What happened to South Park?

This has to be the worst season of South Park I've ever seen in my entire life.
I didn't laugh a single time, not even a smirk.
It's just references, not even reference humor, Family Guy literally has better writing than this.
What is the fucking joke here, that it was St Patricks day?

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>What happened to South Park?
it's being airing for 30 years and should have stopped 15 years ago. Same as every formerly good show that out lasts it's premise.

Wrong board

it's a tv show though

>hehe, you thought his name was Token Black right?
>HAHAHA, well, it's actually TOLKIEN! Like the writer! Get it?

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But it always seemed to have good and bad episodes, like it could always stay fresh.
This whole season, especially the covid specials were just painful.
Referencing something that's in the news is not a joke, saying "HAHA REMEMBER ZOOM?" is not a joke.
Has Trey Parkers wife cucked him or something?

>Referencing something that's in the news is not a joke
they have used all the jokes in last 30 years, it is the same as the Simpsons everything has already been done the only things left are LE FUNNY TAKE CURRRENT HAPPENING

This just reminds me of that interview where they said they kick people out of the writers room for trying to do gags, like suggesting Cartman do something do something goofy and wacky, like they're writing purists and don't stoop to that level. They're so fucking pretentious.
The show should have ended in 1999.



>claims it was always like this
>doesn't bring it up in any of the lotr eps

It's not even funny, is it a recton just to make it more PC or something?

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You don’t think it’s funny how they played with the very idea of retconning something?

I thought this episode was hilarious. I enjoyed a handful. Why are you watching south park if you don’t like it? Wait let me guess… you’re butthurt cause you are a /pol/ meme tier “christian” and got triggered this episode?

just because it's meta doesn't make it funny

Imagine getting filtered by a fart joke cartoon lol.

I didn't want to watch it, my wife did and it was miserable.
Yes I'm a /pol/tard and a Christfag but that's not what I didn't like about this season, the episodes just aren't funny in any way. Refencing things and pointing out that it's St Patricks day isn't a joke.

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Imagine not sucking dick and not being a huge faggot

Lol bet you don’t even need to imagine

well played

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family guy was literally always funnier

Pretty simple joke on sexual harassment in a pc world. Nothing to really get as it’s so blatant to everyone but you. Try not to get filtered next time.

I think this season so far has been funnier than the last bunch of seasons.
So bored of the Tegridy shit though.

That's obvious, it's just not funny.
If you're so smart then what was the joke in the teenagers/airsoft episode?
Is the joke that teenagers are mopey?
Airsoft players are like teenagers?
Maybe I am a huge fucking retard but I seriously don't get the joke.

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Is it though?
The Covid specials were so awful.
The joke is that they're older now and we see them as adults?

>formerly good

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The moment it went from juvenile gags to being about weekly current events the show has been complete dog shit.

also, what is the joke from this episode?
People from cities say macbook alot?

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why even watch the show or post about it if you don’t like it ? did you get in a fight with your wife about it and are trying to redeem the fact you lost?

sneed but if he fish

I never lose arguments with my wife because I'm bigger and stronger than her, I'm just hear to vent about a show I used to like being so bad now.

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First off, when the fuck is this coming back? I know it was a short season but they're taking a long break. And second, I gave up reading through South Park threads on this board because there are too many posts where brainwashed zoomers with undiagnosed autism completely missed the point or the joke of the episode and just assume it's some sort of liberal political grandstanding or some shit. It's fucking tiresome. This is why comedy is dying and dudes like Matt and Trey just keep writing episodes so they can make a quick buck

Thank you for stating the obvious. These threads are always full of people who just get so fucking triggered by anything that has a whiff of politics they don't agree with. The whole Tolkein episode was written to take the piss out of people who try too hard to not look racist I don't know how you watch that same episode and think that it's somehow making fun of conservatives.

>when the fuck is this coming back
It isn't, that was it. 6 episodes.
Maybe they saw the writing on the wall and have just given up? The whole "season" felt so lazy, like they came up with basic plots based on current events but forgot to do a second draft and put jokes in.

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The joke is that the creators of the show now have teenage children and those teens are fucking insufferable. Yeah it was a pretty weak episode for South Park but every guy was about how shitty and annoying raising a teenager is. Clearly not something everyone in the audience is going to get but that's pretty obvious what the jokes were. As a dad I thought it was fucking hilarious

>Le Orange Man!! epic epic epic!
Jesus fuck I'm glad that's over let's try to make new character arcs or something
>This is le cringe! as Fuck? Why does he black now? UUUUHHHHH
There, I tried to characterize you and you're so dumb I couldn't even do that.

>These threads are always full of people who just get so fucking triggered by anything that has a whiff of politics they don't agree with.

No one gives a fuck about any of the things they made fun of you fucking zoomer retard, they're saying the show just isn't funny.
I'm a turbo racist and I still find anti-White racism funny, that isn't the issue.

Are you using the word joke correctly? An episode of a TV show isn't one joke. I get that you didn't find anything funny but you keep asking for "the" joke as if there would only be one.
For me, the funniest part of the episode was when Kenny was freaking out behind his mask and Cartman says "I have never seen Kenny like this". Maybe you didn't think that moment was funny but I did, but more to the point that moment is just one joke in an episode that had several jokes regardless of if they made you laugh. The teenagers were not all mopey. Stan's teen was a self-abusing closeted homosexual and Cartman's teen was addicted to masturbation. Kyle's teen was the mopey one and he didn't get nearly as much screentime.

