War. War Never Changes

>War. War Never Changes....
>Richard Cheese-esque cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons starts playing over nuclear test stock footage

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This is good news because I fucking hate those video games so now I can laugh at their pain

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At least at this point we can be happy that everyone knows it'll be shit and won't watch so if it's even slightly good that'll be a positive

>at this point we can be happy that everyone knows it'll be shit and won't watch
Where have you been for the past seven years?

>>Richard Cheese-esque cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons starts playing over nuclear test stock footage
spat my rice out fuck you

Mass effect 3 would be better if it had a fallout style slideshow ending.

tfw when those fo3 radio compilations on youtube have more soul than the entire amazon project

It's all so tiresome

>forced storyline about racism against blacks even though ghouls are the real marginalised group
>BoS as fascists (the games already did this one)
>capitalist America bad (with new twist of communist china good)
>sassy hypercompetent females everywhere (bonus for "men caused this apocalypse!")
>no power armor or energy weapons cause budget
>fully cgi super mutants
>non-binary/ trans characters

I can't wait bros

As a Fo1/2 fan, I approve of this. May it star a danger-hair troon and cast all wahman and subservient black men, make bos the bad guys (led by a hwite male ofc) and just overall shit on every thing bethesda "invented", that is to say, repurposed since they didn't invent shit.
Make it the biggest funeral pyre outside of LotR.

Essentially this but unironically
Fuck bethesda

Which are they going to fuck up more?

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Based, fuck Bethesda

Calm down, it can be great If done right.

Take Halo or Watchmen, for instance. 15 years ago nerds everywhere would be losing their minds over a HBO watchmen miniseries, now only hardcore consoomers give a shit.

I work with a bunch of counter-culture nerds who read watchmen and played halo as teens, none of them are watching this new shit, they've been burnt too many times by crappy remakes/ sequels etc

BoS want to control and destroy tech while using the same tech. Seems pretty fascist to me.

This might steal Fallout Equestria's title of "The Worst Thing to Come Out of Fallout".

Fallout has been fucked to death. Have you made yourself acquainted with fo76? That killed the franchise and turned into this zombiefied version of itself.

not with fallout fans it will be targeted at, lmao

You haven’t played 76 I guess

BoS are not the good guys you fucking Fo3 plebian Bethdrone

It won't be done right so fuck off

>ghouls are the real marginalised group

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It hurts because of how accurate it is.

Mass Effect has arguably been woke since the first game, not to mention full of corny shit and quips. Fallout has more to completely fuck up.

>BoS as fascists (the games already did this one)
user, BoS is supposed to be fascist

Isn't 76 borderline playable now after all the patches?

they pretty much are in Fo3 and that's exactly the audience you want to trigger bc fuck them

I’m talking lore here mostly. It’s fucking retarded and shit all over previously established lore. The gameplay is pretty boring. It’s really a friend simulator being kept alive by discord communities.

>BoS as fascists (the games already did this one)
Uh, yeah, that's why they're the good guys in shining armor, what is it you don't get?

I hope the comedy is done right,I have a feeling the show could end up being either super serious without that fallout atmosphere or too full of jokes

yup seen it what a thousand times already at this point?

Fallout 3 is what made me fall in love with the game. I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it. If you are actually butthurt by any of the lore alterations in fo3 then do yourself a favor and never play 76. You will shit yourself and die of a heart attack considering how butthurt some of you still seem about 3.

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They're retards
>Noooo you can't be a synth just because you can't
Never have a true good motivation for doing what they do, they just want control.

>non binary/troon character
How? No one sell an estrogen pills on wasteland

I don't understand how anyone can like F3 and by extension all the Bethesda games that use that dogshit engine
NV was the only good one thanks to its writing but it's massively held back by the dreadful gameplay

I hate fo3 but I give F76 more leeway just because it at least does SOME interesting stuff with the setting by way of mutants, the cryptid theme is great. Rather bethesda do something new and fuck it up than rehash something old and fuck it up. Ditto for Far Harbor
Also Fallout 3 sucks shit outside of it's retcons. The gameplay is shit, exploration is shit (nothing to find), the most interesting part of the map is gimped to shit(DC), the rpg stuff is shit, the writing is cosmically shit.

good morning sirs

I like killing everyone in good springs right from the get go

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>Never have a true good motivation for doing what they do, they just want control.

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Søyboy opinion
Get the fuck outta here nerd

Nigga, you think "lore alterations" is what makes Fo3 shit? Switching genres is bad enough but it is a -terrible- fucking shooter. And then there's the writing. And then there's the quests. And then there's the character development and overall RPG mechanics. Lore is FAR from being those games' worst problem.

t. walks around with an entire broomstick shoved up his ass

I still feel like those shows are still getting plenty of people watching them. Most of those shows are designed to target people who aren't even fans of what they're based on anyway.

Fallout hasn’t been good for a decade and it hasn’t been great for twice that long.

robots living amongst us is dangerous you idiot
go join the faggot railroad and kneel for cyber george floyd

I didn’t ask.
Whiter than you

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Eh, I'm hate-watching Halo knowing nothing about the games. And even then it's so fucking stupid it's actually fun. So fair enough, I guess, but then I don't think there's a lot of people doing the same.

it’s so easy to tell when a zoomer played a series in reverse chronology

i love fo:nv
btw i'm trans and curently boymoding if that matters

Ok. Still love mi fo3
‘ate crying man babies

imagine being a billionaire bootlicker

I love dick cheese

Actually I get why they are scared of the synths but they also are racist against ghouls and being racist against ghouls is like hating on cancer patients, it's not their fault

>no timestamp
sure thing nigger

>fallout having good writing or quests or gameplay
fo1 is broken and fo2 insisted upon itself with reddit humor
it was a shit franchise from the start

huh? What does this mean?

Good. Now picrelated while it's raped to death.
It's gonna be hilarious.

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Sirs.. golden enclave sir..

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fallout 76 is about getting everyone vaccinated(literally running around and telling everyone to take the vaccine) against "the scorched" which is a new type of feral ghoul that has glass shards or "spikes" pushing out from under their skin
the story for this dlc "wastelanders" came out as the same week of 3/11/2020 when trump declared the state of memergency under the instructions of the whom
which would mean it's been under development for over a year since it added a ton of quests and voiced npcs to the game.
the second dlc unveiled that the le scientists made a mistake and the "cure" actually is turning people into abominations
anyway, enjoy basedtesda poz, npcs

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>captialist america bad
The games already do this, one of the first things you see in the entire series is american soldiers executing a prisoner then waving to the camera, but I can totally see them then going “America was at fault they are the evil ones, not the Chinese!”, even though they were both bad in the setting.

>this level of delusion
Are you a blue checkmark on twitter?

Closest the games have. 1 and 2 both had them looking out for the Wasteland (though not for completely altruistic reasons), and the "easiest" (as I recall) Brotherhood ending to get in 1 has them integrating with the outside world and sharing their technology and knowledge

I think you'd be surprised, I think a majority of modern shows are hate-watched by people here.

Ok now ur turn :3

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>fully cgi super mutants
What's wrong with this? They seem like the kinda creatures where it's justified due to their build.