The Northman wins Monday domestic box office

#1 The Northman $1,093,350
#2 The Bad Guys $1,051,745
#3 Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore $1,001,124
#4 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $810,875
#5 The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent $579,291

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I don't get how the Nic Cage movie isn't doing better considering it was literally the most hyped movie on every social media and reddit. Even my sister and her friends were talking about it
>Did you know Nicolas Cage is SELF-AWARE AND MAKES FUN OF HIMSELF

>why the uptick?
i heard there weren't any non-whites so i bought 10 tickets

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>Comcast shill thread

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people just want to watch a movie about white people

The hipster audience went to see Everything Everywhere All at Once instead. You know, the film glorifying the Asian-American immigrant experience.

not falling for it, rabbi.

Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes a movie's performance is helped by positive word of mouth.

*depicting not glorifying. Name another asian led film in recent years that did that.

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Based. Imagine life without them.

>Name another asian led film in recent years that did that.

>mfw I saw it on monday

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>capeshit. Not the same, bet you were going to say Shangi next lol

Anya sucked this btw

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Just kidding but I can't think of any. I don't even know of any films about AA in recent years.



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Anya sucks BWC? Bear shits in the wood? Man lands on moon?

that's a beautiful dick ngl


>all the poorfags without family and friends waiting for the monday matinee to go alone

I went alone on Saturday

we don't put our signature when posting here

nice reddit switcheroo, please go back now

Everything Everywhere All at Once instead didn't do very well financially though

trannies aren't going to be happy about this

You people really are insufferable. Just the same catch phrase meme shit over and over and over, one person says something funny and then a gaggle of faggots swarms in and just drives it into the ground, sometimes for literal years. Go ahead, "sneed" and post a wojack, you fucking python script.

Why is this doing so much better than The Last Duel? They have a lot in common
>European history setting
>all-white casts (rare these days even for period pieces)
>directors with their own distinct styles
>released post-Covid

I think word of mouth has got out that it's cool

Why the uptick? It's because the white man MARCHES ON. Yeah. We've become aware of what Eggers is doing in his bid to restore pride in our people. This movie is epic, just deal with it. Soon we will have an uprising and deal with (((them))) who have oppressed us since forever.

> pride in our people
The movie shits on christianity. So yeah, but no

>boring roastie drama directed by the biggest shitter in Hollywood vs Viking kino
plus Matt Damon isn't a draw anymore.

James Cameron. He is restoring pride in our people with his great films. Avatar 2 is going to be epic... Just a few more months. Hail Eywa.

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Because The Northman doesn't have Adam Driver in it

>semitic fairytales written to subjugate the white identity and make whites slaves to Jews is what defines white pride
LMAO. Christianity stopped being useful the day we started entertaining notions such as anti semitism. It is time to shake off this putrid ideology in favor of one much older

better word of mouth and cooler subject matter, also better trailer

The Last Duel had a much bigger budget too. Weird.

Because those others are kids movies
Parents take their kids to the cinema at weekends, not 8pm Monday night
Either way, barely making 1m on the first Monday is awful

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Ridley Scott isn't that bad, the guy made Gladitor after all

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did it really? Northman looks like a more expensive movie to me

The movie flopped, get over it.
Will lose the studio millions

the trailer makes people think it's a simple dumb revenge movie, so men are going to see it.

the Last Duel trailer made it clear that it was about rape, which is too much of a feminist crossover issue to be marketable.

>atheist speaks
This is liberal mentality. Fuck off. You should be disgraced to call yourself white conservative. You should be hunted down with all the niggers.

That's back when he wasn't senile

The Northman had a $60-70 million budget. One source claims Covid added another $20 million (shooting under restrictions, having to divide the cast into teams to track Covid cases, the studio having to dish out extra cash to keep everyone in check when Covid forced them to take a break for a few months in the middle of shooting) but The Last Duel reportedly had a $100 million budget, advertising not included

>The Last Duel had a much bigger budget too. Weird.
$100m vs $80m isn't that big a difference.



>muh conservative
what exactly have white Christians conserved over the past few decades? No really what good has been done by them? Zero actual resistance. The Church is corrupted. It is complicit with the Jews. It is time to turn back on this ideology in favor of one that unapologetically serves white interests. Eggers has shown us the way and this is how it must be. Better to be a wolf of Odin than a lamb of God.

The Last Duel casts would work better for a movie set in Boston than one set in medieval Europe
Driver was good in it though

Last Duel also had to take a break from shooting i the middle of it

it needs like 175m to break even and won't even make 100m.

yeah matt damon and ben affleck don't fit in a medieval setting like most of northman's cast does

Stop pretending to be white. You will never be part of the superior race. If you're not white christian conservative then go fuck niggers. Its because of you people that our country has gicen way to LGBQT shit.

The Northman Fortnite spinoff has already made a bunch of money

White conservatives are the only ones fellating niggers to begin with. You see Rabbis or Imams or Buddhists or anyone else do this shit? Hahaha, fucking shit

The Dalai Lama is pretty based

Is this the dawn of viking kino? The same way Western and Samurai kino had their eras?

Will they give the VoD rights to HBO or Netflix? Which option would be the most lucrative?

Based and Varg-pilled

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netflix is bigger and northman seems like the kind of movie that will be very popular on streaming

Netflix got the Lighthouse