Every other world is a small village that looks like it takes place in the canadian forest and filled with white people...

>Every other world is a small village that looks like it takes place in the canadian forest and filled with white people who speak perfect english

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I liked Atlantis more than SG-1.

because most of them kept getting harvested by goa'uld

Why? It looks like ypur typical syfi channel shlock (over use of garbage cgi and porn tier acting)


The way the universe should be

out of the main cast of both, mckay ended up being the best

>thinks english is earth origin
>didnt watch time travel episode where ancients spoke english millions of years ago

Dr Meredith Rodney McKay.

Same , only show i've seen like 5 times. Might be because i saw it before SG-1

Good timing, I just rewatched the OG movie for the first time in like 10 years. Never watched the series. So I only have one question : The alien species depicted in the movie looked like some kind of Grey alien, but it seems in the series it's a worm like parasite ? From what I heard, cause I was curious about the series and tried to read about it afterwards but it confused me further.
So was that a retcon from the movie or do they somehow explain it further on ? That detail always bothered me but then again I heard the series isn't canon to the OG movie, so.

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There was also the time-travelling episode where Daniel Jackson taught the ancient Egyptians how to speak English and get it spread throughout the galaxy

I've just finished SG-1 and Atlantis
I'm about halfway through the combined 3-parter intro to Universe and I'm fucking hating it, everything feels "off" but most importantly the camerawork is absolute fucking garbage handheld camera

Does it get better or should I cut my losses and pretend it ended with Atlantis and that all the wraith got killed/cured offscreen?

The movie was made in isolation with no thought of a tv show whatsoever and the fact they decided to make a show about a movie that wasn't even popular years after the fact is insane by itself

The original stargate movie was based because no one knew any modern language and the main character had to slowly learn wtf they were saying. I hate how lazy everyone is with languages in movies

from what i heard, it does actually get better, but by then, the axe was waiting for it already so it had no chance

Some of the later episodes in season one and a majority of season two is actually amazing, coming from a diehard fan of SG-1. It is a slog, and the good won’t outweigh the bad, but if you’re a Stargate fan you’ll be glad you made it to the good stuff at least.

The go'uld infected used grey type aliens at first but because the grays had complex bodies that are prone to some type of alien cancer and are also harder to maintain they decided to switch to humans for host

Ok but the one from the movie was shown to be a Grey inside a human all the way till it gets blown up at the end.
So was it a Worm alien hiding inside a Grey alien hiding inside a human, then ? I suppose the Grey ones also have the ability to inhabit bodies so the Worm just inception'd its way into immortality by playing Russian doll.


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>upgrades Town Hall first

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For me it's James Spader

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>Name is Olo

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Took you long this time

There are only two good things about Universe

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You are not done yet

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Early on in sg1 shanks did emulate his look

That's what made it extra comfy...

Sounds like heaven.

It's also why early Xfiles is so good too. Canadian west coast is a great setting. Rambo as well.

Chances are it was just a worm inside a grey. Since Ra had to rule over humans he probably had a physiological cloak to change his appearance. Who knows, maybe he ruled other species by changing his appearance for each of them, it was probably why he was very successful and top of the System Lord tree.

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>ignores the first few episodes where no one ever speaks english and half the episode is dedicated to daniel trying to communicate with the natives
it just got in the way of the storytelling, you just have to kinda ignore that part

you are watching on twitch arent you? kek

based Heroes of Might and Magic enjoyer

the gate teaches you the languages, but you have to use multiple times for proper effect.

there. i solved it.

>one X-Files/SG-1 crossover episode
VGH what could have been..


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Sandro gang checking in

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Thats bullshit, there were plenty of developed ones, also greek/roman ones, nordic ones etc.


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The grey alien possessed an ancient human as its host. But the problem of course is that a grey alien is too big to possess a human. It would just be wearing its skin like a lizard person. A small, parasitical snake can wrap around the brain stem and spine and still allow the human body to function. It makes more sense. You could argue the grey alien was really an Asgard or an Unas, but it makes no sense to then wear human skin. Plus, a snake reptile thing makes for a scarier bad guy imo.

The whole speaking English all over shit is basically that you can’t have Daniel learning the language all the time, it’s too expensive and boring. You can suspend disbelief, can’t you anons?

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So did they ever splatter any innocent explorers with their metal stargate door? Seems kind of a dick move to assume all other explorers are advanced enough to send scouting drones ahead of themselves.

I don't think so, but I remember an episode with Renee Auberjonois where he was a slimy warmonger. As his bunker was being bombed he tried to follow SG-1 through the gate but they closed the iris on him and...splat.

It's interesting how that never happened, even by accident. At least I can't remember SG-1 passively splattering someone with the iris. Actively, though... they did that a couple of times, the leader of the natsoc bunker dwellers that tried to literally gas their racemaxing neighbours, for instance, is just the most prominent one.

The drone armour and various random alien weapons they found were kino, and should have been used more.

It would have been funny to wipe out a whole new rebel jaffa movement without a GDO as they tried to flee bombardment and make to earth. You dare defy your god?

They did it in Atlantis too, against the Genii. Splatted a whole bunch of them.


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Why doesn't anyone else have a sphincter over their staranus?

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yeah, before his doc wrote him down some Test

My former favorite before i became a NecroChad

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I would definitely coom a lot more if she was my doctor

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Wouldn't you subconsciously get injured more just so you can get sent to her for treatment?

Jaffer, KREE!

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