Any kino about life as a Chad?

any kino about life as a Chad?

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real life

Documentary about me

I don't get clubbing, do normies find it fun to stand around and wiggle their bodies to shit music?

women go to show themselves off
men go because the women are there

People just like to have sex. This is how they signal their availability.

It's a mating ritual, user

You're supposed to do drugs and drink, mdma makes you extremely horny

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I hate clubbing because it's too loud for me

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It's their mating ritual. Whether they enjoy it or not is a philosophical question like can lobsters feel pain, they're both mindless animals operating on very basic systems.

her tits and her ass look fake

use earplugs

drink and maybe dance, try to root chicks. it's extremely fun, like a hunt. only for real men though

please don't post that webm of the highschool kids going in for a kiss again
i can't

manletsirs, we are gonna make it...

No. They do it to be seen and desired by other people at the club or even on social media. They're the same people who will start pouring thousands of dollars to cosmetic surgery in their 30s/40s so they can remain desirable

Also makes your dick stop working

Part of me wants women to stop standing like that so they can pretend they have an ass. The other part of me wants them to continue because it is destroying their spine and they have no idea because they're too vapid to realize it.

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Yeah bro, and you're on Yea Forums.

Psuedo intellectual loser think he know shit.

This guy needs a movie.

>extremely fun

this will surfice

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If I have to yell to talk to someone I hate the place. Especially when the whole point is to socialize

Hitting bars is way better

The power of being a chad...

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you're supposed to be attractive (tall) and get absolutely wasted. it's not fun otherwise

Idk senpai i did with my ex and we fucked like crazy

did he go soft

Is it worth not being a gross obnoxious whore in 2022?

Experts say yes

That's right. A hundred thousand normies combined "living their life" to the fullest fucking, doing drugs, partying and traveling will never come close to feeling the enjoyment I do from watching one good movie while eating a snack.

lmao hes so insecure

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christ, if you pause it at 0:04 you even have stacey laughing her ass off in the bottom right corner.
pathetic chad though, clearly doing it to boost his own self esteem, she's barely a 5

I mean she did lick some other dude. I'd just turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Unlike you, most clubbers have nothing to say and no real need to talk.

>woman performs infidelity in front of him
>lmao he's so insecure
do so(ys really?

>christ, if you pause it at 0:04 you even have stacey laughing her ass off in the bottom right corner.
That manlet is laughable but they're laughing at whatever the guy on the couch is showing them on his phone.

never seen such a perfect representation of the chad vs incel meme in real life. the beta cuck looks exactly like the soi doing the basedface meme.

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he wanted a kiss, she licked him to gross him out
it was all fun and the guy gets so defensive, its like he knows shes not really into him

He showing them this video

dude got the groove.



they can do both

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lmao is that destiny?

Do white women really?

i thought destiny was into polyamory and open relationships

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it still adds to the feeling of pure humiliation though. it's such a painful clip

I do, I like to go with my friends and dance to music I like. I don't like it when women come up to me to buy them a drink on the hope I get to take them home. Socialising requires more than just words and a club is a good place to do it. You can meet interesting people and discover new music.

she looks so happy

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Hahahahahahaha. Nigga you dumb. Im finna let your girl lick my nuts.

Sometimes I forget how socially retarded Yea Forums is, but here you are to remind us

These bitches have severe lordosis from trying way too fucking hard. My gf has a better ass/hips/waist/thighs combo than all of them combined, no meme.

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you have to be 18 to post here

omg I need to go clubbing again

post pics

nowhere did i imply that she was actually laughing at him, it's just a comedic image. you know, maybe you're the retarded one mate

They can't help themselves when the dildo is that color.

I'm sure that makes all the ladies wet


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so a random girl laughing at a random thing you know nothing about is worthy of note to you, in no relation to anything that was said before. and the words "christ" and "even" were not emphatic or anything either, of course. you're not just socially retarded, you're also autistic

Any vids of them taking BBC?

holy shit you were right

The absolute disrespect coming from these women

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Yea Forums talking about anything involving this sort of stuff unironically makes me cringe

You guys should go out sometime

He's unironically in an open relationship, lol.

this might unironically be the most autistic thing i've ever read here. hope you're taking the piss. just fucking look at it


haha yeah totally gross dude wouldn't want her to lick me ever haha

they never learn...

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go back

no u

>woman with septum piercing is a slut
go figure

Yeah and it's cope like most open relationships, he uironically thinks he's a cool guy for letting his woman fuck other men
The guy wants to be white so bad

>pls don't put me on ur site

All exact answer were given. I'm just replaying for the sake of it.

Literally no one wants to be white in 2022 user, sounds like the one coping is you

day of the stepstool is coming
manlets will rise up

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Why would chad go for a 4/10 slag like this?

he's drunk