Instigates a multi-decade long series of death matches over nothing

>Instigates a multi-decade long series of death matches over nothing
What was his problem?

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He was a psychopath. Which actually is a pretty accurate depiction of duelling culture. Most people imagine it was two amateurs fighting a duel over honour that they would do maybe once in their lives. But in reality it was more like extremely experienced fighters with hundreds of duels under their belt going out looking to be offended, then challenging inexperienced duellists over petty insults and killing them. It's one of the major reasons why duelling was banned because it had essentially become a form of legalised serial murder.

good post

Toxic masculinity

Why didn't they just wear armor and award points for touches, rather than fucking dying

>He was a psychopath
This makes sense. Especially given what basically kicked off the feud was the fact that he lost the first duel to D'Hubert in which he himself started. His narcissism couldn't handle losing

Did you miss the part where they both talk about honour throughout the course of the movie?

he gets no bitches
thas why he lost

I'm talking about duels in general

Sounds like a good way to be a pro assassin. They said similar things happened in the wild west, if you wanted to kill someone you just goad them into a pistol fight and claim self defense, have a few friends as witness

The first confrontation was kicked off by D'Hubert embarrassing him in front of his mistress

Similarly one of the things that caused duelling to be banned in Britain was that authorities suspected it was a way for some men to kill themselves without the associated shame of suicide

he was simply bored

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>What was his problem?
Dueling, you ape!

My take on it is that he was an asshole.

You have insulted me. YOU HAVE INSULTED ME.

Manlet rage.

Unbelievably based.

>over nothing
Maybe honor is nothing to you, but it is everything to those who still have it.

Yeah but the matter should've been settled after their third duel. A win each and a draw seems like a good deal to me

We need to bring duels back.
Nothing has contributed more to the degradation of our political society than the fact that citizens cannot publicly call-out and challenge politicians for their absolutely horrendous hypocrisies than the death of duels.

That's Harve Keitel right?

kek. absolutely based.

Reminder that the real life story that Joseph Conrad based his story upon was way grander in scale than both book and movie. Fourneir-Sarvolese and de l’Étang fought 30 duels over 19 years during the Napoleonic wars.

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Me on 4channel every day.

That's just pride. Pride is a sin.

I remember reading a history book where it states that duelling culture, and the rising of young men carrying rapiers contributed to the weakening of Spanish military influence.

Imagine going out at night, and someone 2 bottles of red wine deep, prods you with a thin wire from 5 feet away, he runs off and you die.

A coward like yourself could never understand.
Unfortunately, I am a sucker for lost causes.
Simply put, the act of the duel was to show bravery. If you hid behind armor, cover, or some technicality that would advertise to all observers, and those they gossip with, that you are a coward. There is no greater failure in a man than to be a coward. A coward can not defend himself, his family, his people or his nation. He is a parasite and a wastrel. An individual without honor and whose word is worthless. In a society that reputation and manliness mean something, these were social deathknells to anyone's public persona.
Leadership often fell on those willing to face what other men feared. By overcoming it, it showed your peers and fellows that you could be trusted to lead in a dangerous situation.
So in closing, by being nothing like yourself, men of history proved themselves to be exceptional by facing down their fears and overcoming or falling to them.

Many such cases.

>de l'Etang!
>oh for fucks sake, not again

>Pride is a sin
Maybe according to some slave's morality.

Cool shit bro. Imma just gonna drone strike you from over here wearing only my underwear, that of course makes me absolutely brave beyond any other human in the past.

>Imagine going out at night, and someone 2 bottles of red wine deep, prods you with a thin wire from 5 feet away, he runs off and you die.
This is called a murder, not a duel. Maybe some Mestizo Spic doesn't understand the difference, but white people do.

>become prideful
>treat ever like shit
>get murdered or bad mouthed and lose everything or have an empty funeral

There’s not any real benefit to pride unless you have an inferiority complex that needs to be constantly soothed

because the script needed those events to happen so we could have a movie.

>"Father" answered the the dying user "to tell the truth, I have never seen any Star Wars movie"

i ain't reading that shit but how the fuck do you have 30 fucking duels and neither of them die?
you put two guys in a pit with knives and someone is going to be fatally wounded within 30 seconds

No. You are describing a purely might makes right by any means necessary virtue.
What that user is describing is an individual physical and character strength virtue.

