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Kid named Finger Edition


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Chuck is shit

booba and tummy = based

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nacho didnt deserve this
i think i would have ran, no matter what.

Is Mike gonna tell him the truth?

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is it just me or is mike looking better this season?

He’s onto Gus


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i remember reading he didn't accept makeup before. he might have it on now.

makes sense, desu

dubs chooses the next Albuquerque spinoff prequel

>You're scam and chilling with your lawyer waifu
>She gives you this look
What do?

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who else accepted the thought that banks might now make it back when covid was just getting warmed up and season 6 was far from even beginning filming? obviously it was a nothingburger but i didn't know it back then. bob's heart attack was terrifying because it would've meant cancellation altogether.


I am not crazy! I knew he swapped those Pills! I knew it was Ibuprofen! Chemically different from sugar. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that idiot to swap the timelines. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That restaurant! Are you telling me that a restaurant just happens to blow up like that? No! *He* orchestrated it! Nacho! He *Masturbated* to Betsy's *breasts*! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own firm! What was I *thinking*? He'll never change. He'll *never* change! Ever since he was season 1, *always* the same! Couldn't keep his deals inside of the family! But not our Nacho! Couldn't be precious *Ignacio *! Stealing them blind! And *HE* gets to have a good death? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance!

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his head looked all fucked up during the sniper scene

Kimmy teenage delinquent years

Kek they probably filmed his and Bob's scenes first

what was the livethread reaction to this scene when it happened?

Kim is the real bad guy

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yeah, i noticed it was pretty bad in that too

but they feel kinda silly in retrospect now huh

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fuck philip banks

Yea Forums, you know what?

These were…the best threads of my life…

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We are eventually getting a Holly sequel. Vincent is still more than a decade away from retirement. They can make the show take place in the year 2029 or something because it's not like they care about timeline consistency anymore.

Never forget.

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good one
the copy shop guy was pretty slick too

Lalo will survive

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erin....shes onto us

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Not a prequel, but a sequel where Mrs. Kettleman and I make a femdom porn site together so she can earn enough money to send her kids back to private school.

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what the fuck is this chubby bitch's problem?

she just needs a good dicking

What the fuck is the "stairway" scène?

She’s literally built for sex

The key scene with Huell and the Valet

Chubby? That hog is obese. Morbidly so in her latest appearance

>blocks your path
What do you do?

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These threads are made by Jimmy and his crew.
It's all just another oh his schemes.

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the final stretch of season 5 is awesome to look back on. Lalo's and Nacho's last scene together by the fire feels more significant now that we know it's their last one together. there is a slight sadness in the fact that Lalo actually liked Nacho and put his neck on the line to get him a promotion.

Is this what he meant by people having to get through him?

We live inside a dream.

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Kek good shit user, didn't think anyone would voice my shitpost

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h-he's fast

Has the integrity of the Gene timeline been compromised??

This is actually why they film Mike's scenes first -Jonathan Banks gets really territorial when he's on set around Rhea and will often ruin a shot by stumbling into the scene, aggressively physically posturing towards any male actor near her and groaning loudly. They can barely film scenes when they're even on the production on the same day because he'll sniff around until he can find her in her trailer and start bothering her. That's why Kim hasn't been on screen with Mike a single time and likely never will.

Howard's Handsome and Winning law firm, what can I do for you?

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some new entries (sleeping gas, sugar pills, flying hector, etc)

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keep being awesome

I need coke

>sugar pills

he has to, unless he wants him to be a sitting duck for the salamancas

Just watching the show and finished the lastest episode and i love this show, man. I wish i started watching it sooner so i could be in the threads.

gimme some BCS General memes please

My time travelling android terminator lalo theory didn't make it into any pictures...

>Guuuuuussssss! Don't go back to the caaaaaarrrrrrrr! White planted a booooommmmmmmb! Tuurrrrnnnn baaaaaack!
>Now weeeeee are eeeeeeeven for keeeeeeeeping my dad saaaaaaaaffffffe

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I'm too numb to care after you know what happened in the last episode, I literally watched the show for him.
Well at least Howard is gonna get one over on K*m, r-right?

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Always was

Yeah dude, it's been pretty great watching it with tv in these threads and brettygood

I look like Nacho fr

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>OOOOooohhh Guuuuus your spice mix isn't goood enoooouuugh Guuuuus you have to add some cuuuumiiiiin guuuuuus