Japanese """acting""

>japanese """acting""

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They're all so ugly

kek they look like gelflings

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How can that Japanese girl find those short androgynous looking homos intimidating?

>literally walt, jesse and gus

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Why can't Japan make kino anymore unless its animated

Korea surpassed them so long ago to with Oldboy and what not

I personally prefer this kind of acting

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>claim japanese acting sucks
>repost the same webms over and over because you like their performance so much

>t. hasnt watched a japanese film in 20 years

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>tfw fall in love with Nana Komatsu thanks to these threads
Continue with the good work, OP

Asian actors can’t emote properly

I'll show them true kino

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Lol this is so bad might as well be from a porno
Jesus Christ Japan sucks at movie making

oh yeah? check this out

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Do these guys ever worry some hair will get in their eye and it'll be uncomfortable?

because it is from a porno

Posting webms from kid and teen shows is cheating. Of course the acting will be amateurish, it’s targeted to children.

Ken Watanabe is a good actor

Her tits aren't even that big

c'mon man

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ten times more entertaining than 'serious' japanese media

henshin shows take notice

Tell me some good Japanese films made in the last 20 years. Not trying to disprove you, just genuinely curious since I haven't watched any of their cinema past the 80s.


Hydra is a good little indie movie if you into action

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It's cringe most times but can be kino when it's wants to be.

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Try watching something that isn't either a shitty j drama or made for children

I watched this movie, it was aight.

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What I don't get is Japanese used to be so good at making movies, even 80s/early 90s Pink films like Lady Ninja and Weatherwoman are pretty great movies.
What the fuck went wrong?

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they still do, you just don't know about them because you are a phony fagot

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Fucking obsessed, like every autistard

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How did they cast such a flattie for Shiranui?

this is pretty good

cope tranny hahaha

>when you perfectly time a parry for the first time and think everything will be fine from there on

The people they make movies for don't care about the quality of movies. Same reason there's so many capeshit movies in the US

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shin godzilla was good

live action anime adaptations are the worst holy fuck

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How bad?

>make anime with people with blonde hair and blue eyes
>do a live action with actors with none of those traits
>All wigs look fake and the eye colors do not match

There's a reason why people shat on Aku no Hana and it wasn't just the rotoscoping.

why is it all so rapey?

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japs are so socially repressed that the fantasy of forcing yourself into someone is much more common

Code please

Japanese films that are actually good if you have an attention span:

Still Walking
Forest of Love
Adrift in Tokyo

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The World of Kanako is pretty good. I was going to suggest more but I realized most of the asian films i've been watching recently aren't japanese lol. Most good jap i've seen are much older.

I wonder how she will act when I rape her.

yes it's based, best jap movie imo

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The Takeshi Kitano biopic on Netflix is really good.

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imagine outing yourself as a turbopleb. kore-eda has produced more kino in the past 10 years than the majority of hollywood.

13 Assassins
Lesson Of Evil
First Love


I thought this was a lesbian scene for a sec

if you think jap acting is bad, wait until you see their faces without surgery

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Midnight Diner is better than anything Korea ever made.