix show that will stand the test of time

I haven't seen it but the crown maybe?

wow so you're saying all thats left is woke shit nobody likes??

stranger things if it was limited to one series, narcos s1 and 2.

PLTR will be under $20 for the next 5 years. No need to buy it now.

I have. It's pretty good overall and has some standout episodes, but I don't think people will still be talking about it twenty years from now.

Marco Polo, early netflix show before they went crazy

Stranger Things season 1 was only big because it catered to '80s nostalgia, and seasons 2 and 3 were completely forgettable (except for the cringe parts). Narcos is middlebrow normie dogshit.

Dark Crystal.

I can only speak for myself, I unsubbed because of wokeness

I feel like this was explained to me once before, possibly by you. Show me proof

The White House asked them to.

I don't understand people like this user who is clearly a self hating white liberal. Why post here? You know the majority don't think like you, you know what this site is like yet here you are seething people don't think like you. Itd be like me going to reddit and shit posting why are their so many gay people here I hate gay people. You look like a moron just like every other liberal self hating woke post in this thread

These have made no cultural impact whatsoever. When's the last time you saw a Marco Polo thread on Yea Forums? There are daily Sopranos threads, and that show ended 15 years ago.

Bidens election I think? I know Netflix did once that Amy Schumer special came out that was legit unfunny and really bad but she's a woman thus it's sexist to point out any valid criticism. Much easier to just erase the likes/dislikes

Same. I even used that in my comments box on the unsubscribe page. I let them know for certain that was my reason.

Netflix shills ITT arguing like they do when they lost a game of dodgeball back in school

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Klaus and Green Eggs and Ham

kek the damage control has been sublime, blaming russia is not an old trick I expected

If it was really wokism then why did HBO which is even more "woke" with shows like Euphoria gain subscribers? If it really is wokism then why did Northman with an entirely white cast flop

Because like any ideological slant, is a lazy way to attempt to cover up lack of effort and creativity. It works for a bit and then people get bored of all message and no substance.

HBO still hasn't recovered to GoT levels by a good margin, haven't paid attention to the northman.