ITT: Racebending that you don't think Yea Forums would freak out about

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le chicken man plays the same guy every time he's cast as a villain so it'd be pretty shit.

Chicken guy from BB can play whoever the fuck he wants
he gets roles since he's a good actor, not because he's a nigger

ugh why?

I'd prefer Mads Mikkelsen or Rufus Sewell as Freeze. Make Giancarlo Lucius Fox.


idris elba as mr freeze
idris elba as killer croc
idris elba as calender man
idris elba as hush
idris elba as harley quinn
idris elba as ras al ghul
idris elba as two-face

no he doesn't, his character in the SW show is totally different

>those opportunity

Imagine how much the world would improve if the ESL capeshit consuming hordes were wiped off the internet

Think early 2000s internet when they were still banging rocks together

I'd rather see one of these guys play Freeze.

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I;m thinking about thos opportunity

Nope has to be Danny DeVito.
He can also play the Penguin in the same movie.

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Matthew McConaughey as Man-Bat.

>Yo, batman bitch

oh shit, that could actually be good, if he can get in character

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Paul Betany as Idris Elba in the Idris Elba biopic.

Holy shit I didn't even think of Mads as Mr Freeze. That would be kino (plus he's shown he'll do any franchise if they pay him)

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Giancarlo sucks and I have sex so I’ll not interested in cape shit

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Does he regret staying with his wife? Does Chris Hemsworth? They could (and should) both be smashing prime holes.

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>incoherent screaming
>"Alright alright alright"
>incoherent screaming resumes

Nicholas Cage as Mr. Freeze, dubs confirm.

No, Jamie Foxx. So he and Penguin/Colin Ferell can have a Miami Vice reunion.

Has he done any real tragic characters? I just can't picture him capturing the misery of freeze.
and he'll never be able to match up to Arnold

Cage is unironically a great actor, he just needs both the right role and the right director. Which cape character would he play the best?

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Tom Hardy should return as Bane and Cilian Murphy should return as Scarecrow.

How about Nicholas Cage as Hugo Strange

He's kino, and while black his face has a Caucasoid vibe to it, he wouldn't be bad for the role, certainly not worse than whoever they got for Joker

Zendaya will play Ivy, you cannot stop it.

Every role in every movie ought to either be played by Nick Cage or cunny. No exceptions


Cage as... The Question

Nick Cage could be great Two-Face

I could see it.

>good actor
>stands still and frowns

>pushing nigs
>nose and name checks out

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Spider-Man Noir solo movie.

Incoherent rambling, schizophrenia, and punching people.

that's cheating but I'll allow it

which he's really good at

I guess this one would be a reason not to do that accent

Well Gus kinda became what he is because of the tragedy that happened to his partner.
But yeah, best cast Arnie again.

I didn't mind Samuel Jackson as John Arnold in Jurassic Park. The character isn't written as black (and Crichton famously always signposts when a character is black, plus the character is an acclaimed engineer who has worked on world famous theme parks for decades) but Jackson really pulled him off impressively, bringing that weary cynicism that a man who has to deal with the gritty realities of making head in the clouds visionaries like Hammond's fantastical ideas work in the real world, and being ignored or not taken seriously by them when he brings up problems and inescapable truths that inconvenience them. Really memorable in a quite small role pre Pulp Fiction.

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definitely two face


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no fuck no, stop casting this guys in villain roles, this nigga can act make him Robin for all I care

Nobody minds the cute dune coon gf.

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maybe, but he's top tier at it so i wouldn't mind personally

he'd make a good kiteman

>niggers cast as good guys
>tv seethes
>niggers cast as bad guys
>tv seethes
Tale as old as time

This would be fucking stupid. Victor Fries is Russian. This is bad casting regardless

Batista as Bane honestly. You need that roided up WWE body


Captcha: ANGAR

That's actually kino. Perfect voice

I'd rather see him as Lucius Fox instead.

I think Jessie would play a funny snark character.

Victor Fries has only ever been referred to as an American citizen.
His nationality otherwise isn't anything.

Why don't you go back to Massachusetts?

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>the idea of Reeves making a villain black

I'm so sick of this fucking guy everywhere.
Fuck him and fuck Breaking Bad.

Yo, Batman! Time to cook some ICE! ...bitch!