Is it really that hard to get out of the acting business?

Is it really that hard to get out of the acting business?

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Hurr durr.

>rides the nigger cock carousel
>reeeeeeee why aren't people taking me seriously!??!?

I will never not be amazed at the stupidity and short-sightedness of women.

Lmao, she got scammed.

why doesn't she just open an onlyfans to milk like every other whore the subhuman simps

What would your mother say user?

that can't be true. 12k per film would be the lowest

>get railed by niggers for only $12k

That tells me she liked it and probably does it for free now.

>12k for shooting 5 videos where you get fucked
I make 12k a year as an undergraduare uni student, she is better off than me at least

She only did porn for, like, a month or two.

she's keeps lying, once she claimed she work for 4 months, then the company proved she worked for over 2 years.

>for the whole world to see, outed as a hooah and ostracised
I disagree

My mother was a tranny.

that's a lie, google it.

that's impossible

She's either lying or she got scammed big time.

Actions have consequences? What the heck!?

Maybe that's how much she reported. She's not gonna post any real figures on social media or the IRS will get her.

Everyone knows there are consequences to selling your body. You can't complain when you decide you're done with it and can't find work anywhere else.

Normally it’s the indians doing the scamming I’m glad to see the shoe is on the other foot

I googled it and google said she only worked a couple months.

She's Middle Eastern actually

What do you faggots get out of reposting the same threads over and over again?

she has entirely unrealistic expectations, her skills amount to being a whore or working at burger king

She would say this stupid whore is getting what she deserves.

She is pretty, she can do whatever she wants.

>Everyone knows there are consequences to selling your body.
But why? White collar criminals who scammed thousands of people out of their savings have no trouble finding work after doing time. Even hardened criminals get second chances. Meanwhile, she rides dick on camera and everybody decides she deserves to have her life ruined. After jacking off to the footage, of course. I just don't get it. People act like you don't deserve happiness because you sucked dick for money at some point.

She's lying

anyone have the webm from the movie she's in?

>White collar criminals who scammed thousands of people out of their savings have no trouble finding work after doing time.
yes they do
>Even hardened criminals get second chances.
Yes, rare second chances at specific places.
>Meanwhile, she rides dick on camera and everybody decides she deserves to have her life ruined.
"wahhhh I'm entitled to have private companies offer me jobs"

If she's not lying then I bet she made a lot more money through her pornstar fame. I think she's probably lying to discourage girls from becoming pornstars though. She has a grudge against people in the industry.

reminder that everything she says is a lie
she worked in porn for a few years and she made way more than 12k
she lies so much because NOW shes ashamed of swallowing cum on camera


Any kind of actor, performer, artist, is the celebrity face of an operation but makes crumbs compared to what the owner/producer makes. These are minstrels, all of them. You could try it yourself, amateurs in Thailand give girls like $100 and shoot a porno every week that returns 10x that.
If you don't want to click it the article says BangBros told them she made around 180,000~ so


Also she's a retard for expecting or wanting a "normal job" after doing porn because it's just a big slide downwards when she could be selling nudes,attending events,streaming or uploading herself doing mundane shit or you know,more porn. She just wanted out because mentally she's too fucked up to handle it.

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hang em all

she’s just butthurt she went full hardcore rather than take in the big bucks as an only fans thot

shes also doing onlyfans. it's just a publicity stunt

Getting a job is hard. 12k is also a lot of money. Privileged cunt

>damn she’s a dumb slut!

Post your job, state, and salary

Correction officer, AZ, 55,000

She doesn’t deserve to have her life ruined for doing porn but she certainly isn’t entitled to an “easy” life either

laugh all you want, but this whore won

she's literally making millions per month on onlyfans making clothed videos

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>wahhh wahhh money me, money me now!
she took cock on camera a decade ago why does she think she’s entitled to a cushy life now?

money will never equal fulfillment

Social Media Owner, TX, Billions upon billions

these bitches are dumb af. the ONLY reason why you're famous now is because of porn. you can't just take away the porn aspect when it was your literal shortcut to fame.

Serious question. Did anyone even know this bitch did porn? I've been fapping for years and only know she exists now because of this website.

Meanwhile other porn girls have hundreds of videos that are always on front pages with a ton of views. They have successful streaming careers and big social media profiles. Meanwhile this little paki has always been an absolute nobody yet shouts about as if she was royalty.

Someone post the pic of the pajeet boasting about torrenting porn.

>dozens of films
>2 months
Something don't add up.

this she could open an only fans tomorrow and make bank based on name recognition alone

>Did anyone even know this bitch did porn?
of course dude are you retarded?
she's literally one of the most searched for pornstars worldwide even to this day despite having like 4 videos or some shit

based on name? There's chick's who've done less videos than her and are super famous now. She's a literal who.

She started the hijab porn boom in her video. Shame that 99% of those videos are shit tier, because unlike Mia, the other women never take their hijabs off

I don't get who would pay for an onlyfans with some pics or whatever when you can watch her getting full on buttfucked in all kinds of vids for free.
It's out there now, she already sold what she might sell through onlyfans.

It’s like how the jackass guys preach sobriety and shit now. Hey SteveO? Nobody would give a shit about you today if you weren’t an insane drug addict

she's earning more than you will earn in a lifetime every single month posting this shit

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She already has an Onlyfans.
Heres a Link to her leaks

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I mean, (you) could probably get 12k for 5 videos of you getting fucked by niggers if that's what you really want.

she's a despicable liar and none of this is true

Yeah so? Is she happy? Me either!

Mia actually never did anal. There's a funny blooper video where they try to get it in and just the tip hurts her too much so she asks to stop.

>Still goes by her porn name
fuck some of you are thick

Yet I wouldn't trade with her even for Bezos level wealth. Funny how that works, huh?

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her popularity is interesting since she is not really a conventional beauty. She is short with a big nose and very ethnic looking sort of resembling Klinger on MASH. but obviously there was a huge untapped market for regular looking girl porn. If you ignore her fake tits that is.

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Jesus Christ the wall is real

most overrated porn star of all time

>Ace Rothstein: Once a hooker, always a fucking hooker.

>But why?
it's called the cause and effect principle

>you do something
>something else happens in response

I fully agree - she's only 'famous' because she complained and bitched later about how people treat her because she was a whore.
If you actually watch her vids she's super boring. Not enthusiastic at all. She fucks like a jewish yenta.


I honestly have no idea what pornstars do after acting if they don't lock down a simp husband.
Kay Parker ended up as some crystal-reading counselor who still talked about incest to her clients.
Play with Jews and you lose.

Damn man thanks for telling me about about this site. It's amazing

>Once you go black you don't go back

No type of girl gets my breeding senses tingling like a sort of ugly indian/middle eastern girl youd see in a sophomore year CS class who probably has big tits under her ugly sweater and secretly is obsessed with gangbangs.

>but obviously there was a huge untapped market for regular looking girl porn. If you ignore her fake tits that is.
>Regular looking girl

You mean middle eastern. Muslims are all massive coomers but their women are also incredibly underrepresented in the porn industry, that's why she got so insanely popular. She was the forbidden fruit they craved.

Always happy to help another Degenarate

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