Vincent: Night. You going to bed?

Vincent: Night. You going to bed?
Jenna: I gotta take a bath and then go to bed. U said ur battrry was dying
Vincent: Ok talk to you later then
Vincent: Do you take a bath by yourself?
Jenna: Lol yeah! Im not a baby
Vincent: You should sneak a pic for me. I’d love to see it
Jenna: Ur gonna get me in trouble
Vincent: Not if you delete the pic after. She will never know
Jenna: Im srry I cant. My phone is the only way i can still talk to my dad
Vincent: Aww. It works. Thou I have tried. Before
Vincent: I will talk to you tomorrow then :( Good night cutie :’*
Jenna: Gnight
Vincent: Hey you still up..
Vincent: Morning cutie
Vincent: How did you sleep?
Vincent: Hey
Vincent: Hey I miss talking to you
Vincent: Hey

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entrapment, simple as.

All fucking pedophiles will fucking hang.

>Vincent: Hey
>Vincent: Hey I miss talking to you
>Vincent: Hey

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>when he thinks he got caught and changes his chat name to "BYE" with a gun emoji

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>simple as

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Nah, pedoshit aside you can sometimes arguably be a loser because of factors outside of your control but you are always in complete control of your own self-respect
I feel no pity for anyone that begs like this, I'm just glad I'm not them

>pretend to be pedo to meet entrapment babe
>turns out to be real life kid
>get really pissed off
>swear up and down you're not a pedo

>show up in shirt with Chris Hanson's face on it
>walk into house calling out "Chris! Where are you man?"
>claim you knew it was a setup all along and just wanted to meet him

>there's no chris and you just came off as a complete weirdo to the 17 year, 364 day, 23 hour, 59 minute, 59 second, 999999999 nanosecond old underage girl you could've banged illegally

i am not a pedo, i just wanted to meet girl in op pic

for me it's the steelers and the ravens guy

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You're already committing a crime, who cares about consent?

An enthusiastic partner improves things.

Chatrooms aren't even a thing anymore, how do people even find these entrapment chats?

>upload video of teenage girl doing some stupid tik tok dance
>wait for DMs
This isn't hard

>When you're so beta even the police stop responding

>Teen dating Discords
>The general NSFW-themed hashtags of Twitter, Tktok, and Instagram
>Finding weird people on Facebook and Tumblr

Shit I don't even use.
I miss the old internet!

>Username: letmerapeyouanaly

Whatever happened to this gentleman?

Hashtags Are the future, mAn. Maybe you don'T WanT to risk entrapment anyway.
my keyboard's beiNg shITTy now, and won't Even capitalize Right.

Entrapment is planting the idea to commit a crime in a target's head from the start or otherwise setting them up in circumstances that would cause a law to be broken without the target's consent ("accidentally" sending a child prostitute to a man's house with a swat team lined up at the back door).
Enticement is setting out bait for a criminal already committed to the act to engage with, and is perfectly legal (advertising self as child on the internet who would certainly attract those who are already looking to fuck children)

He's innocent, then.

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It is entrapment. Whose to say that all of these people would have committed a crime if they weren't approached by a person trying to get them to groom them?

I'm Chris Hansen with Datleline NBC and I like rape, I like rape, I like rape

It does get murky since clearly they wouldn't have found these people if they weren't already hanging around in chat rooms and forums populated by kids/teenagers so they are already looking though. As I understand it, there are different types of pedos with different categorization by law enforcement, there are the ones who actively search for vulnerable kids they can take advantage off but the far more common one is the ones who work in a field with access to children but won't do anything unless an opportunity presents itself. Say they find themselves alone with a child that are very lightly dressed or a young teenager who expresses a crush on them.

>"This reminds me of that time I tried to hook up with the babe from To Catch a Predator"
>doorbell rings and small child answers it
>Peter's at the door wearing a Chris Hansen t-shirt and holding a bouquet of roses
>"Peter, you came!"
>"Yeah whatever kid"
>Violently pushes the kid out of the way and enters the house
>"Hey Chris where you at? Where's the hot decoy you normally use?"
>looks around and sees the house is empty aside from some scented lit candles
>"Oooooh.... This isn't a set up.... She's not here is she?"
>looks over at the kids who's got a bloody nose
>"You err... you shouldn't meet guys on the internet"
>awkwardly walks out

Would be a pretty great sketch if any sketch show had the balls to do it.

