A biopic would be kino

a biopic would be kino.

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already made

I'm not familiar with Chris chan history I just know he fucked his mom and he was insane, can someone tell me what was the hype about him?

Lurk more newfag

Cast her

>he hasn't seen the leaked image

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There's so much stuff that it can't really be condensed into a movie. Maybe a fictionalized version where its just about an autistic man who has an imaginary friend that looks oddly like Sonichu.

Directed by this guy

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The only kino part was with liquid chris. Nowadays its just some retarded tranny esoteric bs.

Good catch, Chris Chan is a Goddess and therefore transcends such temporal concepts as sex and gender

No. Directed by Tarantino. Chris Chan needs to bomb the gamestop in the movie. Also, as he said niggos it is totally Tarankino territory

Chris Chan has said the actual bigger word more times than he has said niggo.

She* fucker her mom and she* was insane. Be courteous and use proper pronouns, it costs you nothing.

Christian Weston Chandler's life is the most well-documented in human history. He's an outsider artist, an auteur, a provocateur, a scientist and philosopher, a religious figure, a polymath for the internet age.
Chris-chan is in essence the Henry Darger of our times. A misunderstood, completely self-taught artist struggling to find a place in a society that shuns him.
And also he fucked his demented mother. Several times.

Having this motherfucker say nigger makes me want to become politically correct.

>Troon: Legacy


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August 1st can't come soon enough

So is he in the male prison or women's prison?

Watch the 50 hour documentary


Well....hello beautiful

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go read the encyclopediadramatica

Looks like Amy Schumer in this pic

Autistic man living in the USA lmnever accessed proper care and education in his youth because his parents were too old and stupid. Because of his untreated autism, he grown up into a mentally stunted manchild and his situation worsen because of both his stunted upbringing and the never-ending gangstalking of channers who torment him non stop since 2007 to cope with their own insecurities and are attracted to the prospect of gaslighting as mentally ill loner from the safety of their basement. Eventually, the untreated mentally ill individual does something mentally ill and is sent to a mental asylum where he'll finally received the treatment he lacked in his youth while channers stay locked in their morbid cringe addiction maladaptive cope and answer with wojaks to this post because it hit too close home
Also Null is a pedo and his life is as shitty as Chris, he definitely see himself in him

Holy esl.

sociopath autistic loners bullied a mentally ill freak until he became a schizophrenic tranny

Cope, you stalked Chris because you hate yourself

It's like the truman show if the audience was malevolent

What does that have to do with you not knowing english?

Chris Chan is the perfect example of why you need to get your autistic children help and supervision, and you need to control, monitor, and limit their internet access. Chris parents should have put him in a home if they weren’t going to do anything about his autism.

Male prison. They didn't want to put a sex offender with male genitalia in a women's prison, that would just be grotesque.

>Null is a pedo

geno is just as much an autismo as chris

He's in a psych ward.

Yeah I hear this thrown around and Ethan Ralph loves repeating it which doesn't lend much faith to it. Can someone enlighten us here?

The problem isn’t just the autism, it’s the untreated abs uncontrolled autism. You let your autist child devolve to Chris-Chans state and then give him unsupervised access to the internet and he ends up getting gang stalked? No wonder he is what he is today. So it doesn’t matter if anyone else is as big a autist if their autism was/is treated and controlled.

he used to talk about liking shota didn’t he? or are you one of those people who thinks there’s zero connection between that and being attracted to irl little boys

Yea Forums will never do something as kino as liquid chris again.

>tranny jannies blocked the webm of the fat naked guy getting tased

>explain something
>also get incredibly defensive despite nothing being said

Was Chris ever really unhappy though? Can you even really call it bullying? He absolutely loved the attention, and in his mind he got a famous content creator with a beloved, exclusive comic franchise. Even the horrible deaths and betrayals of his imaginary girlfriends never seemed to really make him unhappy. I'm not sure I would call that "tormenting".

Although I am sure that the more sinister elements in this whole ordeal are up ultimately responsible for his end. He is probably the most gullible person in the universe and they fucked with his mind and put ideas in his head that wouldn't have been there without people like Janke

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he just revealed it was all a long con

calling his dad telling him his son is about to kill himself so he walks in on him jerking off is horrible bullying yeah

Damn I had no idea what a bombshell

I just want to see her titties, bros

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I don't you just know she fucking stinks. Also got away with everything too.

He's too dumb to understand fairly basic shit. Has no idea how bad it is.

He was arguably unhappy when coping the emotions of his depressive mother

>He's too dumb to understand fairly basic shit
He's autistic, not dumb. Didn't he even get a college degree that he never used to do anything?

Ok faggot. Calm down.

he can drive so he can’t be that retarded

You smell of someone who found out about Chris last year if this is how you think.

No fuck you you disgusting cunt

Yea....women typically get away with alot of shit. Real talk, its an issue that needs to be addressed more but unfortunately i dont see society doing that in the near future.


her parents were glowies

The shitty "documentary" where an autistic fag unenthusiastically reads through the cwcki and kiwi farms threads isn't a biopic, isn't a documentary, and isn't kino.
There actually was an attempt to create a documentary at one point, with interviews lined up for Chris, one of his former high school teachers, Meagan, Liquid Chris, and a few of the other trolls. This fell through when the troll group that was controlling Chris at the time faggishly put a stop to it by manipulating Chris against the documentarian.
Honestly, though, with Chris in jail, it's actually possible to arrange a real documentary where a person goes out and does interviews and actually provides something new.

Nintendo is consulting Chris for the Mario movie, and they will be working on the Sonichu movie together shortly afterward.

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t. tranny

She's going to have to deal with background checks when she applies for a job for the rest of her life. Type in her name and a whole lot of unsavory stuff comes up. Not sure what else you would expect to happen for what she did, I wouldn't call having her hamster boiling nigger saying chat logs online linked to her name in such a big way "getting away with it".

name my band Yea Forums

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Her dad's a glowie she'll be fine. Probably get a posting in India in the department of monkey torture videos

You are?

Yawn! Old news. If you ain't a-logging the Gunt, you ain't a-logging.

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portebella here itt