Moon Knight

>2 minutes of moon knight
>5 whole episodes of Oscar Isaac Schizoing against himself and Ethan Hawke telling him to take his meds

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this ain't leaked Avatar 2 footage


Yup. EP 5 was absolute dog shit and they didn't even have the cute arab girl in it at all.

This trope looks a lot like the one in picrel season 1.

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E5 is the only good episode, shame the rest of the show is attached to the front of it, but I guess it's the '''''''necessary context'''''''

They had a sexy hippo user, that's infinitely better.


Reminded me of the Darkness 2

>That hideous thing

I'm.crazy lad

these zoophiles need to hang

>implying you wouldn't
alright, homosexual

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i wouldn't
and i'm a straight white male

lel, sure you are

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i sure am
if it wasn't for the laws of this land i'd be hunting degenerates like you at night

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>jewish character
>ends up in egyptian afterlife
lel how did the jews at disney let them get away with it?

>There are still antifurs on Yea Forums
Didn't you notice? You aren't welcome anymore. SomethingAwful is thataway

Episode 1 and 5 are the good ones so far, 2,3 and 4 are lame generic capeshit.

and out come the degenerates
how do you even live with yourselves?

The abrahamic god isn't real

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non sequitor

Showrunner isn’t Jewish.

plenty of the producers and the owners of the show are

So what's going to happen now? Isn't the show going to be very uninteresting now that Steven is gone? And there is still that psychopath hidden inside of him.

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Mark IS Steven

He can just make a new one


Yeah, but I interpreted the scene of Steven falling into the sand that Mark is "healed" now and will stop switching personalities around, because he knows and accepted who he is now.

Come on, nignog, Marc is going to go back to the boat and tell the hippo "Sure, we're unbalanced as fuck but we'll deal with it" and go rescue Steven, get out, beat Ethan Hawke, and the end.

They won't even talk about the third personality until the very end as a S02 hook.

well yeah

as if it matters with just one episode to go

i want a goth gf so i can murder her and make it look like a suicide and no one would think twice about it

have you ever considered seeking help for whatever ails you?

uhh no? why would i fucking do that?

>captcha: RAPER

Your goth GF will get to have hot lesbian sex with the hippo goddess

If that's what you would do with a goth gf you don't deserve one.
Leave her to me.

The show had a Jew beating up Arabs, that's pretty based

i wonder

>third identity alluded to for no reason
>Mark dies
>only two identities in the afterlife

This show is so bad.


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Third identity was in the other sarcophagus that the did not open.

Marvel could never produce anything nearly as good as Legion. Truly one of the few actual unique western made shows.

Ep5 was easily the best episode so far, pure schizo kino

I hope the plot twist is that he really is just a schizoid in a mental hospital and this is all in his head

Except Legion was actually good.

>Ethan Hawke telling him to take his meds
That part was pretty funny, at least.

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Cringe: The Character

Kinda hope the same, especially now where it seems like his split personality gimmick is gone and we are just stuck with Mark now.

You got to know it's not going to happen, user.

I have killed the part that cringes and I will proceed to motorboat that hippo's fat ass

So they are going for the generic capeshit ending where he gets to settle down with that egypt chick who was absent this whole episode? lame

lol thats what came to my mind immediately too

So whats the deal with this guy anyways? Will he be an avenger?

he's going to be part of "Team Edgy"

OP has never read a Moon Knight comic in his life

retard, steven is obviously coming back and they’ll have to introduce his third personality at some point. also Ethan Hawke is secretly Anubis screencap this

Fights crime, typically in New York. A lot of the shit he deals with is supernatural in nature, but not always. He first showed up fighting a werewolf. Cut off a dude's face once.

well duh, why would anyone read a comicbook?

he’s a street level hero who has teamed up with the likes of daredevil and the other defenders

of course not, comic books are gay

why would I read a comic? I only watch the movies and whatnot

>I can't follow this show I claim is simple

>Ethan Hawke is secretly Anubis
Anubis is gonna be pretty fucking angry when he finds out I've been fucking his wife for the past 3 months

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Who the fuck would want him in his team,one of his personalities might stab you and then say sorry

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did he just assume his gender???

clearly insane

Wow, amazing joke

Genuinely where is Jake Lockley?
We've seen them tease another personality a few times now with Mark and Steven not being the ones who killed those guys in Cairo / that other sarcophagus shaking like Steven's was.
How can Mark's soul be balanced after losing Steven when we know that Steven isn't the only personality that holds a place in Mark's mind?

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