Based Simu

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he should build his own twitter then

Would he feel the same if Elon Musk were Asian?

He's right tho. Most of it is tax write offs that the State of California has paid him because he "doesn't take an income so he can't be income taxed".

This guy will be one of those mentally ill actors that will keep forcing himself in fake drama to stay relevant. Shang Chink was a flop that no one cared about was completely dwarfed by Spider-Man hype

when will this ugly annoying chink go away?

And this is kind of vapid shit is why actors need to shut the fuck up and act. Nobody wants your dipshit takes or your fuckwitted advice. If you and your word were enough for a personality, you wouldn't spend your entire life being paid to pretend to be someone else, using words written for you by others.

If it isn't his money then how did he buy twitter with it?

Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.

He doesn't force himself, he's just always tweeting and for some reason the media reports on it like he's Tom Cruise

>you didn't make that

literally created from scratch the first successful mass producer of electric cars in the world never done before him
also created from scratch the first private space contractor and innovated space travel

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>"it's not your money"
>it literally is
why did he think this was a good take worthy to share with the outside world? if I had braindead horseshit thoughts like that roaming my empty dome i'd be embarrased to share anything after the first three times of being laughed out of the room.
but then again, i'd be really fucking dumb

Elon's not going anywhere, user.

Asians are very quickly replacing niggs and jews as the most loathsome race in America.

laybuy - pay as you can plan

guy is a fucking idiot

Electric cars are a meme for sòybugs who want to pretend they are saving the world

Oh so if he offered you a million bucks for free you wouldn't take it then right? After all, it's not his money he doesn't have the right to give it to you :)

the yellow john boyega at this point

>tax write offs
So in other words, his money?

don't care about electric cars personally but they are objectively the future

Someone should do something about them if you get my meaning...

>from scratch
>from scratch

I want to hear what Tenda Spencer has to say.

It isn't his money (only about 21b is) but it's also not that simple. In the rarefied air of the richest people alive, money works very differently. It's embarassingly asinine to say what he said.

yes they had never been a successful electric car company before Tesla there wasn't even a successful mass produced electric car he pioneered this entire industry alone

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like that faggot nip sulu from star trek, they are just whoreing for attention via social media

tesla is only successful because of carbon offset credits which is the governments way of doing nothing

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I will never understand how calling someone a pedo isn't defamatory

This guy is so fucking obnoxious. I hope some shit about him gets dug up fucking today so he shuts up.

>It's my money
>Musk was unable to be reached for comment, but when this journalist approached his LA home Mr Liu answered the door and explained the situation: "This is my house"
>And on Tuesday, Claire 'Grimes' Boucher, was reported to have been forced to give up custody of her two children to Mr Liu who added "these are mine now too"

>simu liu

Never heard of him so he's not relevant. All chinks are the same person anyway.

Wait, so he didn't found Tesla but got the job after buying his way onto the board and staging a coup.

>"not his money"
>spends it
>everyone accepts the transaction
Looks like it was.

Convenient that he isn't speaking out against every millionaire+ out there. This fag loves the mouse cock.

In other words.. OUR money. As in the american public. Everything that mfer has done, we paid for it.. and got nothing in return.
You literally built his fucking teslas and his factories yet you have no car to show for it.

Why does every faggot keep saying "he could've ended world hunger!!"? Why is that Musk's responsibility? Why don't millionaires and billionaires in hollywood band together and do it themselves if it's so important to them?

This ricecel beta boy should keep his mouth shut

dunno but I am pretty sure most asians outside USA hate this Shang Chong dude.
I am one of them at least.

that already happened

It's not your body; steroids built it. It's not your acting role; nepotism built it. It's not your Hollywood mansion; the mouse secured it for you.

Glass house, stones, etc

settle down commie

>People still simping for billionaires
>Musk, specifically

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so he is the designated Hollywood woke ricecel whining about white men

based russian immigrants

fr fr bro no cap it gets me hella tight to see these simps

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Bros, what if Musk buys Google next?


communism has never worked and you will never be a woman

People have gotten cars and rockets.
The way the tax concessions work is to stimulate investment in electric cars because the government (people you pay to make decisions on what to do with your money) think it's a good idea. Tesla was operating in the same legal environment as other auto makers, Tesla's just done a better job.

Based Asian

>mfw people are legitimately having tizzy fits over "an oligarch buying a company" and fearing he's going to censor everyone now
Where the fuck have these people been since 2016?