Kys lardass

The boondocks had something similar

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Jesus fucking christ lmao

NEVER meet a girl who refuses to talk sexual with you or send sexy pics.
How are these idiots getting caught lol

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Go look into those old fan boards where some amateur wannabe psychoanalyst puts the most ridiculous shit online explaining why this man is the most evil being in the universe, putting a spin on everything. They do this with every single one of these guys, whatever piece of information there is, it's given some weird evil explanation. Sure they're scumbags, but people are going completely mad over it

Look at him go


>i didnt come lookin for no little boys, i came lookin for man's butt

a daring synthesis

>I gotta take a bath
The trap is set.


Leaving schizo clues user very nice

I wonder what her date life looked like. Went to grab a coffee with a guy:
>so what do you do for a living?
>I am pretending to be a 13 years old on a tv show to get real life pedos behind bars

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She's literally so perfect it's unfair... and she's just bait..

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The lizardpeople will never be able to steal my microwave.

Sure to catch a predator was bad, but have you guys seen this shit? How is this not entrapment??

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Americans are retarded. Imagine sending someone to jail for texting a willing 16 year old when thats legal all over the world.
Most of the guys who fall for that shit just seem to be lonely losers with no better options than texting whoever replies on dating sites.

Legally its only entrapment if the decoy msgs the guy first.

Surely basically every male has done pathetic shit like this towards a roastie they had a crush on..
>be me
>freshman year i think (maybe sophmore year)
>have massive fucking crush on this girl in my grade
>we actually talk and hang out a little bit but i never have the courage to ask her out despite her never explicitly friend zoning me
>she starts dating this cunt a couple of grades above us
>remember one night they go to the carnival
>hear from a friend of mine that was also at the carnival that he saw them together and I guess he saw her get sick and throw up all over the place after getting off of one of the spinny rides
>apparently her boyfriend at the time was kind of being rude or some shit and acting disgusted about the whole scenario
>i literally send her a fucking email basically saying I heard what happened and I hope she feels better and talking about how much she means to me and how much better she deserves to be treated
>of course never hear anything back and she never even really mentions that she got the email
>years later at some get together with mutual friends after we graduated HS she mentions how she found the email in her spam folder
>says something along the lines of "by the way I found some sweet little email you sent me years ago" and laughs it off
>massive wave of embarrassment
>by this time she was married to the same guy she was dating then
Honestly I wish I would have at least tried to pursue her. She was like 4chans perfect waifu. Brown hair, green eyes, big milkers, super religious virgin until marriage type (probably explains why she got married pretty young). However now she and him got divorced because he went to prison when it was discovered fucking some of the underaged highschool girls in his youth group (he was the youth minister in their church). Not too surprising he was always a douchebag in Highschool and I got the vibe he just went along with her super religious attitude so he could fuck her.


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Literally kik is popular

Sounds like you can still go for it dude. You miss all the shots you don't take!

>having a bath
doesn't that stupid, selfish cunt know that the oceans are all drying up because of global freezing cooling heating burning drying wetting?

Which episode featured vincent?

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It was a different time... We were so ignorant back then

Charges, officer?

>basically every male has done pathetic shit like this
I would say so. Or at least i did. God i used to be so pathetic. My oneitis friendzoned me. I would bend over backwards bringing her food and gifts and flower and other shit. I literally fucking bought her an ipad and a tv. The worst moment was probably during one of her bday parties. It went late into the night and rather than her parents driving me home they just let me stay over (they liked me). I remember like an hr after they went to bed we were watching a movie and she told me another friend was coming over, he was a senior in. i didnt really know him but had seen him around. Anyways he comes by and we are all hanging out and she says she is going to bed but he can stay over as well he just has to leave early before her parents get up. We turn out the lights and are just laying there in the guest room. About 30 minutes go by and I see her come into the room and then see him follow her out, ig they thought i was asleep. I assume they went and fucked since i didnt see him the rest of the night and I was up for several hours crying after it happened.


Roasties are fickle, attempts like this are ok to a point, I’ve rekindled and refucked girls with this approach. You’re right in your opinion only if each new messages is literally begging. Hey and I miss you messages work. Women run on feelings. You catch them on the right day, you’re back in business.

Lolidom is patrician taste. How could even be illegal to have a preteen girl hit and kick you, piss on you and shit in your mouth?

the tcap thought that having the undertaker predator on their show was too depressing so they didn't release it at the time. i think chris hansen put it on his youtube channel later 'caus he needed money for blow and booze