What you're saying is that there's no difference between the man who wins a wrestling match on the matt and the man who wins a wrestling match because he poisoned his opponent's breakfast that morning and forced him to concede. It's not the same thing retard.

So what does that have to do with being an asshole who kills people over nothing?

>Pride necessitates arrogance.
kek. enjoy being a cuckold, user. Reminder to be humble and accept your significant other's sexual freedom to sleep with multiple partners. You don't want to be a bigoted racist PROUD chud-man do you?

he had something called honour
he was defending it

Are you stupid? Dueling just kills off young fighting men. You must be a kike if you think the already dwindling white bois killing each is good

What good is honour if you can offend it so easily

dueling culture was banned because old farts were getting diced up by young bloods who proceeded to take their estates
low status men had every incentive to challenge old rich bastards and fuck them up

I show my pride in working out and enjoying the female gaze, others show their pride acting like a noodle arm internet nietzsche. On your knees, bitch

Dueling was illegal for the most part, except duelists were rarely punished as long as there were witnesses attesting that the duel was honorable. Since most duelists were nobles, the law didn't exactly pursue a conviction. It was eventually outlawed precisely because of that: Too many nobles killing each other. They decided it's better to give them sentences than have noble families killed off because they both courted the same roasties.

>over nothing?
Kek. Again. The Slaves of the world may not care when they are tread upon, but real men do.

Go ahead and live your life not defending yourself. Just turn your cheek when your gf or wife cheats on you. Just bend over to the man, insulting you. Just offer your coat to the man who steals your campfire. Just go and die quietly. Don't stir up too much fuss. Go quietly into the night, so that we may all forget you. The blood running through your veins was nothing but water. You may as well been a stillbirth for all the difference you made in the world.

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How do you send elite operators behind enemy lines time and time again without them dying?

These weren't normal men. They were outstanding, in every measure of the word.

id have to guess blunted sabres, or blunted tips on their rapiers. or ( most likely), they just duelled to first blood, with an understanding not lunge for the body. mainly just slash at eachothers hands and forearms till one got cut.

i guess they were evenly matched

>posts this on Yea Forums

the world was a better place when dueling was commonplace


i desire to have such a whimsical view of life

kek. I don't believe you.
No man without pride is actually physically fit.
Even so, why bother with fitness? Why do you value it? Purely because it makes women look at you? You derive all of your value purely from animalistic gaze and the approval of others? I can't imagine a more pathetic ethic. You are nothing more than a pack animal seeking the approval of the herd.

Haven't you ever wondered why women might want attractive fit men? Maybe there are some underlying principles of nature that cause them to desire fitness and vitality? Natural Law is that strength and vitality are valuable, but not because of social approval, in and of themselves and as mark of capability and self-reliance. Self-pride is a necessary prerequisite to become a self-reliant person. You have to believe that you are valuable and worth the effort to work on behalf of, otherwise you are following a slave morality and working on behalf of others for their benefit, not your own.

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braggart. By virtue of posting that inane blabber you have proved that you are a man of words, not action.

>I show my pride in working out and enjoying the female gaze
Pathetic, literally a slave to the whims of women (who don't actually like gym bodies that much, you were bamboozled by faggots)

Meet me in the Denny's Parking Lot in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, tomorrow at noon, and I will teach you at the tip of my blade that I am a man of action.

Based desu. Have these little fedoraists in a seethe

you are a man of one too many alexander dumas books and not enough social interaction

>Dueling was illegal for the most part,
lol you don't know shit. Look up the dates when it was outlawed in all of the different countries. countries. The fact that it was outlawed means that is was very much legal everywhere.

They weren't really enemies irl, the duelling was more light-hearted than in the movies. It only stopped because one of them got tired and put the other in a situation of either giving up or dying.

you are seething i win hahahaha

you can do this now


>On your knees, bitch
woah.. are you like trying to fight me bro? Over nothing? Just words on the internet. Dang, sounds like you've got a lot of pride to deal with. Let me know when your female therapist straightens you and gets rid of that toxic masculinity you're expressing there. Just turn the other cheek, brah. No need to be Prideful and Arrogant.

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You can still be a cunt and be good at killing people.

That's true, but if you're a cunt to enough people, eventually one of them will be faster than you and will kill you for being such a cunt.

>user tries to playfully larp a duel
>mongs reply with no character or imagination

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Putin has been a cunt for 70 years and still nobody can stop him as the bodies pile up