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>chink has opinion

Awww, he thinks he's people

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Musk has proven himself to be an extremely effective CEO.

Musk didn't found Tesla. Can't really say that he made it from scratch.

It's a real big shock because as we all know the people who currently own Twitter are just honest blue collar workers like you and me.
Then this fancy pants billionaire Musk comes along and practically steals (by paying money) what these down-to-earth Joe Blows have built with their own hands.

Can't believe I sat through 11 minutes of that. It was a good death though

1) not american so no
2) tax write offs are when you tell the government you don't need to pay taxes for certain things, in other words, the money is already his, the government just can't take as much of it, it's not the government taking your taxes and giving them to elon, the government takes your taxes and keeps them for themselves to spend on government programms and embezzle it away into their own pockets

If you're gonna be angry at taxation, at least get angry at the right people

Oh yeah.. you got your car and a rocket out of it? You dumb fuck, where is it?

Honestly based.

I've been witnessing the Elon Musk freakout from twitter the last few days.


like breh,

>because he "doesn't take an income so he can't be income taxed".

>can't into capital gains
Moron, Musk paid over $11 billion in personal taxes in 2021. The most any America has ever paid in personal taxes.

you are all insects to me

You aren't very good at the big think.

Nevermind all those employees making all that sweet cheddar from Elon that gets spent on goods that get taxed when they're made and when they're sold. The fuel that ships those goods taxed. The workers that make that fuel, which is taxed, get paid and they are taxed. They spend that money on goods that are taxed.

Each one of those people eats food and so on etfc etfc

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Elon made his wealth creating PayPal.

They're actually mostly afraid he'll uncensor their hated ideological enemies that they worked so hard to censor. You know, because their ideas are "dangerous" and shit.

you don't get it, user. they think what they did unto others will now happen to them. hence the panic.

when will you retards understand that making fun of subject A doesn't mean you defend subject B?

>man buys twitter
>...yes he can do that, and he just did
>"why are you simping for billionaires bro?"
Maybe stop trying to fit in with your "hey there fellow anons, fuck the rich amiright?" rethoric and actually pay attention to the conversation being had.

He didn't even create paypal

>Criticising the founder of Twitter

Liu needs to learn his place

>1) not american so no

Alright then, you don't care since he isn't swindling your retarded government.. great. Seriously, I mean I wouldn't care if your country was acting retarded either.. I mean I just wouldn't.

By the way.. Howard Hughes had to answer to the supreme court for wayyyyyyyy less than what that shiester Musk has done. Back then the government of this country was much more astute.
Now, they're just special needs level.

This is based.

Twitter became tumblr so quickly, I want the Don back, not because I like him but because I want to see what happens. Especially what happens to their minds.

>marvel star

What purpose do Asians serve?

the absolute state of libtards

I'm putting together a team...

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musk is a nazi white supremacist

That’s rich coming from a chink living in canada

>Not nuclear powered cars

He's a nigger not a chink you silly billy


Hehe.. when I post, I post on /pol/. I came here to scope out the Depp trail threads.
You stupid mfer. I'm no liberal, I'm not right or left wing. I'm a fucking homophobe.

>doesn't address the point that matters
All I needed to know kek

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The media amplifies any leftist who has enough identity points to be immune to criticism. He's Asian and probably gay, no one can criticise him without being called a bigot.

>Twitter became tumblr so quickly
>Tumblr bans all forms of degeneracy
>They all move to Twitter
It's not surprising at all.

I don't know what you're talking about, user.

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A fucking lolbert taking Cali tax money to buy twitter. I don’t like Musk in the slightest but this is impressive af fr. Just hope he maintains his first amendment approach and not budge to the EU degenerates.

Regressives created these subsidies for "green" tech companies and now bitch because one of the people who took advantage of them says/does things they do not like. Kek. This is their bed now they can lay in it (and proceed to wet it).

I think it was actually when NASA gave him billions

The highlight was Shaun King deleting his twitter over the Musk buyout, proudly announcing his departure, then restoring it less than 24 hours later.

Yeah I know right it's so based, can't wait for him to boot every black guy off the platform :^)

(You) didn't pay for his money, (You) pay the government, and the government steals your money and kills children in the ME or embezzles it
Are you brain damaged?

he should absolutely be unbanned considering the banning was total horseshit in the first place

lmao seething trannys itt