That was it?
That was so surface level that I assumed there was some deeper reference to something I wasn't getting because I'm not American.
>teenagers are moody!

What happened? Trey and Matt have lost it. It was inevitable. They even said at a comic con from like 2011 how if they quit the show Paramount will hire other people to continue doing it and they don't want that to happen and then Trey says "so we're going to be old and wrinkly making South Park and it's going to suck"

And here we are, South Park sucks and its sucked for several years now. Minus that recent "30 years in the future" episode, that was pretty great and felt like it had that old South Park energy.


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american dad has only gotten better and family guy is at its funniest since the early seasons this is a bullshit cope for when you inject jewish bullshit and twitter bullshit into your entertainment

Well the stuff with Trump is pretty clearly them trying to patch up where they fucked up. The season was written a certain way expecting Trump to lose and I think they were going to make some big point about that, and then obviously he won and it threw off the whole rest of the season. I think they were trying to make a statement about trolls and how Trump is just a giant fucking troll or he's the king of the trolls which I'm sure was what the original arc was going to end with. But then once they got saddled with having to make Mr Garrison the actual president, I think it was hard to be original and funny at the same time with the Trump jokes since they were everywhere in media. I guess they made some good points here and there but iirc they mostly avoided using him too much after that.

>family guy is at its funniest since the early seasons
I hate this meme of family guy only being funny for X early seasons and shit the rest of the time. early episodes of family guy are the absolute worst of the series, and some of the middle of the road seasons are pretty funny all things considered.

I'm referencing the joke of the episode, like the central joke the episode is based on.
What was the joke of the teenagers episode though? Just that? teenagers are mopey and having a teenager is hard? Why did the teenagers all show up at their houses? It didn't make sense.
The Human Cent-iPad episode is based off the joke that people don't read user agreements before signing them.
I get that you want me to use "central theme" instead of "joke" even though you know exactly what I mean because you're a fucking autistic retard.

We have to remember that this is the same show where the creators said they weren't going to make fun of Bush because he made fun of himself, they made Al Gore into a spaz, and Obama was called out for being a plant. Matt and Trey have both said that their politics can pretty much be summed up as "we don't like people telling us how to live our lives." And while they may have started as libertarians and maybe became more liberal as they got older, I'm not sure, I don't get this whole rhetoric of people thinking the show is super anti-conservative. Have any of the /pol/tards in the thread watched the show before Trump became president?

American Dad is still on the air?

This is the same show that made the episode with pan flutes and guinea pigs a two-parter. They do not all have to be winners and they don't all have to be insanely savvy topical fucking humor. Sometimes the writers just want to make an episode because they're pissed they now have to raise teenage sons and think it's funny that they keep catching their sons jerking off or getting hard for something stupid like airsoft

lol kikes just cannot help themselves

Turn your big FUCKING brain off, RETARD
Okay but this unironically (or ironically?) fucks up the entire pacing for the series. We're in like some spirit world stasis, like swirling cosmic miasma. You have some garrison, some mackey, Cartman is now (for real) poor. It's like they're torquing the series forwards but the mass is so large it might take a while to go anywhere, so to stop at episode 6 would be weird.

They've talked about it. The original plan was for Garrison to lose and return to South Park and see that the school had devolved into boys vs girls (remember that weiners out episode with Butters went nowhere). Garrison would draw a parallel between the kids and what the country became during the election, and he what he learned in the election to help fix things at the school. The member berries more than likely would have played into that instead of disappearing for 1/3 of the season and then getting a cameo at the end.
What's interesting is that the original title for the episode "Oh Geez" was "The Very First Gentleman". The original plan was to pivot away from Washington and back to South Park where they would proceed to shit on the Clintons and portray Garrison as somebody trying to fix things.

okay you're right this was actually funny, my mistake

I think you might be an autistic retard too user.

>is it a recton just to make it more PC or something?
Its poking fun at the uproar about Amazon bringing in a bunch of black people for LOTR.

Dude this is South Park, not fucking Shakespeare.

Wow that sounds even more shit than what they were forced to go with instead.
Thank God Trump won the election(s)!

just because it's topical doesn't make it funny, retard

You don't have to be so mad that you didn't connect the dots, I didn't really say it was all that funny or a great joke, I just had to explain the joke because it clearly went over your head.

>6 episodes.
The specials were the other half of the season.

They were barely involved with South Park ever since they started doing Book of Mormon on Broadway, they even let Bill Hader do most of the writing for a while.

What? That was like 10 years ago and they've been back ever since. They were gone for like a season and then they came back to do season 15 which even Trey Parker said started with the worst episode he felt like he'd ever done.

I think you do this recreationally.

Do what recreationally, use Yea Forums?
No shit, what else does anyone use it for? CIA data gathering?
Are you here because you're a troon trying to groom kids?

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You know what, I think you're right

>It's just references
That's what South Park has been for 10+ years.

And no, the worst season is the first year of Trump's presidency. It was just "lmao orange man bad" for 10 episodes.