ITT: Practical effects

ITT: Practical effects
Post cool practicals. Gifs, webms, stills, it don't matter - post 'em.

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I want a jurassic park horror game thats like alien isolation

gamers dont care about dinos

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is green screen practical tho

I want a Jurassic Park game that's half that and half dinosaur wrangling.

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Capcom has been making dinosaur games for over a decade

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This wasn't a movie, was it? Like did people see this in theaters? I'm guess Marvel something. Man it looks bad

Except for the ones that I want them to make.

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it went straight to disney+ because of covid (and not because it was shit)

It looks so bad. I've seen movies 20 years older with better CGI/green screen. This was a new production?

2020 or something

Did he die?

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I want a Jurassic Park horror film about dinosaurs trying to eat people.

Funny thing, I actually just thought they used a real train and car because that didn't seem that far fetched to me.

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Is this actually practical?

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What, you mean you don't like the Jurassic Park films where the dinosaurs are bulletproof and act like Pokemon or The Joker?

That is unsettling

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is this supposed to be the ending sequence from inception?

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Where are her booba?

i dunno. they're robots or some shit.

Yes. No expense spared

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How in the fuck...?

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Holy fuck. That’s horrendous.

Good shit.

Jurassic Park has such kino vehicles.

>Red makeup under red light
>Red makeup under blue light

this is CGI




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why are they black?
is this society post-whites?

How did they manage to pull this off?

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Was there ever a follow up on this? Like did he actually burn down his house?

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>bring old man to balcony
>cuts to reaction
>cuts back, man goes over
>cut is for a different man, likely a stuntman, wearing a old man mask and the same clothing, to be put in
>stuntman goes over
>connected to a line
>gets close to the bottom
>they pull the slack with a machine that evenly slows him to almost little more than jumping and landing on your own two feet
>probably also a mat on the ground they just wipe over and replace post effects since it's just a quick couple of frames
>cuts before anything actually happens (ie, before they catch the stuntman and he lands safely)

if you want to see some brutal falls, check out shit like the protector. lots of thai/chinese fighting movies have pretty insane falls and some times those guys, especially the seriously low level peons, have zero safety standards, so they just pad up and get drop kicked a story or two down, but for REAL

Puppet with wobbly arms

I don't think that's from movie. Looks fun, could try some day. The stick will probably break and I'll die but whatever

holy shit, nice

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Blessed Bollywood.
It's just like Plinkett said -- the mid 90's were a glorious time for Special Effects. You had a great mixture of practical and CGI to add that extra something special in there. "Contact" is a perfect example of that.


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Fucking brilliant.

The magic of practical gore

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I love the peculiar way the main dude tilts into standing position after the ball unrolls, reminds me of the racing game Cruisin' USA whenever you crashed, you would take all these weird bounces but would always end upright and facing the right direction

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ITT: Dishonest film making

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lol how in the fuck can they not make a wireless light prop

yes, they had computers back then dumbass